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Topic: SIMPLE Person-for-Person Substitution?
Message: Posted by: Mr Secret-ary (Oct 2, 2002 03:44PM)
Yup, for those of you who've anwered my other plaintive cries, it's another challenge from that Houdini show I'm advising on. "Had we but world enough and time.." as the poet wrote - but we ain't. (Not to mention money!) So fancy pricey stuff is out, but ideally I still need to have a kid walk into something and Houdini the man walk out. Lighting-based stuff seems the obvious way to go, but as usual I'd be hugely grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks as ever,

Ian C

:subtrunk: :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Gracy_hm (Oct 2, 2002 10:01PM)
How about something similar to the metamorphasis but using a bevel base if not that PM me I will give you an idea ;)