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Topic: Looking for a pocket organizer
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Apr 1, 2005 10:40PM)
For lack of a better term.. something that slides in your front pants pockets, maybe kind of a distorted, rounded triangle shape, with multiple little pockets on it's face for storing TTs, coins, swamis, etc.
Such a thing exist ? I imagine something made of the same material as a pocket protector, which I guess is just plastic coated cardboard, with a few rows of small pockets, kind of like those things that ladies have hanging inside their closet door that stores twenty pairs of shoes .. you know, only about 1/6 their total shoe collection... :bwink:
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Apr 1, 2005 11:28PM)
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Apr 1, 2005 11:34PM)
This one is for your pants pocket.oblique
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Apr 2, 2005 05:01PM)
Ah, thank you. I knew about the Klamm, but that's bigger than what I'm looking for.
The Carl Andrews organizer sounds about right !
They don't offer a slew of detail on it though, do they, but I guess knowing it's got 8 pockets will do. Works for me.

While I was there, I watched his cup and balls video, that was amazing. This guy is [i] seriously [/i] good ! That was a very, very cool routine.
Message: Posted by: gerard1973 (May 30, 2005 09:40AM)

Chazpro Magic sells a Trick Indexer that hangs inside of your jacket. The Trick Indexer is not a pocket organizer but it has multiple little pockets on it's face for storing TTs, coins, swamis, etc. Here is some more information about Chazpro Magic's Trick Indexer:

Tired of digging in your pockets for magic props? This damages props and makes you look disorganized. The Trick Indexer organizes your props for quick and easy retrival, plus it protects them!

Hang the Trick Indexer inside your jacket. No sewing necessary. It is designed to attach and detach quickly. It holds lots of your favorite magic props. There are special pockets to hold several decks or cards, coins, sponge balls, rope, silks, packet tricks, etc. A large pocket on the back will hold jumbo cards, even a wand!

Message: Posted by: Mystician (Jun 1, 2005 07:05PM)
Thanks, but I don't get to wear jackets all that often.
I really just needed something for pant's pockets - even jean pockets.

I got the Carl Andrews organizer. It's okay, but I'm still looking for something with a little more "form" to it, something resilient too, and of course, small.
I might just make my own, one way or another.

Meanwhile, these pants I found sure help - in fact, they rock !!!

I recommend the entire Scott eVest clothing line for magicians, as well as geeks and gadget freaks.
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (Jun 2, 2005 12:15AM)
The vest looks great for casual dress, How dressy to the pants look?
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Jun 16, 2005 01:21PM)
On 2005-06-02 01:15, djbilan wrote:
The vest looks great for casual dress, How dressy to the pants look?

The pants look quite nice, actually. They have a nice form/shape to them. They are also very stain resistant, as I found out first hand :)
But overall, they are very classy, yet comfortable. I love 'em.
I have two pair now, one white, one black, and if I can help it, they're all I wear to work... um, I mean, the only pants I'll wear - I still wear shirts too ;-p