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Topic: Library Shows
Message: Posted by: itsmagic (Apr 2, 2005 01:49AM)
How can someone get started in the Library Market or can you suggest some course/materials to learn from?

How does someone develop a "library show?" Is it just a "Reading Show"?
How long should the show be?

Thank you in advance for any tips.
Message: Posted by: dearwiseone (Apr 2, 2005 02:07AM)
From my experience, library shows can differ depending on their purpose. When I was first starting out in library shows, I was doing them do get publicity. I would offer the library a free show. In exchange, I could hand out business cards, have my fliers on the tables afterwards, etc. Those shows were just magic shows, no reading theme or anything. I think I used a few book tricks maybe, but that was all. From these shows, I booked birthday shows.
Later, as I did more kids shows, I started offering themed shows to libraries. One show is a "Reading Show" that shows kids the neat things they can find in the library. Another show is my "Summer Achievment" show that motivates kids to have a productive summer, sort of a summer kick off. Building shows like that is easy after you establish a goal, a purpose for the program. I sell these shows to the library as a package. For X amount of dollars they get to choose which show they want. I have also worked with two libraries to make a custom show. They had a specific reading program over the summer where prizes could be earned. I incorporated some of those prizes and goals into my show.
I would start out doing general magic shows, get a few shows under your belt. It becomes easy to customize shows later, simply applying unique routines to the same effects, or even creating a few new effects!
Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Apr 2, 2005 03:20AM)
[quote]How can someone get started in the Library Market or can you suggest some course/materials to learn from? [/quote]

This is what [url=http://www.kidabra.org][b]KIDabra[/b][/url] is all about. Educational Shows. Mark Daniels, Ken Scott, Steve Taylor, Julian Franklin, John Cooper, and many other KIDabra regulars all have Library shows, talk about them sell routines and tell you how to market you show. No other Convention, or Course is designed to do this. It is a fast track to children entertaining. So much crammed into a convention.

(It really is called a conference not a convention, because a conference is a gathering of professional children entertainers to discuss their profession.)
Message: Posted by: Popo (Apr 2, 2005 10:12AM)
I second that about Kidabra. I attended for the first time last year. I have broken into the school and preschool market in my area. I am also beginning to book library shows for this summer. My birthday party show improved vastly and can be seen by a doubling of bookings and the comments on my evaluation forms! Attend if you can it will be well worth it!
Message: Posted by: itsmagic (Apr 2, 2005 11:00AM)
Oooh, I would love to attend. Just can't do it because I have a JOB. That time of year, we are not allowed to take vacation because it's our busy season.

Are there materials for sale? DVD's, videos, ebooks, programs, Internet courses?

Thanks for your advice Den, Wiseone, and Popo.
Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Apr 8, 2005 09:40AM)
I wish they would bring kidabra up this was to New York or closer.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Apr 27, 2005 08:01PM)
On 2005-04-08 10:40, mysticalmike wrote:
I wish they would bring kidabra up this was to New York or closer.
Oh! Please don't! KIDAbra is another real advantage of living in the South. Visitors are welcome!

No joke, do yourself a favor and come to one of these. It is the magic convention about the business of magic.

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Apr 27, 2005 08:30PM)
Business of show business? Hmm now there seems to be a bright idea that too many people seems to forget or dub as not important. I only wish there were more conventions and more lecturs on the subject.

Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Apr 27, 2005 08:49PM)
I was at Kidabra last year to do a pre-conference seminar and loved it. I'll be there this year doing a session for the marketing day. Mark runs a great conference and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. Worth the trip to Tennessee.

Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 28, 2005 11:54AM)
Itsmagic and mysticalmike -

You can register for KidAbra as an "Invisible Registrant." You get some CDs of some of the lectures, without actually being there. (It sounds as though you have time or financial constraints that prevent you from attending live). Sign up for their newsletter, which gives you all the details about "Invisible Registration."

Note - The CDs are not available after the event. This is something you need to do beforehand.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: Creative Coach (Apr 28, 2005 09:09PM)
KidAbra - it is best experienced by BEING THERE! CD's are Ok but it won't beat the LIVE experience! It will help grow your family entertainment career.

Performing library shows - Funding in the US is tightening for the generalist ha-ha funny-funny shows. Libraries want literacy based programs! It needs a theme and to be booked-based. Gone are the days of the ha-ha show. Now it's fun mixed with a tight message. Again....no show in a box! Fix on a theme and pick books for the theme. Read them...know them.... then put some entertainment to them.

Hope this helps!
John Cooper