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Topic: Orange, Lemon Egg and Parakeet.
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Oct 2, 2002 10:15PM)
Hello all. I would like to do an Orange, Lemon, Egg and Parakeet Cage routine but.... I would not like to use an orange and a lemon. I would like to use two other objects. Can anyone give any suggestions please?

Ben Schwartz
Message: Posted by: zeroG (Oct 4, 2002 01:56PM)
How about a bannana peel and a funnel? Or a spitune and an old sock? Or a feather duster and neck brace? :smiletear:
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (Oct 4, 2002 11:24PM)
Darn... I thought someone actually had something good too.
Message: Posted by: pyromagician (Oct 5, 2002 09:44PM)
A camel and a new car (oops that's too large)
Baby powder and a bowling ball
A poo poo platter and a dead flower
A ball of yarn and a dog toy

You can go on forever......
Message: Posted by: TiendaMagia (Oct 5, 2002 11:27PM)
an apple and a lemon
Message: Posted by: DRPEPPER (Jan 29, 2003 04:23PM)
Well, you vanish a bird in a small pet shop box, then reappear the bird from a hairball the cat just coughed up, then the bird comes out of the hairball. How's that?
Message: Posted by: hackmonkey (Jan 30, 2003 06:11PM)
I don't see what's wrong with the original?
But anyway, how about a tin of beans, inside is a tomatoe, then egg, etc...? Or cat, bird, egg, bird that's nicely rounded :lol:
Message: Posted by: Paul Sherman (Jan 30, 2003 08:06PM)
Shaun Farquar (sp?) has an excellent balloon, lemon, egg, bird routine. I believe it's in his lecture notes... which you probably won't be able to find if I've misspelled his name. :P

Message: Posted by: debaser (Mar 19, 2003 12:04AM)
I think what people are trying to tell you is, "Why don't you want to use those, and if not, what would you expect other people to say?"

Just go to the grocery store.


You guys are too funny.
Message: Posted by: cfleming (Dec 7, 2003 11:10PM)
Avacado, Grapefruit. Watermelon! :banana: