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Topic: Will Someone please tell me how to get into FFFF
Message: Posted by: Four Jokers Magician (Apr 8, 2005 11:06PM)
I am good friends with people that are asked to be a part of Fechters Finger Flicking Frolics every year and I cant get a straight answer from any of them on how they were invited. If it is reccomendations they need then that's what theyll get otherwise I'll just loiter in the lobby of the Holiday Inn and bug the greats of our time. What worked for you? If there is anybody whos was fortunate enough to get that coveted invitation.
Message: Posted by: Doug McKenzie (Apr 9, 2005 05:53PM)
You need 2 recommendations from people that have been there more than twice. There is a waiting list after that. Just be patient.

Message: Posted by: Antony Gerard (Apr 21, 2005 06:18PM)
I have been going to FFFF since the early 1990s. I started as an attendee, a couple years later I was made one of the FFFF helpers, and a two years ago I was named as one of the FFFF advisors. Much of this climb I attribute to my willingness to not only perform (which you will have to do your first year) but help and share in any way that I can. Attributes that many of the FFFF attendees have. As Doug mentioned you will need two sponsors that have attended at least two FFFF conventions. After that you will be put on a waiting list. The way the waiting list works is, if a past attendee passes away, does something on Obieís taboo list, or tells Obie that they will not be able to attend, a seat is opened and one of the waiting list magicians is notified. Because people, in general, are living longer lives the passing away doesnít happen very often and most attendees know to stay clear of the taboo list. That leaves the magicians that for some reason have to cancel their attendance. This doesnít happen very often because if an attendee misses two years his/her name goes back on the waiting list. So get your endorsements and wait patiently. Thatís what I did and most of the other attendees also. Trust me itís worth the wait. Hope to see you there.

Take care and take cards
Antony Gerard

PS; I am also the lighting and sound grip at FFFF. Something that I do just to make the convention a little better for everyone else. I am one of the FFFF photographers also.
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Apr 21, 2005 06:24PM)
Great site & Pics-thanks for sharing!!
Message: Posted by: bubbleburst2004 (Apr 21, 2005 11:12PM)
Ummm practice?
Message: Posted by: vinkelhaken (May 4, 2005 05:04AM)

Will there be any pictures and resumes out soon regarding the 2005 event?
Message: Posted by: Antony Gerard (May 4, 2005 03:41PM)
I have already started to post the FFFF 2005 pictures on my web site. I hope to finish the pictures either late this week or early next week. I took over 1500 pictures this year and it takes time to edit them. They will be posting as I edit them so come back often to see more. It my take till the end of next week to do all of the credits and captions.

Take care and take cards
Antony Gerard
Message: Posted by: Four Jokers Magician (May 6, 2005 02:54PM)
Antony I met you at Fechters. (Yes, I loitered in the lobby). I was the guy sitting across the table from Garrett Thomas at about five thirty in the morning when you told us about your awsome haunted house.