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Topic: Some career escapology and mentalism pics of mine...
Message: Posted by: SANTINI (Oct 4, 2002 04:33PM)
Hi alló Boy, it is like Christmas for me today!

The fine folks at http://www.strictlyunderground.com (especially Scott) have just posted up a picture gallery on the site which features some images from my over 20 years of performing escapology and mentalism. Check them out, some of you may find them interesting to say the least. They are pictures of everything from "on stage" shots, to pics of part of our restraints collection (only part because there are over 200 items, too many to show at once), to "posed promo" shots, to even me being locked into a mail bag with a 16 foot Indian python! At least for me, to see all of these pictures at once is a nice walk down memory lane.

Kind regards, Steve Santini.
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Oct 6, 2002 01:47AM)
WOW SANTINI those pictures are cool!

I especially like the one with the electric chair, it has a very Hollywood horror look to it.

I have noted in your career you have done jail escapes, any modern style cells or more of the older ones?

There is an awesome article by you in The Escape Artist Newsletter about an older style cell escape that you did, it really got me thinking.

Anyone else seen the article? :)
Message: Posted by: SANTINI (Oct 6, 2002 02:19AM)
Hi Shawn,
Thanks for the comments on the pics. Yes, I have done a number of escapes from modern cells, some of which contained the more common Folger Adams lever lock and others which contained oversized "mogul" pin tumbler cylinders made by both Folger Adam and Medeco to name but a few.

The thing with jail escapes is it is getting a LOT harder to get police or prison officials to allow or even consider allowing an escapist to attempt a cell escape these days. Even when doing it to raise money for a charity, a firm "No" will usually be the response to such a request. The reasons are numerous.

Firstly, jails were built to hold criminals and not to be the vehicles of spectacular publicity stunts. Secondly, there are legalities to be considered should the escapist become injured while attempting the escape or should they damage or tamper with the lock to such a degree that the door may have to be cut off with a blowtorch! And, finally, the mere shielding of security equipment and it's working methodology and technology is a good enough reason for keeping anyone outside the police force or prison system from getting a good look at how modern cells operate (unless of course that the person seeing the mechanisms has the unfortunate luck of being there in an involuntary capacity).

I do have some pics of my escapes from modern holding and prison cells but they are few and far between. Whenever I undertook such attempts, I found the police officials just did not want the cells, the cell lock, or the cell door to be photographed. The reasons for this I have already explained. This is why on many occasions, I have chosen instead to break out of historical jails or cells. Often the red tape is easier to manage and you can get better press because pictures are allowed and the jail usually has some history that the reporter can write about.

Remember, people LOVE to read a good story and a "good" story must always be an interesting one. By the way, for anyone out there who may be thinking that the old time cells were easier to get out of than the modern ones, don't fool yourself. In my opinion, I have tested cells that were very old yet far more secure than what is around and being used today.

Like old cells where the lock was located 4 feet around the corner from the edge of the cell door and the bars of the door were too narrow to get your palm through sideways. Now THAT'S maximum security! Regards, Steve Santini
Message: Posted by: Scott Xavier (Oct 6, 2002 02:40AM)
I am blown away! I am rather new to this trait of escapology, and I have heard of Santini, but never have I seen such an impressive collection of one's life.

*** there are lots of memories there I bet. It seems like you've had a fun life. I hope it continues...

OK looks like the next step for the underground will be a members only section, some of the articles are a bit too detailed. The newsletter will also be a showcase for further trick details.
Message: Posted by: Lloyd McDonald (Oct 18, 2002 04:02PM)
Very impressive...thanks for sharing.