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Topic: I got in!
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Apr 19, 2005 06:34PM)
I just recieved an e-mail with my username and password for the "Learned Pig". It seems I have been very fortunate in this. I can't wait till I get to browse the site a little more.

I don't really have a good reason to post this, but since I spend so much time at the Café' I thought this would be the best place to strut.
Message: Posted by: edh (Apr 19, 2005 06:43PM)
How long did it take you to get in? I took me a few months.
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Apr 19, 2005 07:06PM)
I think about 3 months or so.
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Apr 19, 2005 07:51PM)
According to another e-mail he has been quite behind, up to 800 applications! It is a great site and I highly recommend it.
Message: Posted by: R.T. (Apr 19, 2005 08:32PM)
I'm new to Magic and totally ignorant...What is the "Learned Pig".
Message: Posted by: ashah (Apr 19, 2005 09:11PM)
I applied over a year ago and never heard anything. But I didn't want to reapply because I heard that it gets you banned.
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Apr 19, 2005 10:34PM)
The e-mail I recieved from him (Marko) Seemed like it was coming from a pretty freindly, and down to earth guy. Of course I've only recieved one e-mail and have not really had any conversation with him, so I don't know what else to say. However personally, I would reapply, if it took years.
Message: Posted by: migwar (Apr 20, 2005 03:17AM)
I must have been lucky, I think it was less than a month for me to get in, its an amazing resource
Message: Posted by: irossall (Apr 20, 2005 06:19AM)
Congratulations Josh Riel. The Learned Pig Project is a Great site just as the Magic Café' is a Great site and is a gold mine of information. It's like having your own personal Library of great works on Magic (and much less expensive).
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: Ollie1235 (Apr 20, 2005 09:43AM)
The learned pig is a great site and I was extremely lucky to get in after about a week, allthough it was my second application.

anyhow its a very good site.

Message: Posted by: Carrie Sue (Apr 22, 2005 01:15PM)
I finally received my password, too, after a couple years at least. There's lots of good material there, so I'll be excited to peruse it in the future.

Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Apr 22, 2005 02:28PM)
Mine came in about 3 weeks, I had largely forgotten about it until it came. A good site and their archiving old books is a great idea. Found the "entrance exam" to be quite simple. Guess they just process them in batches when they get around to it.
Message: Posted by: Ollie1235 (Apr 22, 2005 02:56PM)
Marko seems like a nice guy and in a recent email says hes begining to get more time to run the site, I think he said hes replied to all the applicants now and the siteshould now be up and running more smoothly.

Message: Posted by: saxmangeoff (Apr 22, 2005 05:40PM)
Yep, sounds like he finally got enough time and did a mass applicant review. I applied a few months ago. It alsmost sounds like the whole queue got emptied (wonder how much caffeine was involved?). I agree, it's a great site. Worth the wait just to read "Our Magic" (which I have now done).

Message: Posted by: pepijn (Apr 23, 2005 06:42AM)
I hope he didn't miss my post then if the queue got emptied. But I have only emailed a couple of months ago. So I shall be patient and really happy if I get acces.
Message: Posted by: MWG_T_H_O_M_A_S (Apr 23, 2005 06:57AM)
TLP, what a site.

Well worth the waiting time, although saying that I only waited a few days which was impressive as id heard the waiting list was a long time.

Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Apr 23, 2005 08:57AM)
They must have more time to work on it these days. I applied yesterday after reading this thread. I just logged on this morning and I've got my password. I'm in too!!

Message: Posted by: Tabasco (Apr 23, 2005 07:03PM)
Got mine also with 1 day, maybe he does the reveiws once in a while and were we just lucky that we applied late LOL
Message: Posted by: djc89 (Apr 23, 2005 07:12PM)
I'm not a member at the Learned Pig, but I found this site that is supposed to be a mirror of it: http://sky.prohosting.com/fizbin/athenaeum/magos/mirror.html . Does it have everything that the Learned Pig contains?
Message: Posted by: Fiddling-Steve (Apr 23, 2005 07:23PM)
Wow, that's a lot of material... I'm going on a reading frenzy right now.
Message: Posted by: magomarko (Apr 24, 2005 12:10PM)
Hi all,
I'm Marko, the webmaster at The Learned Pig Project website. It's true I had the site almost forgotten because of a huge workload in several fields. A couple of months ago I sold a business I had which took most of my time and left me very tired at the end of the day so now I have more time to devote to TLPP.

Thanks to a lot of coffee (yes, saxmangeoff, you are right!) I sat in front of the computer for three straight days and processed more than 600 applications plus about 200 requests for forgotten passwords and am happy to say that the queue now is just a few hours long. If you are really lucky and I check the email it can be a just a few minutes wait to get your password.

So I invite you all to go to TLPP page and apply or re-apply for membership. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the contents. I'm really proud of our new main page at the Member Only Area which is now a blog and contains several entries I know most will like.

Go directly to the entrance test at:


Fill the thing up (it should be easy!) and I promise you it won't be a long wait to get in.

Best regards,
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Apr 26, 2005 07:33PM)
Ok, well I just applied, will see what happens!
Sounds great.
Message: Posted by: ashah (Apr 26, 2005 07:49PM)
I applied again and this time I was accepted very quickly. The site is very well done, and Marko has done a great job. Woohoo!
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Apr 27, 2005 07:13AM)
:rotf: I originally applied back in Feb. and heard nothing...I reapplied this morn. and within an hour and a half I was accepted! :dancing: A very nice site and I'm happy to be a member!!

<<<KRaZy4kardz>>> :bluebikes:

Message: Posted by: alson (Apr 27, 2005 12:26PM)
What a great site. I applied and received my username and password the next day .
Marko has done a great job with this site ,and I look forward to going on the site as much as I do here . I am glad we have sites like this share ideas.
Message: Posted by: burgerinc (Apr 27, 2005 12:33PM)
I applied almost a years ago; looks like I will take this opportunity to reapply.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Apr 27, 2005 04:35PM)
Marko is to be both congratulated and profusely thanked for such a wonderful site.
He does it pretty much alone and at his own expense.
We should all be more than grateful that such a generous person exists in magic.
Message: Posted by: edh (Apr 27, 2005 05:58PM)
I agree 110% Peter!
Message: Posted by: llsouder (May 10, 2005 06:17PM)
Wow I must have hit it just right, because I got in, in like one day. I had know idea there was such a back log.

The E-Zine Marko sends out is very nice too! High quality stuff.

I hope it doesn't get too bogged down with request!
Message: Posted by: Jeff Gan (May 27, 2005 05:19AM)
Hats off to Marko. I got my password in a day and wanna congratulate Marko on an amazing site.
Message: Posted by: paulmagic (May 31, 2005 03:58AM)
I applied and got in the next day. Thanks Marko and I must say it is a great site!!
Message: Posted by: vanilla192 (May 31, 2005 07:44PM)
That mirror site is sick, ive been reading it for hours...

does it have all the same stuff that's on the learned pig?
Message: Posted by: DoomPenguin (May 31, 2005 07:44PM)
I got in a few days after I applied. Kudos to marko for putting together all this great information!
Message: Posted by: atucci (May 31, 2005 08:07PM)
Peter's correct, Marko should be thanked as TLP site is a wealth of information. Eugene Burger recommends that for every book you read, written after 1960, you should read two written prior to 1960. TLP has many classics available just waiting for you to read. Enjoy!
Message: Posted by: markhammagi (Jun 14, 2005 08:13AM)
On 2005-05-31 20:44, DoomPenguin wrote:
I got in a few days after I applied. Kudos to marko for putting together all this great information!

I also applied to the site recently, and I was accepted within a couple of days, so it looks like the backlog has cleared up ...
Message: Posted by: Azaziel (Aug 11, 2005 01:15AM)
Here goes nothing
Message: Posted by: pasharabbit (Aug 13, 2005 12:12AM)
I applied after answering the questions and it took a couple of days. Really reasonable. Lots of wonderful old books on magic. The classsics are there and well worth checking out. Marko also puts out a newletter with tricks and it's quite a good read. I learned something very valuable in a kidnap situation don't get tied up with a short rope ask for 100ft of rope! Members of the site will know what I am talking about. Marko also sells CDs of magic books that are reasonably priced. Some of the material is not found on the site. I applaud Marko.
Message: Posted by: sayer (Aug 22, 2005 05:32PM)
Welcome to the community of clever pigs :o))
Message: Posted by: pkg (Aug 25, 2005 06:34PM)
Took me less than 24 hours!! I love it!
Message: Posted by: Schismatized (Aug 25, 2005 06:58PM)
Wow its been 2 months and no answer I think I'm gonna apply again.
Message: Posted by: Rik Chew (Aug 26, 2005 05:53AM)
Does anyone know why its called the 'Learned Pig', sounds a bit odd to me, but great site.
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Aug 26, 2005 09:43AM)
On 2005-08-26 06:53, Sleightly Small wrote:
Does anyone know why its called the 'Learned Pig', sounds a bit odd to me, but great site.

You can find out a lot more about "The Learned Pig" in Ricky Jay's "Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women". The original Learned pig was a world-famous sideshow attraction in the late 18th Century and spawned many imitators. Many used various forms of trickery to demonstrate psychic abilities, etc.
Message: Posted by: Roldero (Sep 9, 2005 06:55PM)
On 2005-08-25 19:58, Schismatized wrote:
Wow its been 2 months and no answer I think I'm gonna apply again.

My acceptance took about a week, when I applied two weeks ago.

Well worth the wait, IMO.

Message: Posted by: BlackShadow (Sep 11, 2005 02:39PM)
Congrats to Marko and Fitzbin for some wonderul archive information.