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Topic: Smoke from fingertips
Message: Posted by: graydon (Dec 19, 2001 07:24PM)
If you need an exellent way do do this and very cheaply, send me a private e mail.

This is real smoke and looks great.
Message: Posted by: JaymesR (Dec 19, 2001 08:38PM)
what is your email address?
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Dec 20, 2001 08:45AM)
I'm interested in your idea, but I don't see your e-mail address either. :)
Message: Posted by: RayBanks (Dec 20, 2001 12:17PM)
I, too am interested.

You can post your email address or maybe you need to update your profile. There's a box at the bottom which asks if you want your email address visible. It's a negative response. You check the box if you DON'T want to show your address. Simply uncheck this box and save your profile and we will be able to email you from the topic page.

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Dec 20, 2001 02:50PM)
If you click on the profile button, you can send him an internal private message which is like email.
Message: Posted by: graydon (Dec 20, 2001 07:24PM)
Sorry guys!! My e-mail address is up now!

I am just starting to get used to this system.

Talk to you soon!!

Message: Posted by: clunk_71 (Jan 4, 2002 06:18AM)
sounds cool, I'll e-mail you soon


Thanx Lee

" Dogs do tricks ".......

Message: Posted by: Gavin W (Jan 17, 2002 05:11AM)
Me too please, if it's not to late.

I'll send you an email later tonight.

Thanks - Gavin W
Message: Posted by: Jim Pace (Mar 24, 2002 11:02PM)
Have you guys found an answer for your smoke from hands questions?
I have used for many years a very effective method for augmenting close up magic with beautiful clouds of white smoke. If you would like to Email me jimpace69@netzero.net I can help you.