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Topic: Ken Scott B-Day Video
Message: Posted by: puppetshows (Apr 21, 2005 07:54PM)
If you own it what are your thoughts? Is it worth it? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: brandonford1982 (Apr 23, 2005 08:05AM)
The Video is basically him at a Bday show setup in a studio. He performs his show and has a dicussion afterwards. If your looking for new routines or material to use then yes. But that's about all you get. I have it and I now perform the fantasy magician routine form the video.
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Apr 23, 2005 10:39PM)
So Brandon did the DVD help you or not? What else would you want on the tape?

Message: Posted by: itsmagic (Apr 23, 2005 10:47PM)
It's a great DVD. You get to see a full-time professional do a polished act using music effectively. This alone is worth the price of the DVD. There is also and interview section where he answers most of the common questions pertaining to birthday performance business. He also gives some tips on using a rabbit in your show. Highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (May 6, 2005 12:52AM)
Let me first say THANK YOU. It is always a learning experience to watch another professional perform. I have performed at about 100 birthday parties over the years and there was a lot of information packed onto this tape. I do wish you had explained why you chose the tricks you chose though. A very worthwhile investment for sure.

As far as a review, I have never met Ken, or is he compensating me in any way. Here goes:

The first thing I must mention is that Ken uses the Showtech. Before seeing this video I was trying to decide if the investment is worth it. I can say without a doubt now that I plan on buying one of those bad little sound machines. If you are thinking about buying the system, this tape will seal the deal for you. Ken performs a bunch of magic tricks (most of them I recognized. Ken performing style is fast and furious (not mad or agressive just with energy) He must have done 100 tricks in the performance (about 40 minutes) Ken must have to setup for a few minutes before the show and make three trips to and from his car. I am not going to describe which tricks he did or how he did them (buy the tape). I will tell you that the information passed on after the show, during the discussion, was worth gold (speaking as another performing for a fee) reguarding dofferent aspects that I have encountered not only in birthday shows but also at other venues and niches too. Overall I would give this tape a 8/10. It looses a point for the micro-machines speedy voice and another for not including more information about the tricks he actually performed (why, how or special points) This tape contains a professional childern's birthday party entertainer performing his craft for children. If you are in this field (or want to be), BUY THIS TAPE. If you are a working magician, some of the material could be very valuable to you.

Message: Posted by: fanwun (May 6, 2005 10:31AM)
I have the DVD and it's great! If you are just getting in to children's magic, and are looking for what a show looks like, then get this DVD. You will not learn one single trick. You will, however, get a lot of insight and wisdom during the interview and other sections. He also provides suggestions on a few of the items he performs, but that's about it as far as explanations go.

This is more like an "example" DVD. It will give you ideas for things you may or may not want to put in your show. Seeing some things in performance made me rethink certain things that I don't put in my shows. He aslo shows that you can have the big visual things children tend to like, without being too proppy.

He gives great insight on promotiing yourself during your show. Ken, I am now in the process of redoing my logo as a result of your DVD. That was incredible and I didn't realize how simple and effective it was until I saw the interview. That's a great bit. He also provides plenty insight pertaining to customer service and negotiating fees. I love the $5000 bit and used a day after viewing the DVD. Trust me folks, it works and is a great way to break the ice with a potential client.

I do think, should you do another one, that you should include a segment on what types of effects should be put into a children's show. I know there are plenty of "teaching" tapes that provide a wealth of info, but I'm thinking more along the lines of "why" certain effects go into shows. Also, the patter that is used. There are many effects that could easily be transformed to fit a children's audience.

All in all, it's a great DVD. You will learn something. There is much that I didn't not touch on because I really think you should get the DVD. It really is worth it.


p.s. - Hey Ken, I also went and bought a hefty roll of masking tape too... right after I slapped myself for not doing it sooner!