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Topic: Minimalist or Not
Message: Posted by: pikacrd (Apr 22, 2005 09:28AM)
Ok I read a post the other day that made the observation that a lot of the threads here on the café just become lists of tricks that people use. I can not remember who posted it or what the heading was but it started me thinking about what I do in a table hopping or strolling situation and how much stuff that I actually carry on my person for an event and how much stuff that I bring to an event in my close up case. What I was wondering was on average for a strolling gig that is 1.5 – 2.5 hrs in length how many effects do you carry with you, and do you feel that you carry to much stuff or not enough stuff? I am not looking for a list of the stuff that you carry (we all probably carry a pack of cards and some coins + a rubber band or twelve) I understand that we all have our favorites that is understood but rather what I am looking is if you feel that you are a minimalist or maxi-mist when it comes to the amount of stuff that you carry on your person for a gig and why?

For me personally I find that I tend to bring far to much stuff in my case but when I actually load up I do not carry that much stuff on my person to perform with, and that unless I am introducing a new effect that I want face time with I only carry the bare minimum that I feel I can use to give maximum entertainment to the client and there guests.

Thanks in advance
Message: Posted by: frank (Apr 22, 2005 03:03PM)

I'll pack 5-6 things in my jacket and pants pockets when
I get to the gig. After an hour, if I get bored, I replace
several of those tricks with others in my closeup case.

That said, I'm essentially doing what you said:
"I only carry the bare minimum that I feel I can use to
give maximum entertainment to the client and their guests. "

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Apr 22, 2005 05:30PM)
I'm a "mediumalist."
Message: Posted by: Trickster (Apr 22, 2005 08:20PM)
I'm on the minimalist side of this topic... I do bring extra stuff and leave somewhere accessible, should the need arise for something bigger...

Thanks for reading...

Message: Posted by: gandalf (Apr 23, 2005 12:37PM)
I pack everything I need for my standard routine on my left hand side of my body
Extra bits and bobs, for that extra "can you show me something else" - when your at the bar etc, are located on my right side!
I don't usually take a case with me when I'm performing, as knowing me I'd leave it at the venue!
Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 23, 2005 01:55PM)
I carry about 8 effects in my pockets. If I'm not sure of the venue then I also take my close-up case with extra effects.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 23, 2005 02:38PM)
I am a serious juggler, and a silly minimalist magician. I cary on me a wrist full of rubber bands, and two decks of red bikes one regular, one invisible, my top hat, and three balls. I also hide somewhere my aluminum brief case, and my juggling bag in case of an emergency. In the brief case is my 45 minute magic show, just in case the rules change at the last minute, but for walk around it's rubber bands, cards, balls, and one fun guy.
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Apr 23, 2005 07:12PM)
My current walk-around set involves:

Rubber bands
Business cards
Ballpoint pens
Magnifying lens

With those items, I've got a good solid 10-15 minutes of entertainment before I move to the next group to repeat the process.
Message: Posted by: Paul D (Apr 24, 2005 01:44AM)
When I bring my case Im loaded up for a lifetime of private performces stranded alone on a deserted island.But when I do walk around I don't like my pockets to full of bumps and clinks so for walkaround just a few things. Double X,Flash paper.deck of cards,set of coins maybe some IT and TT and nest of boxes and Im good to go.
Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (Apr 24, 2005 04:08AM)
I must confess, I am a maximalist. Better to have it & not need it than to need it & not have it. You never know when you might get the odd random request or comment which a certain rarely-used effect would be perfect for. My table-hopping outfit is totally gaffed out with xtra pockets & I wear something of a 'utility belt'. On a typical night I'll have
DeKram deck & anywhere cards
electric deck
sponge bunnies
Napkins (for the rose-effect)
Gaffed bills (for anywhere bill)
Sloburn packet
TT with bill loaded (for VisiBill)
empty TT
hot rod
stealth pen
Long card
Stargazer (and regular elastic)
Hopping halves
CSB transposition

I've been wanting to get a holdout (mabye trabbucco) to add to the outfit, and Iv'e been too lazy to instal a raven or look into a topit.
Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 24, 2005 10:28AM)
The Mighty Fool, you must be the first magician to use a close-up backpack LOL
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Apr 24, 2005 12:29PM)
Mighty Fool
Do you do walk around by the hour, or by the week?
Message: Posted by: pikacrd (Apr 25, 2005 08:00AM)
Just a guess here; M Fool are you from Orlando by any chance? The reason that I say that is because every time I am up in Orlando and have the chance to see someone perform at a live venue it seems like a lot of the magicians are loaded for bear when it comes to the amount of magic that they carry on there body(I am not saying that every body in Orlando does this), and when I used to perform in Orlando years ago I was the same way I carried a laundry list of magic just like Mr. Fool here does.

By the way thank you all for taking the time to respond to this thread.

Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (Apr 25, 2005 02:10PM)
To Kinesis: Not a backpack....a belt, desinged by a freind of mine. Ever since I asked him to make it & thus introduced him to the field of magical fabric manipulation....he can't stop experimenting! I asked for simply a innocent-looking belt which could conceal a reel & mabye a coin or two....what I GOT was a awesome utility device which looks like a regulaar belt from the front, but holds an ARSENAL of gimmiks!

To Juggleral: I charge by the hour, or a discounted rate for 3 hours. The place where I work has me on 4 hours a night, Fridays & Saturdays. I'm supposed to focus on the kids, and my main purpose is to hover in the lobby & lounge areas, so as to keep the kids from reaching 'critical mass' while waiting 90 minutes for a table.

To Pikacrd: Yes, I'm in Orlando, Disney to be exact. And you're dead-on right about the mages here carrying a lot of tricks. I imagine it has something to do with the whole 'magic' theme of the parks in the area. We have to import 90% of our tricks, due to the fact that all we have for suppliers down here are MagicMax (good pricing, but a threadbare selection), Daytona magic (which is okay), and MagicMasters (which is on Disney property & priced for tourists). If only someone the size of Hank Lee or Hocus Pocus would open up shop here, theyd make a killing!
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Apr 25, 2005 10:10PM)
Is that belt open for others to buy?
Message: Posted by: burgerinc (Apr 27, 2005 01:42PM)
Pack light and play BIG!
Message: Posted by: harris (Apr 27, 2005 03:10PM)
I am a mini to mediumist in the magic department.

Also in my bags are Nigel(in the Avatar) and at times,

a. Zelda my nearly normal axtell chimp
c. Pervis a professional sized 50's marionette (for venues that have appropriate music
e. my nearly normal strait jacket (for venues like the hospital casemanager convention I will be doing tomorrow.

Harris Deutsch
Laughologist and Nearly Normal Magician