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Topic: Absolutely Nuts DVD by Bob Sheets
Message: Posted by: jonash1982 (May 1, 2005 11:29AM)
Has anyone seen this DVD? Is it any good?

Message: Posted by: steve proescher (May 4, 2005 05:41AM)
Yes, it's a good one. Saw Bob in lecture last week. He's got a new dvd on the shell game released with Whit Hayden. The first in a series, if I understood correctly. The new dvd seems to cover more basic moves and builds a solid foundation on the shells. Bob said Absolutely Nuts was a very advanced routine and suggested we start with the new dvd. (I'm sure this is available from School for Scoundrels).
Message: Posted by: jonash1982 (May 4, 2005 02:07PM)
Thanks Steve. I think I'm gong to start with a more basic version first based on that advice.
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (May 4, 2005 04:10PM)
Is this just the VHS video transfered to DVD?

Message: Posted by: WayneNZ (May 4, 2005 10:51PM)
Message: Posted by: steve proescher (May 5, 2005 06:20AM)
Absolutely Nuts dvd is the same at the vhs. The new one is "An Introduction to the Shell Game, Shell Game Series Volume 1". It's available from the School for Scoundrels
Message: Posted by: sardini (May 5, 2005 10:39AM)
From what I've been hearing "An Introduction to the Shell Game, Shell Game Series Volume 1" would be a better choice. I have "Absolutely Nuts" and think that it's just OK. "Hang 'em High" is great.
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (May 6, 2005 04:31PM)
"Absolutely Nuts" has a lot of great material on it, but it is better to study the foundations presented in Vol I of the School for Souncrels Shell Game Series--"Introduction to the Shell Game."

Once you understand the material on that, the Absolutely Nuts DVD will be much more accessible. The usefulness of a lot of the brilliant stuff on Absolutely Nuts will not be immediately apparant to someone who has not had some backguound in the shell game. Once you have studied Vol I, "Absolutely Nuts" will help you to the next level--the level that we will be covering in much greater detail on Vol II.