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Topic: Creativity and Magic....
Message: Posted by: ralphgironda (May 7, 2005 07:36AM)
It is my idea that in order to be creative in magic you must almost break away from the magic community at large. Meaning stop caring what other magicians are doing, stop buying books and dvds, and stop attending lectures...etc... So that you find your own style and way of doing things. It is so easy today for magicians to copy another magicians style, presentation, and tricks because of dvds.

So recently I have sold almost every magic book and dvd I own. And started to think for myself which I think is important for me to do in order to become a better magician.

Max what are your opinions on this subject?

Your friend,
ps - Have you ever met Paul Harris? When? How? Where? What are your opinions on the man?
Message: Posted by: Max Maven (May 7, 2005 02:33PM)
There is no formula for creativity (at least as far as I know). Some talented creators deliberately avoid reading other people's work; others try to read everything. Each approach has its pitfalls. In the former case, it can lead to reinventing what already exists. In the latter, as you mentioned, it can lead to imitation.

I favor the second approach myself. But my interface is largely through print. Leaning magic via video or DVD encourages mimickry, because when you see the actual performance it's hard not to adopt the details. Print is a superior medium almost every time, in part because it is not as informationally dense. (For the same reason, in the area of technical illustrations, graphics are almost always better than photographs.)

As for Paul Harris, I've known him since the mid-1970s. A remarkable fellow, with amazing ideas.