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Topic: Elliott, Dr. James William (1874-1920)
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 8, 2005 01:00PM)
Is this: Dr. James William Elliott (1874-1920) the same man that Vernon speaks about in Revelations and Ultimate Secrets regarding the Doc Elliott bottom deal?
Can you tell me anything about Doc Elliott the one that Vernon talks about that is; Did he ever publish anything for example.


Message: Posted by: camikesrd (May 8, 2005 05:33PM)
Yes. There is a book called " Elliott's Last Legacy " edited by Houdini in 1923

and dated such. It is supposed to be taken from the notes of Dr, Elliot and I

have heard or read somewhere it was ghost written but I forgot who it was supposed

to be. There is onlt 100 pagees of cards, the rest a variety of items . Illusions.

mechanical magic, coins and fantasys I sure nobody ever did. The book is 321

pages and expensive . I believe I paid $50.00 for mine 20 years ago.......Mike
Message: Posted by: Nik_Mikas (May 8, 2005 05:38PM)
Vernon considered "Last Legacy" to be a total mess, as Houdini tried to take some good items out of Elliot's notebook, but he himself knew nothing. I don't think Dr.Elliot published anything himself, but I do recall a few of his items in Roterberg's "New Era Card Tricks". I may be wrong though.
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 8, 2005 06:39PM)


I have just seen one for sale for $2000 but it is signed by Hounini.

Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (May 8, 2005 07:08PM)
You can buy e-version of Elliot's Last Legacy from lybrary.com.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 8, 2005 07:13PM)