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Topic: What books do you own?
Message: Posted by: James Owen (Oct 9, 2002 10:05PM)
All right fellow magicians how are you all doing? Fine I hope. What I want to know is what magic books do you all own? Here are my books that I own.

Royal Road To Card Magic
Karl Fulves' Self Working Rope Magic
Karl Fulves' Self Working Coin Magic
Karl Fulves' Self Working Close up Card Magic
Karl Fulves' More More Self Working Card Magic
Practical Mental Magic
Henry Hay Learn Magic
Houdini on Magic
Cyclopedia of Magic Mark Wilson

Best Regards

Take Care all of you
Message: Posted by: r4bid (Oct 10, 2002 05:32AM)
Let's just say I own a few too many...
Message: Posted by: Drew from Spotlight (Oct 10, 2002 07:10AM)
I have way too many to list in a single post.

I know this count pales in comparison to other professionals out there but my magic library consists of:

25 different Audio Tape & CD series tapes
69 different Magic Books
100 different booklets (I also included lecture notes in this category)
90 different video tapes

And yes I’ve read and viewed all of them… now ask me if I remember…
Message: Posted by: Callin (Oct 10, 2002 10:25AM)
I own far too many, but I do have a few favorites:

Magic and Showmanship - Henning Nelms
Five Points of Magic and the Magic Way - Juan Tamariz
The Fitzkee Trilogy - Darrell Fitzkee
Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
Brain Food - David Parr
all of my Eugene Burger Books
and of course, the king of them all, the Tarbell Course in Magic - Dr. Tarbell

These are the books I read and re-read. Some I have had for over 30 years.

Richard Green
Message: Posted by: ralphdean (Oct 10, 2002 11:34AM)
Also way too many to list. As for favorites...

Punx Trilogy
Poinc The Practitioner
anything by Eugene Burger
Michael Close Workers
Harry Lorayne The Magic Book
Simon Lovel Simon Says

etc etc etc
Message: Posted by: ActuariaLug (Oct 10, 2002 09:23PM)
Not much in this newbie's collection :pout:

Idiot's Guide to Magic
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
David Roth's Basic Coin Magic video

In reference to Karl Fulves's books, I've racked my brains and I can't think of any self-working aspects of coin magic (unless there's a gimmick involved?).
Message: Posted by: cheaptrick (Oct 10, 2002 10:47PM)
Don't just buy some tricks.

Buy a few decent basic books.

For a new magician (and old-timers, too)there is a wealth of material in many
old magic books. Dover Publications has a vast library of reprinted books that the copyrites have expired.

It is a real treasure trove of things that can keep you busy for YEARS.

You needn't spend a lot of money doing this stuff because a lot of the material was published before magic shops were a common thing, and most magicians had to use whatever was handy.

Dover has books priced from under $5.00 US.

You can get them locally at most major chain book stores (Borders, etc. in US).

If they don't have the title you want, they will order it and you usually get it in a few days.

My favorite Dover editions that I am now working out of is "Abbotts Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks", and "Hugarts Magic Manual".

The Abbotts costs $10, and just steal some of mom's clothesline (core it) and you are in business. You could probably work up a decent routine with the stuff in that ancient book.

You will have dozens of great effects, instead of a bunch of junk some dealer sold you.

Here's the URL for Dover's "magic shop".


Another point in favor of do-it-yourself magic is that when you buy a "storebought effect, you are paying A LOT for the
"secret(s)" involved. Consequently, the actual product will not in many cases be quality goods.

Putting together things yourself will let you control the final cost and its quality.

Message: Posted by: Steve (Oct 11, 2002 02:20AM)
I have built up my magic library over the past 16 years.

Try to check out every second hand bookstore you can find. You'll be amazed what kind of treasures they might have.

My oldest book dates from 1903 !

Message: Posted by: Paul (Oct 11, 2002 02:53AM)
"Another point in favor of do-it-yourself magic is that when you buy a "storebought effect, you are paying A LOT for the
"secret(s)" involved. Consequently, the actual product will not in many cases be quality goods. Putting together things yourself will let you control the final cost and its quality."

Yes, books have always been the best value, and some great knowledge can be obtained inexpensively from the Dover range. But regarding the comment "Consequently the actual product will not in many cases be quality goods" this really does depend on the manufacturing source. Some are mass manufactured in third world countries (but some in the USA) in a cheap form for children and considered toys. Some are cheaper rip offs of what were once quality props. This is the result of the mass marketing of magic, the dumbing down and conversion for the toy market.

There are some dealers who do not sell what you would call junk at all. From makers of magical leather goods like Ray Piatt and Roy Roth, to woodworking craftsman and illusion builders like Martini who take great pride in producing quality goods. There are lots more. Quality has a price tag attached, but it usually works right and lasts longer.

But yes, books are the best buy for increasing one's magical knowledge, and Dover books are one of the rare examples of something good costing very little.

Message: Posted by: danny (Oct 11, 2002 05:34AM)
The best ones I own are as follows:
Expert at the card table - Erdnase
Cards on the table - Sadowitz
Cardzones - Duffie and Sadowitz
Expert card technique - Hugard and Braue
Encyclopedia of Ciggarette Magic - Clarke
Art of Astonishment 1 - Harris
Message: Posted by: Russ (Oct 20, 2002 10:32PM)
I own way to may books. That's because I am a magic-holic.

If I could do just 1 percent of the material that I have, I would be one "hot shot" magician. But it sure is nice when something is referenced in a book and you can go to that book and read up on it.

Message: Posted by: Juan D (Jun 4, 2003 10:58AM)
On 2002-10-20 23:32, Russ wrote:
I own way to may books. That's because I am a magic-holic.

I am too!
I keep on looking for new stuff and I can't definitely visit a Magic Shop as I have this compulsive tendency to spend everything I have and more on books and videos
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Jun 4, 2003 11:05AM)
Over 500 books and 99% of them are on cards. Dating back from the 1800's to present day.

Though, I do not buy as many now as I used to!
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Jun 4, 2003 01:43PM)
While I do not have the largest library around, it is a fairly extensive one BUT my library IS a reference library. I can look up pretty much anything within it, so it is a good working library. Such favourites as "Greater Magic", The Tarbell Course in Magic, "Magick", "Expert Card Technique", "Sach's Sleight of Hand", "The Illustrated History of Magic" are ones I reference a lot.

There are also the gems that I just love to pull off the shelf to re-read such as "Illustrated Magic" or the ones I just open somewhere to rediscover an effect I forgot or discover one I never learned such as Becker's "Stunners", "Mind, Myth and Magic", "Semi-Automatic Card Tricks" (any volume), "Syzygy" (any issue),"Art of Astonishment", Apocalypse (any issue) to name a few.

The ones I truly dislike, or the ones that have one effect in the book that was good (and the rest suck) I tend to get rid of.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Message: Posted by: FZandura (Jun 4, 2003 07:41PM)
I am just beginning to build my library, here's where I started:

Self-working card tricks - Fulves
Expert Coin Magic - Bobo
Royal Road to Card Magic

Encyclopedia of Card Magic Vol 1 - Daryl
Easy to Master Card Miracles - Ammar

Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Jun 5, 2003 12:27AM)
For a long time, I only bought books as they have always been the best value. There is so much poor quality props out there and the good stuff is not only very expensive but also limited in quantities. I have a decent library but my favorites are 1)the hardback "magazine" editions like Apocalypse, Richard's Almanac, IBIDEM, Pallbearer's Reviews, Kabbala; and 2)the autographed manuscripts from Ed Marlo.
Message: Posted by: B-MAN (Jun 5, 2003 05:40AM)
I also have a small library on magic but what I do have are good.

Bobo coin magic
Roth expert coin magic
Wilsons complete course in magic
Ammar cups and balls
and another Ammar book on magic

A small amount but, so far it works for me.
Message: Posted by: thatmagicguy (Jun 5, 2003 07:12AM)
Bobo's(paperback and hardback)
Stars of Magic
Drawing room decptions
Wilson Complete Course of Magic
Tarbell set
AoA set
a few old books I picked up, that I can't remember
...come to think I can't think of all them...oh and abt 900 magazines ranging from a 1917 issue of the Spinx, Hugards magic monthly, to Current Magic and Genii, with lots a stuff in between. :wow:
Message: Posted by: Docc Spurlock (Jun 5, 2003 09:27AM)
Heck I have books I have not even opened yet. I guess the DVD's and Video's took priority...LOL
Message: Posted by: adam_wolfe (Jun 6, 2003 02:11PM)
the magic books I own (from memory)
modern coin magic - bobo
encyclopedia of card tricks - hugard
expert card technique - hugard
the art of magic and sleight of hand - einhorn
houdini's spirit world dunningers psychic revelations
practical mental magic - annemann
magic illustrated dicyionary - lamb
houdini's secrets revealed - brandeth

and a few others I don't remember
Message: Posted by: marko (Jun 6, 2003 04:05PM)
Way too many to mention. The sad part is I have worn-out volumes of books on card magic lying here and there and have yet to even crack open my copy of "Finnegann's Wake." The shame.
Message: Posted by: Marcelo (Jun 9, 2003 04:33PM)
Card College 1-4 (5 needed)
AoA set
Practical Mental Magic
13 Steps to mentalism
Now u c now u don't
Modern Coin Magic
Strong Magic
Magic And Showmanship
Message: Posted by: Zap (Jun 14, 2003 05:22PM)
Too many to list. The ones I go back to the most are Paul Harris Art of Astonishment, Giobbi's Card College, and Bannon's Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors.
Message: Posted by: Presto (Jun 20, 2003 11:10AM)
Bobo coin magic
Tarbell set
And many more.
Some of them a have not red yet. Last time I prefer DVDs and videos.
Message: Posted by: what (Jun 20, 2003 05:11PM)
Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic Wilson
Modern Coin Magic
Royal Road to Card magic
Idiot's Guide to Magic
encyclopedia of card tricks
expert card technique
The Magic of Michael Ammar
Up close & Personal
Constant Fooling 1&2
Various boolkets

My favorite is always Mark Wilsons book


Message: Posted by: Cameron Roat (Jun 21, 2003 02:40PM)
Most used...

By Forces Unseen - Ernest Earick (reading)
Royal Road to Card Magic - Jean Hugard
Close-Up Card Magic - Harry Lorayne
Inner Card Trilogy - Dai Vernon

And tons and tons of small booklets.
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Jun 23, 2003 08:02PM)
My favorite are the Art of Astonishment books.
Message: Posted by: mastermagician91 (Jun 25, 2003 02:46PM)
Royal Road to Card magic and Modern COin Magic, highly reccomended!
Message: Posted by: Smar99 (Jul 4, 2003 09:57AM)
The ones I read most often excluding lecture notes are:
Art of Astonishment Vol. 1-3
Revolutionary Card Technique
Scams And Fantasies With Cards

I buy more VHS and DVDs than I do books.
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Dec 13, 2003 08:07AM)
Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic-Wilson
RRTCM-Hugard & Braue
Expert Card Technique-Hugard & Braue
Expert at the Card Table-Erdanse
Modern Coin Magic-Bobo
Sleight of Hand-Sachs
Art of Magic-T.Nelson Downs/Hilliard
Modern Magic-Hoffmann
Later Magic-Hoffmann]
Practical Mental Magic-Annemann
Tarbell vol1-8-Tarbell
Smoke and Mirrors-Bannon
The Magic of Michael Ammar-Michael Ammar
The Art of Astonishment vol1-3-Paul Harris
The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley-Minch
David Roth's Expert Coin Magic-Kaufmann
Mind,Myth and Magick-Waters
The Books of Wonder vol1-2-Wonder/Minch
The Amateur Magician's Handbook-Hay
Now you see it,now you don't-Tarr
The second Now you see it,now you don't-Tarr
Card College vol1-4-Giobbi
Drawing Room Deceptions-Hollingworth
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks-Hugard
The Dai Vernon Book of Magic-Ganson
The Art of Close-up Magic vol1-Ganson
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks
Amazing book of Card Tricks-Tremaine
Amazing book of Magic Tricks-Tremaine
The Art of Magic and sleight of Hand-Einhorn
Houdini on Magic-Gibson

and a whole lot of **** books/lets.
Message: Posted by: Traylen (Dec 13, 2003 01:05PM)
AOA 1-3
Magic and Showmanship
Mark Wilson's Complete Course on Magic
Expert Card Technique-Hugard & Braue
Expert at the Card Table-Erdanse
Message: Posted by: wayman (Dec 13, 2003 05:39PM)
I started this list then got tired.
some of them first editions AND first prints.

Reputation Makers Lorrayne, Harry 1971
Card Manipulations Hugard 1973
More Card Manipulations Hugard 1974
Expert Card Technique Hugard & Brau 1974
Kabbala (Vol 3 no 1-12) Racherbaumer, Jon 1976
Entertaining with Magic McGill, Ormand 1977
Kabbala (Vol 1 no 1-12) Racherbaumer, Jon 1980 1st
Kabbala (The lost pages) Racherbaumer, Jon 1981 1st
The Complete Walton I Walton, Roy 1981
Richards Almanac Vol 1 Kaufman, Richard 1983
Magic by Gosh Page, Patrick 1985 1st
At the Card Table Darwin Ortiz 1988 1st
The Complete Walton II Walton, Roy 1988
Impossibilia Bannon, John 1990 1st
100% Sankey Kaufman, Richard 1990 1st
Smoke & Mirrors Bannon, John 1991 1st
Collected works of Alex Elmsley I Minch, Stephen 1991 1st
Coin Magic Kaufman, Richard 1992
Paramiracles Lesley, Ted 1994
Collected works of Alex Elmsley II Minch, Stephen 1994 1st
The Magic Menu 1-30 Sisti, Jim 1995 2nd
Card College 2 Giobi, Roberto 1996
The Art of Astonishment 2 Harris, Paul 1996
The Art of Astonishment 3 Harris, Paul 1996
The Card Magic of Nick Trost Trost, Nick 1997
Psychological Subtleties Banachek 1998 1st
New Modern Coin Magic Bobo, JB 1998 12th
Card College 3 Giobi, Roberto 1998 1st
Protean Card Magic Gordon, Paul 1998 1st
Pure Effect Brown, Derren 2000 3rd
Card College 4 Giobi, Roberto 2000 1st
Mind Warp Marks 2000 1st
Ahead of the Pack Avis, Jack 2002
Encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis McGill, Ormand 2002 7th
Full Facts of Cold Reading Rowland, Ian 2002 3rd
Sense of Touch Rowland, Ian 2002
Versatile Card Magic Revisited Simon, Frank 2002
Expert at the Card Table Erdnase, SW
Message: Posted by: peterdgr8 (Dec 23, 2003 12:44PM)
Mark Wilson Book of Magic (the little one) A great general overview.
Card College 1-5, (Royal Road if you can't afford that five). Bar none the best instruction on Cards.
Strong Magic (Ortiz) Good place to start on presentation.

The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings
Jennings '67 (Much more advanced)
Cardshark (Ortiz)
Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
Scams and Fantasies (Also Ortiz)
Fictions (Pit Hartling)

Additional Texts
Art of Astonishment by Paul Harris (Lots of good offbeat stuff that amazes)

Bobo's Coin book
Kaufmans' Coinmagic
Roth's Expert Coin Magic

Complete Cups and Balls (Ammar)

And how could I forget. Derek Dingle's Complete Works. Truly aweseome albeit truly difficult to follow book.