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Topic: Joel Bauer
Message: Posted by: templemagic (May 12, 2005 12:22PM)
Hi Guys,

I recently saw Joel Bauer's Trade Show Torn and Restored Newspaper. In England, our tabloid newspapers are nothing like that. I have neve rworked a trade show but maybe those who have in the UK could tell me if we have those brochures here too? If not, what is the UK equivalent???

Message: Posted by: icentertainment (May 12, 2005 10:33PM)
Where did you see the effect--- I have been looking on the net for it but I can't find a video demo of the marketed effect.
Message: Posted by: templemagic (May 13, 2005 06:24PM)
Its released on an explanation video from Brad Burts Productions. The copyright on it says 1996. It belonged to an old magician friend and got passed onto me just recently. Its just called Joel Bauer's Trade Show Torn and Restored Newspaper

Message: Posted by: magicsiow (May 14, 2005 05:56PM)
It's one of the pratical T&R newspaper. get it. if you need help pls PM me

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (May 15, 2005 11:48AM)
Alan Shaxon said they have tabloid newspaper in the UK. Check out your local newstand and ask for a tabloid size newspaper. This effect is not only for trade shows but also for stand up shows. Joel Bauer does trade shows and other type so shows as well.
Message: Posted by: bubbleburst2004 (May 15, 2005 08:15PM)
There is not much new in the method, you may already have it.

(Bauer recieved some flack for his "reinvention" and lack of crediting
when this tape first came out)

Message: Posted by: templemagic (May 16, 2005 10:03AM)

yes, we do have tabloids over here but they are not the style of the brochure thing that he used. When I saw the tape he referred to that as being a tabloid so I presumed that that is what tabloid newspapers are like in the states. Will this work with an English tabloid??

I hope so as it looks great. I might try it tonight.

Also, does anyone know if UK tradeshows have similar brochures like the ones he uses?

Message: Posted by: funemagic (Jun 7, 2005 02:47PM)
You can make Joel's torn and restored paper with any size newspaper. Doesn't need to be tabloid size.
Message: Posted by: templemagic (Jun 7, 2005 04:16PM)
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the responses.

Ive been playing around and have successfully made it with several types of newspapers and magazines and Im really pleased with it.

Just out of interest to the UK people, I have never worked a trade show but do we have those brochure things printed on glossy paper over here???

Message: Posted by: joshlondon (Jun 8, 2005 12:01AM)
I have the Bauer T & R. Use it every show. It is awesome. Since I'm from San Diego, CA (where Brad Burts Magic Shop used to be, before he shut it down) I took over 500 of his newsletters, they are the exact same ones Bauer uses in the tape. Thick paper, about 30 lb, and 11 x 16 I think.