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Topic: What do 'you' have in your pockets?
Message: Posted by: gngorick (May 12, 2005 05:56PM)
Hey fellow Magi,

The name says it all. Now empty your pockets and start posting!!

I've got:

3 Canadian quarters
A Canadian toonie ($2 coin)
Several bills
Loops around my wrist
A Bic pen
A Sharpie marker
... and a pack of bikes in my bag.
Message: Posted by: Majestic12 (May 12, 2005 06:25PM)
Mismade bill
deck of cards
pen penetration
stop light cards
Message: Posted by: unilogo (May 12, 2005 08:32PM)
Loops around wrist...
Razor blades
Invisible deck
regular deck with a couple gaff cards...
Coin bite
Some banacheck gimmick...
Death wish packet..

other things occasionally make it ....just depends on my mood for performance.
Message: Posted by: Mercury52 (May 13, 2005 08:25AM)
I'm wearing cargo shorts at the moment. I have...

A deck of Red Bikes
Color Monte
Sponge Balls
A Sharpie
A Bic Pen (Recap)
Other non-magic related stuff like keys, wallet...

Message: Posted by: enigmaticmagic (May 13, 2005 08:25AM)
A pack of red bikes with a dupe, 4 spopngeballs, a coinbite, SLAM, dlites, a thub-tip, and occasionally my m5
Message: Posted by: bloodkin (May 13, 2005 08:36AM)
b**t coins
pro-m deck
Watch for TK time (okay, it's on my wrist)
pyro perception
Message: Posted by: Jaz (May 13, 2005 02:53PM)
Reading glasses.
BIC lighter.
89 cents.
Wallet w/ regular stuff and a 2$ bill.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (May 13, 2005 03:26PM)
I have a deck of STUD cards in a Porper Clip.
Message: Posted by: KidCrenshaw (May 14, 2005 03:16AM)
On any given day I have a deck of cards, folding quarter and maybe, just maybe some halves.

Seems like when I started out, I had pockets FULL of crap... and most of it was. I was the gimmick king. Hehe, I had Nickles to Dimes, Floating Matchstick on Card, Invisible Deck, Rising Card deck, man I don't even know. I was a prisoner of my own gimmicks. Ihave since abandoned them. Not completely, but it's rare I carry a gimmick with me.

The most prepared I get these days is to have a dupe or a double backer. Of course if I know I'm going to be sitting down and socializing, I will bring Color Monte. My new plot is, "man I've been losing my ass gambling lately, wanna see how?"
Message: Posted by: blade (May 14, 2005 02:26PM)
Coins, TT, sponge balls, deck of cards, lighter...
Message: Posted by: gocall911 (May 14, 2005 11:59PM)

A pack of cards
A few half dollers and some other coins
A sharpie
Business cards, Star Warp, and a sealed card prediction in my wallet

Some days
Even more coins
Color Monte
Extra deck + a card or 2
Rubber bands
A lighter
Sponge balls
Message: Posted by: Zac Vee (May 15, 2005 04:42AM)
I always carry a bag that hangs to my side, I carry bag along before I start magic, so I pretty much got everything in there. But the main things that I use in streets situation is ; coins, sponge balls, cards and TT. sometimes IT.

Message: Posted by: TheHungryMagician (May 16, 2005 07:17PM)
A practice deck
The case to some Ice Breakers Liquid Ice

That's all I have on me right now, but I've settled into my house and don't need anything in my pockets. My random fact for this post is that the Liquid Ice balls bounce.
Message: Posted by: shinobi (May 17, 2005 01:44PM)
Ummm... lint.

if I am going to do my thing, some bent coins, marker pens, paper, lighter, TT, bunny rabbit.

sorry I am in a funny mood. was in a car crash recently. did weird things to my head.
Message: Posted by: Jake Magic (May 17, 2005 02:44PM)
A Deck of Bikes and some Rubber Bands

I never leave home without them!
Message: Posted by: the74rock (May 17, 2005 02:45PM)
Money coins tt cards deck of cards and cigarettes.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (May 17, 2005 05:02PM)
I always carry my coin unique set.
Message: Posted by: DanielTyler (May 17, 2005 05:26PM)
Wrist: 2 Rubber bands, Masters Time Machine

Left pocket: Marked Osterlind Breakthrough Card System, bunch of carefully selected but seemingly random change, Sharpie marker.

Right pocket: 1 penny, 1 quarter prepared for The Opener, 1 quarter prepared for the Xpert Coin Bend, the Xpert itself, the Boa Coin Bender, Swami gimmick.

Left back pocket: Professional Card to Wallet (containing Pryo Perception, torn bill, Hundy 500, $2 Window gimmick, and Dreamweaver safety pins), small notepad for Center Tear and Swami Routines.

Right back pocket: Radar Deck.

*This is not as uncomfortable as it sounds and has been EXTREMELY successful for me. I highly recommend trying out something like it.*
Message: Posted by: Justin2200 (May 18, 2005 12:50PM)
Today I have:
Left pocket: Black tiger deck with all white pips.
Back left pocket: Red bike deck
Back right pocket: Wallet with business cards (not magic cards)
Right pocket: Keys, telephone, USB thumbdrive, and a blue deck of bikes with a gaff card.

Just added to my pocket (only for today, until I go home): Special Assortment deck from penguin.
Message: Posted by: steve j (May 19, 2005 03:56PM)
Deck of Arrco's
Four Half Dollars
Two Identical Pens
Message: Posted by: wolfsong (May 19, 2005 07:55PM)
Scotch and soda and a folding quarter that I keep in a coin purse.
a deck of bikes.
d lites (red).
Message: Posted by: Jordini (May 19, 2005 11:07PM)
Is that a magus capsule in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Message: Posted by: Phil Thomas (May 19, 2005 11:07PM)
I can usually be found with a deck of cards, coins a pendulum, and a few nails..... yes, I said nails for a metal bending routine. Now, that's something you don't see everyday. A guy with nails in his pocket.


Message: Posted by: ufo (May 20, 2005 12:49AM)
If I'm just out and about without a fixed intent to magish...then this is the stash:

1)English Penny
2)Half Dollar
3)Jeff McBride's "Ritual of Liberation" cord on a beltloop

If I plan on an "impromptu" opportunity then I add:

1)Half Dollar Shell
2)TT w/Streamers
3)Jumbo Coin
4)IT Loop or Kundali Rising gimmick on wrist
5)Card name, coin value or other info (based on the opportunity) written on my left forearm for Voodoo Ashes.


The re-souling of magic should be the aim of twenty first century magicians-S.H. Sharpe
Message: Posted by: trevcmagicman (May 21, 2005 01:48PM)
TT, Invisible thread, Dishonest Abe coins, Balls for cups and balls. In my jacket (I haven't worn my jacket lately becaus it's 80 degrees outside) I have the Raven, a couple of trick coins, some quarters and some random tricks. (It all depends on what I feel like performing)
Message: Posted by: blazes816 (May 21, 2005 02:50PM)
Blue bikes
cig through quarter coin
nickles to dimes
card wallet w/ Wild Card
Message: Posted by: Jeremy L. (May 21, 2005 02:53PM)
Please use the search button. There are a 100 diffrent threads on this in the impromtu form each of like 7 pages.
Message: Posted by: rdwat92284 (May 21, 2005 02:57PM)
One deck of cards that can be shuffled
one matching deck of cards to switch into play but which must not be shuffled in the usual way
six half dollars
two pennies and a dime
wild card
skinner's edge card creme
gospelfx business cards
Message: Posted by: kearen (May 22, 2005 09:33AM)
2 Decks of card....
1 Invisible deck n 1 normal deck...
Message: Posted by: jacobnorton1 (May 22, 2005 04:17PM)
1. bite out quarter
2. deck of cards
3. invisible deck
4. thumb tip
5. b-2 bomber
6. misled
7. hundy 500
Message: Posted by: Phil Thomas (May 24, 2005 07:33PM)
Man, with all the crap we carry in our pockets, our spectators must hear us coming from a mile away! ;)
Message: Posted by: gngorick (May 24, 2005 09:21PM)
Hehehe ya Phil. I remember back in the day when I carried sponge balls. It looked like I had some sort of dead hairy 16 legged creature in there. :wow: ... and how I for some strange reason tried carrying 3 decks at a time in the same pocket for no apparent reason. Now all I carry is coins. The jingling sound is a dead giveaway.
Message: Posted by: weapon (May 25, 2005 01:58AM)
Hmm lets see..pyro preception..pack of tally ho's with a dupe..and a pack of blue bikes with one blank gaff and a dupe.. and a regulular wallet with a mini queen of hearts behind my fiance's pic..makes for a great mathcing revelation
Message: Posted by: ImperfectTruth (Jun 4, 2005 11:47AM)
1.Coin Bite
2.Pre-Bent Quarter
4.Deck of Blue Bikes and another deck for dupes and replacements from signing.
5.The Raven
7.About 6-10 "Torn" set-ups
8.Healed and Sealed perparation materials in my wallet.

When I know I'm going to be with people I know, and I don't have anything new to show them, I whip out the Ultimate Ace Assembly deck. Most of the people I know personally haven't seen the UAA. Every now and then I carry D'Lites, just for a back-up.
Message: Posted by: floridamagic (Jun 4, 2005 10:01PM)
Ring flight - cartoon- sponge balls-
Message: Posted by: PAPPA GEORGIO (Jun 8, 2005 11:10AM)
Do you guys on a daily basis always have all that stuff(magic related) in your pockets??
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jun 8, 2005 11:25AM)
2 decks - ID/BCS
SUC and business cards
Memo pad
Wallet - ODDS cards
Thumb writer

A full mentalism set!! Hooray!

Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Jun 8, 2005 05:23PM)
Hmmm. let me see...A large, heavy, brass Chinese coin release from a rope (my own), three half-dollars and an "ancient Roman" coin in a velvet bag, a handkerchief (clean), a special effect with a lens and a penny, and a bunch of mundane junk like keys and stuff. Oh, yeah -- a small pocket knife which is sometimes useful, a book of matches that can be used for several effects, and a nail clipper which can come in handy for making corner shorts in a borrowed deck. Not to mention a wallet with one dollar in it (heck, that's all I have!). And not a single deck of cards, nor even a packet trick.
Message: Posted by: Amir (Jun 9, 2005 11:17PM)
Bic-Pen for Recapped, or Son of Recap.
Message: Posted by: Spanky (Jun 22, 2005 09:43PM)
I have a regular bike, thumbtip and silk, and rope.
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Jun 22, 2005 10:23PM)
I usually have on me bicycle cards, a hard thumbtip, and a wallet with money inside (for money tricks of course, coins and dollars is all you need). Also, depending on pocket management, I sometimes carry on me creature, link key, and scotch and soda.
Message: Posted by: Chris_ (Jun 24, 2005 09:39AM)
In my pockets right now...
2 quarters
A penny
6 dollars
A novelty coin with the ten commandments for gospel presentations
A receipt from yesterday's lunch
2 flash drives

Usually four half dollars, but not today.

Message: Posted by: ShaunRobison (Jun 27, 2005 12:33AM)
Right now?????

Some lint and cookie crumbs.....

Although if I plan on going out somewhere I may just grab a deck of cards a small pad of paper for Richard Osterlinds Center Tear and a swami gimmick.

Just in case. To much stuff and you become the magic geek! Simon Lovell put it best when he told me this... "If you can't go somewhere and have people like you for yourself than no amount of magic is going to help you out!" "You can't hide behind the magic"
Thanks dad

Shaun R.
Message: Posted by: Kingtriton (Aug 4, 2005 03:24PM)
A flipper coin and two Eisenhower dollars, A folding half dollar (for biting) a raven and a couple of toonies. Oh, and four double sided aces for some impromptue Asher twisting.
Message: Posted by: bob70011 (Aug 8, 2005 05:12PM)
The bite out coin,a deck of cards,a packet trick,the stealth pen,a phone,and some cash.

Sometimes the TT comes with me.