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Topic: Merlin's answering machine
Message: Posted by: AngeJudor (Oct 10, 2002 03:44PM)

Does any one know about MERLIN’S ANSWERING MACHINE? ( http://www.magoanton.com/shop/ficha.php?id=6 ) And can give me an opinion on it?

(You can have the English text selecting "English" on top of the screen.)


Message: Posted by: Devils Advocaat (Oct 11, 2002 04:54AM)
...If there's no force, then the thing is probably indexed. 52 (digital) messages selectable by the number dialed? Just a thought...

Frank. :light:
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Oct 11, 2002 05:45AM)
For me, it seems really close to real magic. I've asked the same question on a forum and the guy who owns it told me it was incredible!
One thing you have to know, as he told me, it's that it can't be done with a mobile phone answering machine!!
Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: promethee (Oct 12, 2002 10:44AM)
The effect seems impossible. I wonder if the description is accurate (no force, no stooge, use your phone number, the spectator calls with the phone he likes ...)
Message: Posted by: ARNOMAGIE (Oct 12, 2002 01:22PM)
Yes it's an incredible effect.
You need a PC computer with modem and a mobile phone to operate. You will get a CDROM from Mago Anton.
The card is freely choosen, you can do it again with another card, no problem. A pure miracle.

Message: Posted by: promethee (Oct 13, 2002 04:41AM)
They didn't say that in the ad! Do we need any other stuff? Special answering machine, special phone ... ?

And another question: after the spectator names his card, and before he phones, is the "dirty work" clean (I suppose there's something to do), or do we have to hide for 5 minutes for the preparation! ?