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Topic: Clicking peas???
Message: Posted by: itsupyoursleeve (Oct 11, 2002 08:44AM)
What the hell am I talking about you say? Im asking myself the same question but about 18 year ago I bought some of these 'clicking peas' from somewhere, im fairly sure it was at a convention. The only way I can describe them is as a shell type dried pea. When held in the hand for a short time they made a clicking noise and moved ever so slightly.

Can anybody remember these and if so can they give me any information about them.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 11, 2002 01:53PM)
Mexican jumping beans? Seems to me I recall an item like that from my youth.

They were said to each have a tiny worm in them that responded to the warmth.

But I would guess that in this day of political correctness, people who would rather see a person die than a tree die, and animal, vegetable, and mineral quaranteens o(if they really were little worms in them) you wont seem them around anymore.

Or maybe you are thinking of something different?

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Oct 11, 2002 03:32PM)
They still have them here in California. They dont last a whole long time, maby 6 months tops.
Message: Posted by: copterchris (Oct 11, 2002 04:35PM)
If jumping beans are what you're after then there seem to be plenty of sources:


Just search for 'mexican jumping beans' on Google for a plethora of links!