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Topic: Learning magic in...........
Message: Posted by: qwism (May 22, 2005 06:28AM)
Howdy all, I'd like to know between these choices, where would you really like to magic from?

Between Japan or Spain, and living near the magic castle or in vegas?

I plan on moving out west and experiencing the culture out of boston. and it's definitely either vegas or somewhere in california.

Seeing as how the furthest west I've ventured is to like Chicago, any advice would be appreciated.

Especially if you have tips on finding living quarters in california, seeing as how the living expenses is somewhat expensive.

And as for going to Japan or Spain, it's the two areas with the contrasting styles that I admire...I'd love to meet rafael benatar among other fine workers in spain, and in japan their thinking on magic are very good to say the least.
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (May 22, 2005 07:27AM)
I envy you that you have more resources of learning Magic in US than any other countries.

I am very much interested in knowing why you think Japan is a good country to learn Magic. We don't have enough books and magazines of Magic, we don't have Chavez Studio, we don't have Magic Castle and we don't have Las vegas.

If I Compare magicians in your country and Japan from the point of view as entertainment business, we are far behind US.

You should not move from the US but should learn Magic from the resources you can get.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: qwism (May 22, 2005 08:15AM)
It's true entertainment wise, US is pretty much the place to be. But regarding the magic in Japan, I think it's moreso that I'd like to meet a certain few, if they're available. Speaking with Shoot Ogawa, and learning how he came into magic, (the only magic books he's learned from are the tarbell course of magic) and through his mentor also. yanagida, and I'm sure he picked up things from other. but the whole process of him learning magic is just different and inspiring also to me. it's a long long story for those that don't know, but if you're interested I'll post about it from my interpretations. That's the stuff that interest me. Plus not everyone has things published out..and the only way to find out about it is by traveling.

But I'd like to possibly see, Ton Onosaka or maybe even Tomo Maeda perform. From reading your posts Hideo Kato, you seem to be extremelly knowledgeable as well, and I'd like to meet people who are like the former mentioned. Things like that...

Personally, I've learned magic through reading mostly and the occassional videos that I do buy...

I'm trying to branch out and meet more magicians that are also good people.. for the most part, I've met those that have either stolen ideas that I might've had from me. or they just aren't true to their words.

so I definitely need a change of scenary
Message: Posted by: qwism (May 22, 2005 08:17AM)
And I really want to experience the japanese culture also. Just everything about it interests me..


hieu le
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (May 22, 2005 08:51AM)
Before you leave Boston, look at the resources around you. There are some major ones.

If you plan to move west, remember that housing in Vegas and LA are both very expensive. You definitely don't want to drive in LA. There are great resources in both cities, but unless you are really good, don't expect to actually work in either one as a magician. The competition is fierce.

You definitely should check Chicago.

But while you are up East, why don't you investigate the scene in New York?
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (May 22, 2005 07:56PM)
As you named Ton Onosaka, Shoot Ogawa and Tomo Maeda as magicians whom you are interested in meeting, I would like to inform you a little about them.

Ton Onosaka
He is the owner of the magic shop named 'Magic Land'. He is a very good creator of magic. He holded many conventions and lectures which influenced many magicians. He had and has extensive friendship with magicians of the world.

Shoot Ogawa
Although he is very good and known by magicians of the world, he is almost unknown to Japanese people. Although he seems to work more oversea, I wish he can work more in Japan.

Tomo Maeda
He appeared TV programs frequently in last one year and very much known by Japanese people now. He is very good at selling himself as well as his magic.

After writing about these three magicians, I recollected that we have more magicians whom I should inform you, for example, Tenyo people, Dr.Sawa, Mr.Maric and Tenichi, Tenkai, Tenyo, Tenko, etc.

However, United States of America had and has much more magicians from whom you can learn. Please read old (and new) magazines and books and attend conventions and lectures in US. Japanese magicians learned and got knowlege mostly from resources made by US magicians.

I once wished to live in the US with the hope very similar to yours.

Hideo Kato
Message: Posted by: qwism (May 23, 2005 11:50AM)
Thank you for informatin Hideo, what's keeping you from going to the US nowadays?
Message: Posted by: Hideo Kato (May 23, 2005 07:18PM)
I became Tenyo's member and got chances to visit conventions in the world. I have visited 16 countries til today. No need to live in US. It is better to visit many places than living in one place.

Today, we can obtain incredibly much information with Internet, e-publishing, DVD, etc. If you have a gut to learn, you don't need to move. Read, absorb and think, otherwise you can't get anythin even if you move to other countries!

Hideo Kato