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Topic: Silent Tricks For Noisy Situations
Message: Posted by: magiclee (Oct 12, 2002 11:57AM)
I'd like some suggestions for tricks doing close-up in a noisy situation.

Message: Posted by: sebbyg (Oct 14, 2002 02:49PM)
It's always good idea for any close-up worker to have visual magic in their bag (no patter needed) for noisy working situations. Some favorites:

Sponge balls
Coin assembly (matrix)
Telekinetic effects (Floating dollar bill, Voodoo Doll)
Billiard ball or thimble manipulation
Close-up linking rings (McAbee Rings)
Message: Posted by: Peelz (Oct 30, 2002 03:27PM)
I would say ambitious card is a good idea, not too hard to follow. Sponge balls, pen thru bill, I like the hover card, too. But thatís just me, and I donít really patter much at all. I just tell them whatís happening.
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Nov 2, 2002 01:26PM)
I really really really like card warp with no patter, just facial expressions! Try it sometime! :rolleyes: :confused: :wow:

You got the idea!
Message: Posted by: Swami Bill (Nov 2, 2002 02:46PM)
magiclee -

I prefer a silent Rope Rings routine. It's visual, brief and above all magical. And as Jim pointed out, facial expressions can go a long way to making your routine effective... and silent!

Message: Posted by: the levitator (Nov 3, 2002 12:39PM)
One of the things I love about Jon LeClair's hookup is that most of the things you can do with it can be done siliently. His version of floating bill is my favorite, and ring on wand, kinetic cigarette, and making a fork move are all good silent things.

Given a little thought and time, I believe most effects can be done silently. Last year I performed a stage show for Isuzu Motors. It was for their engineering department, and they had sent about 1oo engineers over from Japan. These engineers spoke very little English, but thankfully, I was told ahead of time.

I did my regular show as I always do, but I changed everything so the whole show was almost completely silent, using more music and movement, and even some visual props. It was a great learning experience for me!

Go through your own list of your favorite effects, and you just might find that you already have some great material that can be done silently. Have fun!
Message: Posted by: EsKlibur (Nov 4, 2002 06:27AM)
Reformation by Guy Hollingworth is probably also a good pick ...
Message: Posted by: cfrye (Nov 4, 2002 06:41AM)
Twisting the Aces, the Asher Twist, and the McClintock Twist are all good choices for noisy situations. The effects require no patter, and if you scrape a card during a twist they won't hear it!
Message: Posted by: antonuccio (Nov 4, 2002 08:02AM)
Ring and string, jumping gems, sponge balls. Virtually anything can be done silently (except card tricks, of course!)
Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (Dec 4, 2002 11:54PM)
Levitations, manipulations and flourishes are all excellent. I work in a nightclub as a bartender and do a lot of magic. Also coins are good because you don't need to worry about talking and the reflections of light from the light show really add something.

Message: Posted by: Wesley (Dec 5, 2002 12:46PM)
I work in a noisy night club and do most of my tricks on the stairs and other quiet areas of the club, however when in noisy areas I like to perform 'bare hand coin' assembly. I'ts very visual and involves no patter. All you need is a table.

While I'm here, does anyone know where I can purchase rubber cement in the UK?
Message: Posted by: Anasazi (Dec 5, 2002 01:44PM)
4 ace production from the deck followed by Jazz Aces. I did this once with the music blaring so loudly I could barely hear myself think, but the upside was the jaw dropping and "how did you do that " look in the eyes. Of course, my spectators had been drinking for a couple of hours before that...
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Dec 5, 2002 07:46PM)
I'd be careful with this idea. Someone might think that you're a mime ... and that can be dangerous.

You have the right to remain silent,

Message: Posted by: Mickey Cohen (Jan 12, 2003 10:47PM)
cigarette up nose,gypsy thread,spongeballs,okito voodoo doll,pen thru dollar,one coin routine.You virtually can routine anything ..but I'd say get out of that kind of environment. You can acquire tenitis .
Message: Posted by: DJP (Jan 19, 2003 08:33AM)
Coin in bottle works well!

Message: Posted by: phonic69 (Jan 19, 2003 01:56PM)
I hate to rain on your parade, but I think speech is essential to magic - it allows you to bond with your spectator and thus enhance the magic. It is the best form of misdirection and it gives meaning to your finger flicking.

Just a thought,

Message: Posted by: R2 (Jan 19, 2003 07:37PM)
I am in absolute agreement with you Phonic...however it is nice to have a few non verbal routines for those awkward loud moments that happen in the joints from time to time!

I would never ever consider doing a completely silent act....no meaning, shallow presentations....become just "Tricks" not "Magic"

I went through my jacket pockets and there isn't anythin' I would perform silently save for a rope restoration...and cosmosis.

Respectfully submitted,
Fellow rain bearer,
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 19, 2003 11:14PM)
Kenners' linking rubberbands effect.
a 1-ball routine
coin flurry
sponge balls
ambitious card
Message: Posted by: cmwalden (Jan 20, 2003 12:27AM)
On 2003-01-19 20:37, ReyRey wrote:
I would never ever consider doing a completely silent act....no meaning, shallow presentations....become just "Tricks" not "Magic"
I don't know that I agree that silent="no meaning, shallow presentation" I think that when deprived of speech, then the magician must work much harder to put meaning into his actions.

You can communicate a great deal with your face, your posture, your movement. Magicians often give little attention to this beyond the moves required for deception. I would like to challenge you to take an effect that has a clear plot and see if you can convey the message without speech. Think of mime. (Good mime, not constantly trapped in a box.) Think deaf people.

This is not a dig at the comment, but an invitation to try a different approach.
Message: Posted by: R2 (Jan 20, 2003 08:50AM)
Very well said, CmWalden....
Charlie Chaplain certainly conveyed much without the aid of speech eh?

Point taken!

Have a most excellent day my Brother!