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Topic: Is your magic changing for halloween?
Message: Posted by: DarkPhreak (Oct 13, 2002 08:21AM)
This is my first post... so whats up? Anyways did any of you change a little bit of your style for Halloween? Just for fun I've made it more ashy, bloody, and psychic to scare a few people lol...
Message: Posted by: Bird Brain (Oct 13, 2002 09:33AM)
That's a good idea! I should do that. I've thought about it before, but maybe I SHOULD get something creepy to scare some of my friends! Lol!

I would think that some mental stuff would be awesome this time of year. And on the street...hmmm...What COULD one do? Fake bats dropping on unwary spectators? But that might hurt your hat. Course, the screams of terror MIGHT draw an edge! :lol:

Bird Brain
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 13, 2002 10:38AM)
I tend to float spiders and little plastic bats at this time of year.

Looking around under tables (or desks) as though you lost something will usually draw a couple of interested folks, and then you find "Freddie" your "pet spisder"

You can anmimate one of these across carpet that makes tehm really hop around and look real. THen you can scoop him into your hand and withthe right attention to orientaion of the it as you put him in your hand, as people move in for a close look (which you encourage) he will move away from you and towards them!

It makes for a bit of fun that just doenst seem appropriate at any other time of year.