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Topic: Magician's Matchbox by Tenyo
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (May 30, 2005 07:21PM)
Hi everyone. I just saw this item at Madhatter Magic. I was just wondering if anyone has this? I did a search at the Café but nothing came up on this one. Thanks. The following is the description of the magician's matchabox -

Want to produce a dove or rabbit close-up? This trick is perfect when someone asks you to produce a bird, on the spot. You can magically produce a cute dove figurine right in front of your audience's eyes. The clever secret hidden within the matchbox enables you to produce the figurine and transform the illustration simultaneously. You also receive a rabbit figurine, so you can choose which animal is most appropriate for your performance. A matchbox is decorated on one side with a top hat, and on the reverse, a gift box tied with a ribbon. You explain that there is a dove inside the gift box. You remove a match and wave it like a magic wand. Suddenly, a dove figurine appears on top of the matchbox! When you show the picture of the gift box on the rear of the matchbox, its ribbon is now untied, and the gift box is empty.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan P. (May 31, 2005 05:59AM)
I've seen it performed by a magic dealer... and, honestly, I found that it sucks. The box looks exaclty like what it is: a cheap plastic magic prop.
Message: Posted by: eb02 (May 31, 2005 07:55AM)
If you are looking for match box tricks there are many on the market.
Look for match box Mambo - very nice and easy to do.