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Topic: Walk around card magic
Message: Posted by: aussiemagic (Jun 1, 2005 10:15PM)
What are some good sources for card magic in a strolling situation where there is no table?

I currently perform Chicago Suprise, card to wallet, ambitious card, and a couple of other things. I am looking for some solid card material to add to my repertoire for strolling type situations. Are there any books or lecture notes available on this?

Message: Posted by: newtonjj (Jun 1, 2005 10:29PM)
I know I just plugged this trick a couple of days ago, but I'll do it again anyway. One of my favorite "no table" card tricks is John Bannon's Shake Well Before Using from his book, Smoke & Mirrors. It's a full deck oil and water that's quick and very surprising, and it's all done in your hands.
If you want to live on the edge, you can try Daryl's Boomerang card from Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler. You have two cards peeked at, and then throw a card up in the air that lands in the pack between the two selected cards. Great trick, but if you don't catch the card you look pretty stupid.
Also, you may want to try a good in-the-hands Triumph. There's one in this month's Genii. I use the one from Larry Jennings.
Elmsley's Between Your Palms is a nice trick that involves a spectator.
Message: Posted by: aussiemagic (Jun 2, 2005 01:13AM)
Thanks! I will look into the book Smoke & Mirrors!
Message: Posted by: bofx (Jun 2, 2005 01:57AM)
Twisting the aces
Card Monte
Ambitious card
Message: Posted by: ziatro (Jun 2, 2005 03:51AM)
There is a New Zealander (just bite the bullet) called Colin H Linn who produced a couple of books on stand-up card magic which was originally published by Martin Breese. Not sure if they are still in print but you could e-mail Martin on
Message: Posted by: peterscarlett (Jun 2, 2005 04:38AM)
The one effect I use in all mix'n'mingle situations is my own Pimpernel Aces. The performer cuts to the Aces after the spectator places them anywhere in the deck and shuffles the deck himself in anyway he likes. The deck is normal and can be used for any other effects, card to wallet (Pimpernel of course!), ambitious card etc. Believe me, this is the effect they talk about afterwards. Go to: http://www.peterscarlett.com/html/details_63.html

Sorry if this looks like an advert!

Message: Posted by: JustinVisible (Jun 2, 2005 04:39PM)
I too have plugged this trick before but "Las Vegas Leaper"/"Instant Replay" by Paul Harris. I perform these in bars and restaurants as well on the streets and people just freak out. JPV