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Topic: Seven Deadly Sins
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Jun 2, 2005 06:36PM)
I;ve been working on a stand up routine called "The Devil's Bible" about how many people see playing cards as evil. I try and find seven cards whilst trying to figure which of the seven deadly sins card might be in breach of...

So for greed I find the card in my wallet...
For gluttony the card is in my mouth...
For anger, it is stabbed out of the air...

The two that I am not happy with are SLOTH where I act as if I am going to do something amazing then say "Oh I can't be bothered...its the six of diamond." and ENVY where I do a fancy revelation and say "Jealous?"

Neither get a big laugh and previous attempts to get some brain food here on the Café have usually resulted in suggestions about self cutting decks etc which are more about method than presentation.

So since this is the FUNNY section...what would be the the FUNNIEST way to produce a SLOTH and ENVY card?


Message: Posted by: blazes816 (Jun 2, 2005 09:56PM)
Sloth- you could throw the deck a wall and all could fall except for 1.(to lazy to fall)

envy- you could show a card (say A of S) then set down the deck and have the card change with another and say he .have envyed the Ace
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Jun 2, 2005 11:09PM)
Ha! I like it!
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Jun 2, 2005 11:41PM)
Sloth, the card could slowly rise from the deck (sleight of hand method).

Envy, the risen card instantly changes into the envious card. (also sleight of hand).
Message: Posted by: doktokaro (Jun 3, 2005 02:26AM)
A suggestion that you change the patter to some sort of royal tragedy. Such as for Envy, Jack of Diamond kills the ruler and becomes a King of Spade, the ruler of all. But there will always be a good force above, so do a snap change and change it to say, the Ace of Heart. Even that, the good may even change to be evil, and in the story the Ace of Heart wants to impose totalitarianism by having three similar kind (four ace production). etc etc...

Sorry if it sounds lame and not to the point :D
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Jun 3, 2005 07:02AM)
For envy: let the spectator find the card.
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Jun 4, 2005 11:44PM)
For envy, do a color change and make it be a green-backed card (green with envy). For sloth, do the revelation r-e-a-l-l-y slow.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Jun 6, 2005 01:15AM)
I like green with envy! Very good!

Thanks guys! all great ideas!
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Jun 9, 2005 09:30AM)
Sloth: put the deck on the floor, kick it (slowly) and the chosen card turns over or sticks to your foot, or something like that.

The suggestion for envy, above, of letting the spectator find the card is good, but how about him/her finding the card AFTER you fail?
Message: Posted by: Tony S (Jun 9, 2005 07:42PM)
Sloth - just do a card trick in slow motion. Play with it and talk slowly, move slowly, change your facial expressions slowly - you could have a lot of fun with it!