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Topic: Stand up comedy magic
Message: Posted by: rogerj (Jun 2, 2005 10:38PM)
Hey guys,
There just opened up a stand-up comedy club around where I live. Even though I am also a comedian with so many performers in Atlantic City, I thought doing magic would be a more prefered variety. In the world of stand-up comedy night at the club, what effects would you reccommend to produce a "Im A COMEDIAN that does magic" feel.
(Yes friends I do realize that comedy is personality and me, but I would just like your input on effects that would work.)
Thanks for input
Message: Posted by: C Christian (Jun 3, 2005 01:08AM)
Did you ever watch Steve Martin back in the day?
You can use just about anything really from sponge balls to spoon bending it really is what you say and do with them that will make you a comedian doing a trick that's funny.
cheers and good luck chris
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Jun 3, 2005 07:09AM)
If you are a comedian why not show some magic wands and their uses. Example: show a wand with a bicycle bell - magic wand for deaf people. Go get the spring wand or other wands. Children’s entertainers use them a lot but if you (as a comedian) show them with a different look at it. It might be hilarious.
Message: Posted by: rogerj (Jun 3, 2005 07:16AM)
Chris--you are right, thanks for reminding me of him....I just saw some footage of FLYDINI from the Carson show, HILARIOUS
Robert--good idea, I like the fact that I can establish myself as a magician yet can use my comedy with magic props.

If you have some favorite vidoes of magic being done at night clubs I would also appreciate it.
Thanks again
Message: Posted by: drkptrs1975 (Jun 3, 2005 09:37PM)
That is great, I would love to see you perform. Comedy is one way to get the Audiance to enjoy your shows more. Every Magician is a Comedian(well atleast up to a certain extent)
Message: Posted by: rogerj (Jun 4, 2005 10:15PM)
Thanks drkptrs1975.

Are there any videos of magicians doing their comedy act that is magic? I'm just about to buy Brad Henderson Satanic booktest. I've seen it performed and it is HILARIOUS. Of course I would put my own style to it, but that is the type of thing I am looking for.