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Topic: Table or Podium
Message: Posted by: Ari_R (Oct 15, 2002 02:25PM)
I'm looking for a table or a podium with shelves inside to keep my props in, I also want to be able to do my magic on top of the table. I would like to know Where to get a table of this sort, that is inexpensive, and not a trouble to take with me to shows.

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Oct 17, 2002 06:30PM)
Stevensmagic.com carries a variety of such tables, but they're not cheap. I stopped using that kind of table, years ago, in favor of working out of a 122 qt. plastic tote that I've decorated for my show. The tote sits on a restaurant tray stand and works better than anything else I've ever used.

I use a Viking tripod with a cutting board mounted to the top, as a performing table; I rest it on top of the tote, when I carry it in.
Message: Posted by: SergeK (Oct 18, 2002 02:23AM)
Alan, thanks for posting the source. Your tripod idea sounds intriguing, how do you attach the board to it? Must be great to have something so portable!
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Oct 19, 2002 03:53PM)
The tripod comes with a flange that is secured to the board with screws. Vikingmagic.com carries the tripods and the extra flanges.
Message: Posted by: Sid Mayer (Oct 21, 2002 08:38AM)

"The Table Book" from Magic, inc. has plans for a wide variety of tables that are low cost and easy to build. Take a look at it. You're sure to find something that will work for you.

Good luck,

Message: Posted by: SergeK (Oct 21, 2002 11:23PM)
Thanks, Alan.
Message: Posted by: Ari_R (Oct 26, 2002 09:02AM)