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Topic: Bloomís Intercessor
Message: Posted by: Eric Grossman (Dec 26, 2001 10:18PM)
I am with friends, at the table of a restaraunt. I am asked to "do something". Well letís try this. Here, pick a card. Show it to everyone, and give it to me. I begin to tear off a corner, but before I finish, I let the spec. finish it off. Keep that corner, put it in your pocket, and give the card to me.

Does anyone have a lighter? Now I will set your selected card on fire. As I sift through the ashes in the ash tray, I assure everyone, that the card is no more. I shuffle the remaining deck, and proceed to locate the resurrected card. After various attempts, I fail.

I apologize, act ashamed, and order dessert. Along with dessert, the waiter brings an envelope, with the specís name written on it. The spec. opens the envelope, and finds the reborn card inside. The corner matches, perfectly. I smile :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: bigjoeblue (Dec 27, 2001 01:22PM)
Sweeeeet! But what if it came to the table sticking out of their piece of pie, or whatever they ordered. I like the way your mind works.
Message: Posted by: Eric Grossman (Dec 27, 2001 09:12PM)
I like the way you think!
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Dec 28, 2001 12:23PM)
Humorous presentation using the Tamariz touch.

Is there a chance the spectator can tear the last bit awkwardly and it doesn't match perfectly?
Message: Posted by: Eric Grossman (Dec 28, 2001 01:56PM)
Two ways around that, might be:

1: prepare the card with a more natural final tear, ie; without the gimmick

2: Better yet, tear it within a thread of finishing, before handing it to them. As long as the corner is still attached, it's all good.

Do you agree?
Message: Posted by: Hoelderlin (Aug 25, 2002 02:22PM)
Bloom actually used to tear the corner not completely, leaving to the spectator the
"honour" to do so. It is useful to know that all the intercessor cut in the very same way, so that miracles are possible. Bloom told in a recent lecture this effect he performed flying by airplane with a potential client, let's say Mr XY:

"Show me a game"
"Ok, tell me the name of a card"
"Ace of Clubs".
"Well, I look in this deck for the AC. Let's tear off a corner; even better: take this card, YOU tear the corner, keep it in your wallet, destroy the rest of the card, put the fragments in the toilet and flush".

...One hour later, at the arrival, a strange man is waiting with an envelope "for Mister X"...

It's a destroyer.
Message: Posted by: longbeach (Nov 8, 2002 01:41AM)
I agree. I so badly want to take a trip on a plane so I can do that to someone. I think they might have a heart attack.
Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (May 16, 2003 01:59PM)
When I first bought the gimmick I did not see it's potential, now I love it. Great routine.
:carrot: :banana: :carrot:

My favorite use for it: You have been to lunch, gone on holiday, etc... with a friend and have written a thank you card. The corner is stuck to the bottom, you simply force the card and say that you are going to do the famous torn and restored card trick, but using only the corner of the card. You secure a random corner of any card in right hand finger palm. Start to tear the corner up into tiny pieces and produce the wrong corner.

But wait, it isn't the same corner. Woops you tore the wrong corner, and did the trick wrong.

But of course you didn't because when you leave they see their corner.

I usually write "Never believe a magician when he says his trick has gone wrong" next to the corner.

:carrot: :banana: :carrot:

The only problem I have found, is that they might not keep the card, in which case they won't know if it is the same.

Usually people will open the letter immediatly after you leave getting rid of the problem.

:carrot: :banana: :carrot:

I enjoyed your routine idea,
Message: Posted by: wilcom629 (Oct 19, 2014 08:15PM)
What is the easiest, or safest, way to shuffle with the intercessor in the deck
Message: Posted by: MRSharpe (Oct 30, 2014 11:24PM)
Wilco629, ring in the gimmick when you need it and ditch it when you are done. There's no reason to keep the gimmick in the deck while working other effects. In fact, save it for last because it is a great closer and is difficult to follow.
I've never seen a reason to have the spectator make the final tear of the corner. It has too much of the element of "running when you are not being chased" and if you are going to let them finish, then why not let them make the whole tear of the corner? At that point they don't know what's going to happen anyway.
And great idea for using the gimmick. The Intercessor has so many possibilities. I really love mine. Get a buddy in a different city to get one and you can have lots of fun if you both know people who travel between your two locations. This is discussed in the manual, but tow people using one each can create miracles.