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Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Jun 10, 2005 01:57PM)
I have no experience with the topit. I recently obtained Mr. Bob Fitch's topit DVD set. I was thinking about getting a transferrable topit. I have heard about Andrew's transferrable topit ($100) and I know that Lynette Welch at Fabric Manipulation makes wonderful silk and fabric items and that she also has available a transferrable topit ($95.00).

I am aware that the Andrew's topit uses buttons to attach the topit to about 4-5 coats whereas the Fabric Manipulation transferrable topit uses hooks and can be attached to up to 3 different coats.

I would appreciate comments from people who have experience with one or both of these topits and your recommendations.

Thank you very much.

Message: Posted by: Jim Stan Magic Man (Jun 12, 2005 07:10PM)
I have seen the Andrew's transferrable topit and do not care for it. You must make sure that every coat you put this in has a black lining. I perfer the Ammar style and have added one to each of my coats. I had a local seamstress put this in for about $35 each. She matches the lining of each coat and did execellent work.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Godsey (Jun 14, 2005 01:23AM)
There is also the Fitopit by Fito Pavese. It is a transferrable topit availble from Hocus Pocus.

Best regards,
Glenn Godsey