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Topic: Does anyone use a stacked deck in their restaurants?
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jun 11, 2005 07:25AM)
I'm considering learning a stacked deck, but my problem is for some reason that some one at the table always asks to shuffle the cards. (this happens quite a bit) Now because of the weather I do not wear a jacket, and my only pockets are my pants pockets. I would really prefer not having to deck switch.

Does anyone run into this problem before?

I look forward to everyones comments.
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Jun 11, 2005 07:33AM)
I've used a memorized deck in my restaurant work for years and have never had anyone ask to shuffle. If someone ever asks, I'll have a comeback, but it's never been an issue. Is it possible that when you use a gimmicked deck you feel guilty or anxious and the audience is picking up on that? Have you tried (false) shuffling the deck immediately after removing it from its box? If you're not feeling anxious and the audience sees you shuffle, why would they want to?
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Jun 11, 2005 09:06AM)
James, I use Richard Osterlind's Breakthrough Card System. I have never had anyone ask to shuffle the deck, and I've been using it for quite a long time now, and regualrly (every week, three nights a week minimum).

I have tried to work out why noone ever asks me if they can shuffle the deck, and cant quite pin it down. I think it is a mixture of a few things:

1) The effects I do do not say "this is a stacked deck"

2) My peeks are invisible, if they see you peeking for information they they suspect things and ask to shuffle.

3) The stack doesn't look stacked, ther eis no obvious order at all.

4) The effects I do aren't a case of "take a card, and I'll name it". There are more layers to them, which even if the deck was stacxked, they culdnt explaint he whole effect. So I make the stack only one of the methods I use, its like one layer.

5) I don't give them oppotunity. I talk about test conditions and giving the exact instructions to "make sure I cant cheat"

6) The BCS is a cyclic stack, so it can be cut as many times as they want, which help is look even more random. with a memorised order, have a crimped card and cut to that, once the deck has been cut perhaps.

7) I have a line in reserve if they ever ask, I've never had it happen yet, but I'd just say "when its your trick you shuffle, when it's mine I'll shuffle" and then false shuffle the deck right in front of them. Kenton Knepper also has a great idea on this which is to say "you can shuffle the deck if you like, but it wont make any difference". This way it lookis like they will be wasting their time.

Just my thoughts on the BCS to date based on the work I have done and still do. Anyway, I hope they proove of some use to you.

Message: Posted by: mdspark (Jun 11, 2005 09:40PM)
I too am considering using a stack in my resturant work... I tried the Koran encoure card stab. It went over very well. I would love to hear other ideas out there other and simply naming the card chosen. I am in process of getting familiar with the BCS.

Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Jun 11, 2005 10:55PM)
Well have another trick you can do if they want to shuffle.
Message: Posted by: Ken Dyne (Jun 12, 2005 04:10AM)
Mark, the BCS is worth every penny you spend and every second you invest in it. It really is, in my opinion, the ultimate in stacked decks (or card systems as Richard prefers to call it...and rightly so!). Its applications are unreal and the possibilities for effects are just out of this world.

Another suggestion for using a stacked deck in restaurant situations which I always use (here comes the big secret :)) is to have two stacked decks on me. So if one gets shuffled, I do another effect with it, after it having been shuffled and then switch in the second stacked deck. Like I say, I've never had it happen its just there in case. The other reason I have it there is so that I am prepared for those spectators who didn't go to school on the day where they were teaching hand-eye coordination and thus they drop your deck all over the floor.

Message: Posted by: Paul Jester (Jun 12, 2005 09:30AM)
I use Osterlind's Card System at work too. I've had no problems with it and some great reactions. I've not being using it long, but it's going to be staying in the bag of tricks.
Like everyone else suggests, I take them out, false shuffle them, and give the pack straight to the spectator and ask them to cut the pack for me.
Message: Posted by: Ben Train (Jun 13, 2005 11:15PM)

whats up buddy?!??!?!

Everyones on this site...

Ive never had someone ask me to shuffle, at least not seriously, at least not that I can remember.

It happens alot?


All I can say is that as many pros recomend it the same number advise against it.
What would you do with it anyway?
Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Jun 14, 2005 12:21AM)
I just started using the BCS.Never had anyone ask to shuffle but boy if you don't get over word for word on how to cut a deck be ready to do a totally differnt trick.
I hand the deck to a spec and tell them to cut it as many times as they would like and sure enough they start cutting the cards from the center of the deck.They will even give you a look like yea now I messed you up.Thank God I act as if I could care less and go into a kick ass card trick that don't use a stack.
That is the only problem I have had with it.
Good Luck
Shawn D
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Jun 14, 2005 04:40AM)
I can only agree wholeheartedly with Kennedy - the possibilities and power of the BCS are phenomenal. I have never had anyone ask to shuffle the deck - if you handle them as if you have nothing to hide, they have no reason - you have shown a completely mixed up deck, and they can 'mix' the deck themselves.

That said, I never seem to have anyone be confrontational or awkward with me - lucky I guess!!

Message: Posted by: Paul Jester (Jun 14, 2005 09:18AM)
I think what helps me not to get these problems is, right after a false riffle shuffle, I ask if they'd like to cut the deck as if it were a special privilege that they are being allowed.
The only time it's gone wrong was when I performed it to tipsy friends... not a bright idea on my part!
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jun 14, 2005 12:30PM)
I often use a brand new deck at my gigs, provided by the host or establishment. I open the deck and, using Ortiz' Si Stebbins setup, quickly get it into Si Stebbins order. Then I do a VERY strong card set. The last routine in the set is an Anneman creation that allows the spec to shuffle but you still are able to do an effect that can only be done with a stack. Then, depending on how many decks are available, I give them the deck as a gift.
Message: Posted by: Piers (Jun 23, 2005 02:18AM)
With the BCS, I guess a Cut can act as a False Shuffle.

You could say, "let's try something special". Place the deck on the table.
Ask the spectator to just concentrate on the deck, and *imagine* where they would cut it, ( e.g. 1/3 down ), then, get them to cut it there saying, "If I simply handed you the cards and asked you to cut them, I could influence where you cut it. This way I can't". And they can do it again, and again, if they like ...

........ or something like that ?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jun 23, 2005 04:09PM)
Depends on your environment. I don't use stacks, but did you ever see Simon Arronson's Stack to Remember? Simon was an Ed Marlo student and his stack is wonderfull.

Good Luck

Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Jun 23, 2005 05:08PM)
On 2005-06-14 00:15, Nordatrax wrote:
"...All I can say is that as many pros recomend it the same number advise against it...."

I'm wondering who you're thinking of because I can't think of any pro who recommends against it.
Message: Posted by: nirve (Jun 25, 2005 08:40PM)
I use stacked decks, and rarely get problems. If someone wants to shuffle, I just say, "I really wouldn't change anything, honestly, as I haven't even started [I do mostly mentalism where the effect is pretty much done before 'it starts', if that makes any sense]." Then, I false shuffle, complete the false shuffle (cut it out), and ask them to cut it (still holding it in my hand), I complete their cut, but do a pass to get it to the right order. Nobody is the wiser.
Message: Posted by: silverfire9 (Jun 27, 2005 02:00PM)
Speaking of the BCS, I've had an experience similar to ShawnD's. I handed the deck to the spectator, telling him to cut it as many times as he wanted and then to take the top or bottom card. That part went fine. When I told him to take another card, he cut it again first.

Needless to say, when I went to the reveal of what cards he had, and in which pocket, I only got one card right. I remember saying something like, "That's still better than chance, right?"

Guess I need to work on the instructions I give. Make as clear as I can the "test conditions" deal.