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Topic: Fantastic Vanish Illusion
Message: Posted by: Magic Nathan (Jun 11, 2005 01:31PM)
I attended a show last night and the illusionist WOWed the crowd with his vanish of an audience member at the end of the show. Several people literally gasped out loud. He was rewarded with a standing ovation for the effect.

He performed it with no cabinet and on a raised table. No base!

His name was Ryan Joyce. Kudos Ryan on a spectacular effect.

Message: Posted by: mysticalmike (Jun 12, 2005 04:13PM)
I found his web site it http://www.ryanjoyce.com
Message: Posted by: The Drake (Jun 12, 2005 10:23PM)
I attended Ryans show tonight. He did his vanish at the end and did indeed get a standing ovation as the two previous nights before.

Ryan...you gotta get a video of that online soon!


Message: Posted by: Spanky (Jun 23, 2005 02:20AM)
I've come across him before, though I didn't know he did this
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Jun 23, 2005 09:17AM)
I've seen Ryans show several times and he has always had a great thing going for him. I regret not having seen his show last year as I ended up moving! I wish I had seen this trick!

Ryan is always very accomodating to other performers who come to see his shows and loves to hang out after the show and talk magic.

As long as he doesn't drop any motorcycles.....Haha, old pre-show story.

Message: Posted by: Tyler_Magician (Jun 23, 2005 09:25AM)
What did he do one the table? Did he have the spectator stand up or sit down? Did he put a sheet in front of him? It sounds like a great vanish.
Message: Posted by: Magic Nathan (Jun 23, 2005 10:52AM)
Here's how I remember it.

The curtains open and there is this chair center stage on a platform. The chair is made out of plexiglass and stainless chair and he spins it around to show it to the audience. The person sits in the chair and is covered with a cloth. At first I thought I knew the method but it became ovious that I was wrong....the person IS still there. He spins the chair around again with the person in it again. You can also see under the chair at this point as well. The cloth doesn't reach the floor. ( so much for my d-base theory as well )

The music was really cool and at some point he makes this neat gesture to the music and snaps the cloth off as the person vanishes instantly. He spins the chair again to show there is nothing to hide behind the chair. I loved the see-through plexiglass part of the chair. There is a surprise ending but I don't want to give that away.

The woman beside me hollered.." Oh my god! " and here was a brief second of silence before the audience freaked out in applause.

Message: Posted by: Ryan Joyce (Jun 25, 2005 01:35AM)
Hello all,

First of all thanks for the kind words and PM’s I have received over the past few days. We are always trying to push the limits with our tours and I am glad to see some of you have caught our show.

For the time being the vanish will only ‘appear’ on stage. We may decide to post bits and pieces of video on my website, however if you want to see it you’ll have to come to our show.

We will be touring extensively this fall and hope to see some of you at our shows. For up-to-date scheduling make sure to check my website.

Thanks again for all the kind words!

Very Best Regards,

Ryan Joyce
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Jun 26, 2005 08:17AM)

Very cool promo videos! Your schedule only dates through 2004 .... anything more current? Do you have any appearances in the States?

Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Jun 27, 2005 09:04AM)

Please read this site for his tour.

Message: Posted by: Ryan Joyce (Jun 28, 2005 10:54PM)
Hi Dan,

Thank you for your kind comments, we will be adding more video clips soon.

Our work is primarily in Canada and we’ll be updating the tour schedule in the coming weeks. As Michael pointed out a copy of our more recent tour was posted on our nomination site http://www.makeyouvanish.com.

Very Best Regards,

Message: Posted by: Magic Nathan (Jun 29, 2005 11:00AM)

Looking forward to your new videos. I noticed a professional video crew at your show. Were you filming for a television show or something ..or just for yourself?

Your opener was good as well. I hope you include it in your online videos.

Message: Posted by: Ryan Joyce (Jun 30, 2005 12:34AM)
Hi Nathan,

You must have attended Fergus, Stratford or Woodstock!

Yes we did have a crew there for several reasons, there are a few things in the works. We do however tape every show… I have quite a collection of Digital8 and MiniDV tapes now. I don’t even want to think about how much money I have spent on digital media!

Thank you, our opening sequence is something I am very happy with. The first several minutes of ‘a show’ are so crucial. They set the foundation for the rest of the performance. My crew will confirm that I am very much a perfectionist with all elements of the show, particularly the opening sequence (AKA “the first impression.”)