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Topic: Bending credit
Message: Posted by: smacks183 (Jun 15, 2005 01:59PM)
Hey, I just have a two quick question fors those of you that are familiar w/ Bending Credit by James Ford. One, I heard the gimmick broke very early on for a few buyers, is it repairable? Secondly, is the card/gimmick essentially the same size of a normal credit card as my chief attraction to this trick is the fact that it can be carried around in my thin wallet in my back pocket. thanks
Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Jun 15, 2005 02:46PM)
All of his credit card tricks are very poor indeed.
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Jun 15, 2005 03:39PM)
On 2005-06-15 15:46, Joe Mauro wrote:
All of his credit card tricks are very poor indeed.

Don't agree with you.

His "Messy Business" is very good.
Message: Posted by: Jeff S. (Jun 15, 2005 05:40PM)
Not so recommended. credit card fraud is better.
Message: Posted by: Boat (Jun 15, 2005 09:56PM)
Messy Business was okay. But I wouldn't call it great. If you do it right, it can get a good reaction. However, the card after a week or two started to come apart.


Message: Posted by: tophatter (Jun 16, 2005 12:17AM)
Bending Card by Guy Bavli This is one you will use every show ! Excellent I have the spectator sign the card after the bend they get to keep the card ! been using this for 6 years now.
Highly Recommended ....
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Jun 16, 2005 12:18AM)
Forgot to mention this Is a playing card and comes In bicycle.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Dec 22, 2008 02:18PM)
My Credit Card version broke also.