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Topic: Looking for Lecturers
Message: Posted by: BrianJay SAM4 (Jun 17, 2005 11:58AM)
I am trying to book lecturers for our magic club in Philadelphia, PA. These lectures will take place on the third Thursday of November 2005 or the third Thursday of Feb, Mar or Apr 2006. Please advise.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Jul 3, 2005 10:25PM)
Why not go homegrown with Francis Menotti, or Randy Shine?
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Jul 5, 2005 10:57PM)
Did you get my pm?
Justin Miller
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Sep 8, 2005 10:00AM)
Check out Garrett Thomas. He is in NY and came to MI for a lecture. He is great.

Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Sep 8, 2005 06:08PM)
You need to hook up with Danny Archer on this board who heads the Magicians Lecture Network.