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Topic: Get out of it!! no 5
Message: Posted by: fullmindpower (Jun 21, 2005 08:27PM)
Hey dudes... I've been away for a while but now I'm back for good..lol

heres a little treat for you guys... it took me 2 hours... see if you can do better..lol

good luck.


Message: Posted by: mike paris (Jun 24, 2005 10:11AM)
I just done it ,wow you took only 2 hours,you must have inside info ,he he ,mike
Message: Posted by: Stephen Buxton (Jun 24, 2005 06:09PM)
Done it - finally!
Message: Posted by: fullmindpower (Jun 25, 2005 08:17PM)
Yeah.. I admit that I got a little help from a friend near the end with the electronic green brick wall.... its the hardest part of the game.. hehe
beside that I solved everthing alone... actually I'm quite experienced with these kinda games.. and that helps.. how long did you guys take?
Message: Posted by: mike paris (Jun 26, 2005 04:21AM)
I went back and forth quite a few times,spent maybe 4 hours,mike