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Topic: Impromptu Chair suspension
Message: Posted by: AmazingA (Jun 28, 2005 04:28AM)
Couldn't really decide where to post this...

Remember the old Vaudville trick people used to do and balance like 4 guys on their chairs? Where can I find the instructions for it? Is there a site out there for other stuff like that?

Message: Posted by: cupsandballsmagic (Jul 24, 2005 03:31PM)
Hmmm, not sure where it is referenced but I used to use it in training and motivational sessions.

Simple enough to do if you are good at giving instructions.

PM me if you need help.

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 25, 2005 07:05PM)
That is a dangerous one. The world has changed and people are looking for someone to sue. Be careful. It only takes one idiot to see to it it fails.

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: rboeskin (Sep 17, 2005 06:18PM)
Is that where you pick four small spectators and pick up a fairly big spectator with no problem