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Topic: Howdy from Santa Fe
Message: Posted by: DustyDave (Jul 1, 2005 12:50AM)
Just thought I would introduce myself to you all. Started doing magic a few months ago. I was looking for something to do with my five year old son that we both would enjoy. Brought a beginner's magic set home and we are both hooked. In fact, I purt near can't think of anything else.
I have an act where I play guitar, sing old western/cowboy tunes and recite humerous cowboy poetry. Yes, folks, I even yodel (the coyotes out here especially enjoy it!) Am working on getting magic tied in with this. So far I have been working a lot with cards. Am working through "The Royal Road to Card Magic", and am having a wagon-load of fun.
Well, thanks for letting me bend your ears a bit. Later, Dave
Message: Posted by: RickDangerous (Jul 1, 2005 05:29AM)
You yodel? (I'm from Bavaria, we invented it ;) ) Very nice that you and your son have something so beautiful in common, have fun with magic, it's a wonderful art
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Jul 1, 2005 12:04PM)
Welcome, Dave, sit down by the fire and grab ya a cup.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jul 1, 2005 02:39PM)
Howdy Dave,

Just tie the horse up to the hitching post and come on right in. Pull up a comfortable chair, grab a coffee and be prepared for lots of reading! It's a nice place full of friendly people and good conversation, so don't hesitate to post or ask a question of your own. Have fun!
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Jul 1, 2005 03:11PM)
Welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Jul 16, 2005 10:59AM)
Country magic: now that's an angle!
Message: Posted by: munch1215 (Jul 18, 2005 11:39PM)
Welcome to the Café!