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Topic: Magicvideodepot hits 200 videos!
Message: Posted by: amadeus (Oct 20, 2002 01:32PM)

Thought I'd let you guys know that [outdated link] (http://the.magicvideodepot.com) has reached 200 (yes - TWO HUNDRED) really top quality video clips.

We're lucky enough to have such works by Superhandz, Wing Chee Man, Euan Bingham and Peter Duffie.

So if you haven't already checked it out - give it a go!

It's a free, non-profit, non-ad, non-catch, no-snag site! Just there to help you visualize anything you're having problems with. What's more, you can talk to the video authors on a messageboard, or just email 'em!

Let me know what you think - and if you see a poor video, then please use the "complaint" link - it's a crackdown on poor video clips! Only the best get in :)
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Oct 20, 2002 02:35PM)
Visited the video clips site at:
[outdated link] (http://the.magicvideodepot.com) today and found it entertaining.
What a great repository of magic demo video clips. Don't forget to keep it a demo site and not serve to expose secrets! :)
Much work has gone into that site - preserve its quality and purpose.
It's also a great place to send those not familiar with various methods for a quick demo.
Keep up the great work. You're doing great!

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: brownitus (Oct 21, 2002 01:36PM)
This is a great site indeed. Highly recommended!

Take care,
Message: Posted by: amadeus (Oct 21, 2002 10:55PM)
Thanks for the kind response! I hope it's useful for you.
Message: Posted by: Rod Lages (Oct 22, 2002 07:28PM)
Cool Site! :cheers:
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Oct 25, 2002 09:23AM)
Very cool site . One problem though, I have tried to place two of my effects on the site, my "Wrist Change" and "Open Finger Erdnase," and can't seem to get any response.
Message: Posted by: amadeus (Oct 25, 2002 09:41AM)

Simply overwhelmed in videos! Sorry it's taking so long, there's a huge backlog to deal with :)

Message: Posted by: Magnus (Oct 25, 2002 12:00PM)
Great site!
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Oct 25, 2002 10:17PM)
Amadeus ,thanks for the info and the site is great...........
Message: Posted by: fwee (Dec 1, 2002 02:59PM)
Aside from the Magic Café, I spend all my free time at the magicvideodepot! Thanks for the site. :dizzy: