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Topic: Halfway There!
Message: Posted by: njh (Jul 11, 2005 10:18PM)
I made a bunch of cold calls to restaurants today. One place said they didn't have the funds. One new place said they weren't ready to have life entertainment, but that they might want me for happy hour at some point in the future.

But one place, a steakhouse, said they were interested, and that they'll call me with a definite answer in about a week.

I got a good impression from the manager. I'm really excited!
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jul 11, 2005 10:46PM)
It's a numbers game so you are doing the right thing. The more places you call or visit the more chances to get one. It's like buying multiple lottery tickets.
I once read a great story in a book on How to Make it in Hollywood. They were trying to stress the point that you have to keep playing so they told the story of a door to door salesman. In the story one new guy was getting frustrated every time he got a NO at a door. He noticed that an old timer who consistently made money was never bothered by the NO's so he asked why.
The old timer said, "Well, when I sell one of our main products I get a five hundred dollars commission and I've noticed it takes about a hundred times of knocking from door to door to make that five hundred dollars." The new guy says, "So. That's a hundred NOs you have to hear. How come you don't give up?" Old timer, "Well, I figured that since at my hundreth house I'll make five hundred dollars I look at it as each time someone says NO they just paid me five bucks."
Interesting way to turn a negative into a positive. So each time you don't get the restaurant look at it one less restaurant you have to bother with and one more step closer to the one you will get.
Good luck and don't give up.

Message: Posted by: blazes816 (Jul 11, 2005 11:42PM)
That's a good story.