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Topic: Fun Fact(s?)
Message: Posted by: Samuel (Jul 12, 2005 09:26AM)
Have you ever noticed, if you ask a spectator to draw a card - and don't tell him/her to look at it (or anything) - they often stand there mesmerized asking "Eeh, should I look at this?". :laughing: So, allways say "take a card, and look at it" or something :D

Any other Fun Facts? :P
Message: Posted by: Chris Miller (Jul 12, 2005 09:30AM)
I've noticed that lots of people will take the bottom card when offered a choice of the whole deck. I get the impression they think they are being sneaky... It is a good excuse to always glimpse/know the bottom card even if you are not using a key. If they choose the known card, I abandon whatever effect I was going to do and improvise a "true" revelation.
Message: Posted by: Samuel (Jul 14, 2005 11:45AM)
Another thing: I've noticed that ladies above 35 very often tend to take the most exposed card when you spread them. It's unbelieveable, you reach the cards over, spread them (no f**ce), and they choose the card that is most easily accessible :D
Message: Posted by: Charlie Justice (Jul 14, 2005 02:23PM)
Magical Mystifier has put into words what I've been doing for years...ALWAYS glimpse the bottom and top cards for that 'just in case' spectator that seems to think they will thwart the selection process with an unconventional choosing.

How about the frequency of having to tell a spectator which is the 'face' side of the card when asking them to sign it?