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Topic: Zombie Article
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 13, 2005 06:10PM)
Found this article (Few months old, but intruiging):
Message: Posted by: cardone (Jul 14, 2005 06:55AM)
Wow... look out Romero......
Message: Posted by: dr chutney (Jul 14, 2005 07:06AM)
I think you ought to take a look at the date?
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 14, 2005 03:06PM)
On 2005-07-14 08:06, dr chutney wrote:
I think you ought to take a look at the date?

I said the article was a few months old, but that doesn't mean people heard about it.
Message: Posted by: Micheal Leath (Jul 14, 2005 07:37PM)
I think he meant the fact that it was published on April Fool's Day.
Message: Posted by: scott b. (Jul 14, 2005 07:40PM)
*feels like idiot*
Message: Posted by: Paul Sherman (Jul 16, 2005 06:26AM)
Don't feel like an idiot. Everyone needs to take the zombie menace more seriously than they do. Don't let the coincidence that the outbreak was reported on the 1st of April keep you from educating yourself. The zombies' greatest weakness is their inability to think, but their greatest strength is our ignorance.

I highly recommend "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. It's the most complete work written on the subject, to date: http://www.randomhouse.com/crown/zombiesurvivalguide/

You can also find some good advice at the tribute site to the now-defunct Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. The site, maintained by former Director Hugo Pecos, is can be found at http://www.fvza.org/

Obviously you can also intuit some valuable information by watching zombie movies, although they you should not rely on them as your soul sorce of information. Some of them, particularly the "Resident Evil" movies, "28 Days Later", and the 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead" are laughably inaccurate. The Romero movies (old and new) remain the most accurate.