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Topic: Fear to perform Thought Scan
Message: Posted by: emesp82 (Jul 15, 2005 04:43AM)
Hi Richard, a premise: I'm trying, as you can see, to post only 1-2 question/s per day, so your fingers won't hurt.... :)

The question of today (LOL) is a particular question/consideration....I have fear to perform Thought Scan....actually I never tried, because generally I don't perform for so many people or I perform in situations where thought scan is not good, like table to table in restaurant....

I wanted to know if even you, at the beginning, had fear to perform it....and also if other users in this forum have or had fear to perform Thought Scan

Thanks to all

P.S: tell me how can I put away this fear! I think I know how I can do it, I should try to perform, right? anyway tell me what do you think....

Thank You again!

Message: Posted by: Richard Osterlind (Jul 15, 2005 08:40AM)

I am so happy that you asked that! I have always wondered if I was the only one to be "shaking in his boots" the first few times doing it!

One of the reasons no one wanted to duplicate Dunninger's act was because THEY WERE AFRAID TO! It is very gutsy. Thoughtscan is the same way.

Giacomo, you just have to "gird up your loins" and DO IT! Sorry, there is no other way. You have to walk out there, concentrate on what you need to do, and then just do it!

Look, it could be worse. You could be walking into a collusium with a sword ready to face lions!


PS Like anything, once you do it a few times the fear will pass.
Message: Posted by: emesp82 (Jul 15, 2005 10:42AM)
Ok, I feel less "alone" now I know that the fear is common :)
I'll think about and work it on, cos it is a gem!

Thanks for sharing your emotion too!

Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Jul 15, 2005 11:17AM)

I had the same feelings often. you are practicing and it goes well. then you want to do it and that strange bad feeling comes around. I learned that I have practiced the individual parts and not the whole routine.

so try this. you are going to do the WHOLE routine ONCE A DAY FOR TWO WEEKS.
from beginning to end. no matter what happens.
if your phone rings let it go. don't stop keep on going.
if you drop something pick it up.
pretend there is an audience that they are talking to you.


you will see that after 2 weeks your confidence grows.
Message: Posted by: Michael Bilkis (Jul 15, 2005 12:12PM)
Thanks y'all. I have the same feelings. The mechanics of the routine not too difficult, but et, still very different in rehearsal then in front of a living audience.

Message: Posted by: emesp82 (Jul 16, 2005 04:44AM)
Good idea Robert! I'll try....I'll fill the card with casual information and then pick something and try to reveal them in a fashion way or making coincidence about them!
Thanks again....! ;)

Anyway I think that the fear about this effect is that we don't know how it will end, how it will progress....cos every time is different, and we have also fear that we cannot reveal the info in a cool way, cos we have fear that spectator may write few info or not-so-interesting info! so we have fear to manage that....
anyway I am sure that doing the effect many times we will learn some structures, fixed rules, that we can apply every time we do it.
so....we have to do it! :)

Thanks again to all


PS: Richard is there any specific book/text where you learnt how to reveal information? which book you'd advice for that?
Message: Posted by: Patr!ck (Jul 16, 2005 05:32AM)
Hi Giacomo.
Banachek writes in his Psychological Subtleties about
revealing informations ( chapter 21 Subtle Q&A ).
I hope that will help you.

Message: Posted by: Richard Osterlind (Jul 16, 2005 07:50AM)
Patrick, that's good advice.

Let me also say that doing a routine like my PCT is great practice for the Thoughtscan routine. The PCT causes you to be creative with just a name. If you can get a lot out of that, how much more can you get out of 4 or 5 pieces of information.

Also, you must make sure that you specify the "type" of information you want them to write down. If you ask for birthdays, you will get birthdays. If you ask for hobbies, that's what you will get. So you can "guide" your audience to the correct topics to make it interesting.

Message: Posted by: emesp82 (Jul 16, 2005 08:32AM)
Thanks Patr!ck, I'll read again that chapter...

Thank You Richard, very good advice your "guide your audience"....I didn't think about that....

I will work it on :)