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Topic: Michael skinner's ultimate monte questions
Message: Posted by: magicmafia22 (Jul 15, 2005 10:38PM)
How good is Michael Skinner's ultimate monte? do you recommend it? and is it true that you have to buy refills for the trick and if so is it worth it to keep on buying reills?
Message: Posted by: Mitch Schneiter (Jul 15, 2005 11:12PM)
It's good. Bill Malone uses it which should tell you it's good. You do not have to buy refills unless you spill beer on them or soil them in some way. They are regular card stock so they last as long as regular cards. You may be thinking of Jim Steinmeyer's One Card Monte where you tear a card in half. You do need to buy refills for that effect.
Message: Posted by: eddieloughran (Jul 16, 2005 05:04AM)
It is a good trick, although there have been a number of similar "tricks" marketed.
Its well worth getting !
Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Jul 16, 2005 06:41PM)
One of the few packet tricks that I carry with me. Borders on the "almost too perfect" effect. Well worth the money, and Mitch is right, Bill Malone's routine is great!

Scott Compton
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jul 24, 2005 02:24AM)
I've been doing magic for many a year now and Skinner's monte is my preferred choice. Recently I did a fundraiser and by the end of the gig I was walking up to tables and doing Skinner's Monte and a Chop Cup routine. You can't go wrong with it.


Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: Andy Charlton (Jul 24, 2005 05:23AM)
One part, involving a turnover appears in the instructions that absolutely sells the Idea that these are normal cards. I haven't seen this anywhere else, and from memory, Bill Mallone doesn't do it on his DVD.

Personally I would only do this effect in the middle of a group of effects, AFTER the, "Let me look at those cards," has ended.


Message: Posted by: cataquet (Jul 24, 2005 06:47AM)
Skinner's monte is excellent, but have a look at Bob Farmer's Bammo Monte. I think he has taken the principle to a whole new level.
Message: Posted by: WhiteAngel (Jul 27, 2005 09:58AM)
I have this effect, just got it a few days ago, so I can't tell ya how good it is yet, but I'm liking it!
Message: Posted by: toonomads (Jul 27, 2005 10:39AM)
Hi Andy,

It is on Bill Malone's DVD series.
Message: Posted by: Richard Shippy (Jul 31, 2005 02:15PM)
I was skeptical of this effect until I saw Bill Malone perform it. Wow, it is fantastic! I have been using Skinner's Ultimate Three Card Monte for over a year now and like it very much. Very fun to perform and spectators love it.

I wish you the best.

Kind regards,
Message: Posted by: WhiteAngel (Jul 31, 2005 10:29PM)
I like this effect, but I still personally prefer Monte 3.0, because you end up clean, with instant reset, and it ends with the spec holding three aces!
Message: Posted by: BobSheets (Aug 9, 2005 10:29AM)
Highly recomended. After getting that you may want to continue your education with Bob Farmer's Blamo Monted.

Bob Farmer's Blamo and Blamo refills will take you're Skinner or Rodger's routine over the top. The count, wich is discrepent in both the Skinner and Rodger's routine are addressed in Blamo. The cards are two red aces and one black. Much harder to follow than the 1,2,3 of Skinners. Rodgers routine uses two red threes and a black ace.

"The first rule of the three card monte is they never let you touch the cards. The second is they take all of your money." This eliminates most objections to not handing out the cards. All three of above routines are demo only routines so you're not challenging any of the spectators to spot the money card. So it's important to eliminate the, looking at the cards issue, before it comes up.

Great routine. Onward and upward.

Message: Posted by: Jerrine (Aug 9, 2005 12:25PM)
"The first rule of the three card monte is they never let you touch the cards. The second is they take all of your money." Thanks for this line Bob, it's new to me and I love it. Haven't had grabby hands or anyone call me on it yet, but like Barney says, "You have to nip it in the bud, Andy!"
Message: Posted by: constantine (Aug 9, 2005 06:36PM)
You might want to look at Daryl's version which looks more like traditional 3 card monty.
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Aug 9, 2005 11:03PM)
Bob Sheets is too modest! His Kitson Miracle is a great in-the-hands monte routine. Check it out!


Paul (A little game of Hanky Poo, the the blacks are for me, and the red is for you) Green
Message: Posted by: Andy Charlton (Aug 10, 2005 06:51AM)
On 2005-07-27 11:39, toonomads wrote:
Hi Andy,

It is on Bill Malone's DVD series.


I know Bill Malone does the routine, but I remember watching for him doing the turnover as in the instructions, and I'm pretty sure he didn't.

Message: Posted by: twistedace (Aug 10, 2005 11:14AM)
I use Skinner's Monte all of the time. I handle it differently than most people though. I don't have it in print yet but it will be soon hopefully, I've had an offer.
Message: Posted by: landon (Aug 15, 2005 04:02PM)
I love Skinner's 3 Card Monte routine. In fact, it is one of my favorite packet tricks. People go crazy, especially after the final phase of the routine. I've had a few people want to see the cards at the end, but if you just do a switch then it's fine. I think the instructions describe how to switch out the cards at the end. I highly reccommend this trick to anyone, since it's quite easy to do.
Message: Posted by: dbolan (Jan 3, 2021 09:49PM)
Great effect. Stay sharp with it. Pulling it out after a year of non-use and I find it is like learning from scratch. Great work from Skinner!
Message: Posted by: Haruspex (Jan 11, 2021 03:23PM)
[quote]On Jan 3, 2021, dbolan wrote:
Great effect. Stay sharp with it. Pulling it out after a year of non-use and I find it is like learning from scratch. Great work from Skinner! [/quote]

You are reacting to an almost 16 year old post :) , having said that, its still a great effect.
I still have the original with the hoyle shellback cards and the Michael Skinner booklet.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jan 26, 2021 11:05PM)
A number of years ago I went to visit my local magic store, and lo and behold, Nathan Kranzo was there. The manager had to attend to something in the back, so Nathan took over and recommended Skinner's Ultimate Monte. He demonstrated it, and I was completely floored and immediately purchased.

On my way home, while stopped at a traffic light, I opened the bag, took a peek at the cards...and burst out laughing!