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Topic: What props and/or tricks do you always carry?
Message: Posted by: G-Diddy (Oct 21, 2002 10:38PM)
Aside from the people who can do amazing things with just borrowed items, what do you carry with you all the time so that you can perform magic at a moment's notice?

I usually have two rubber bands for CMH, a TT, a coin with a sh***. Sometimes a deck of cards, but I don't perfom or practice everyday. So I wonder if it is practical.

Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: eye guy (Oct 23, 2002 12:02AM)
I also always carry at least one magic "eyelusion" whenever I leave home.

Always a TT, a D-Lite tip, Pen thru Anything, a card for Card Warp (my version), another pen that appears to go into my eye! And perhaps a new one I'm working on!

I'll find someone to test it on— like card packet tricks or Invisible Zone (my version).

I think I will look for my coin sh***.

Bob Sly, The Eye Guy.
Message: Posted by: actorscotty (Oct 23, 2002 05:09AM)
Well this varies with my mood, but I always have rubber bands in the pocket. Also Judy the Mouse is in the car. I know it's not magic, but it gets immediate attention.

A deck of cards for Card Warp and Immaculate Connection, Twisting the Aces, etc. I rarely ask anyone to "take a card" except as part of the other effects.

And when I remember, there is a Perfect Pen in the shirt pocket.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 24, 2002 07:47AM)
Rubber bands, TT, REAL silver coins (no gimmicks), a deck of cards (no gimmicks).

Message: Posted by: Doug Byrd (Oct 24, 2002 12:43PM)
(2) TT's (with a mismade bill), deck of cards, rubberbands for CMH and Star Gazer.

Alien Invasion, Color Monte, Copper/Silver, 4 half dollars and a sh***.

John Kennedy's Dream Paddle (all this is carried in a waste bag)... and no, I don't put on a 30 minute show everywhere I go. :)

Message: Posted by: Elwood (Oct 24, 2002 01:18PM)
I used to carry loads of stuff, but now I've cut it down to a TT, four coins and a sh*** with a copper silver coin, and some elastic bands. And a deck of cards.
Message: Posted by: Indyfan (Oct 24, 2002 01:26PM)
I carry quite a few, but if I had to just grab something in a hurry it would be my color changing knives, a folded up card with paperclip for "paperclipped" (aka *$&#!), and rubberbands.
Message: Posted by: sethbek (Oct 24, 2002 02:15PM)
I just carry 4 half dollars, Cig through Coin and a ****ing Coin.
:pepper: :spinningcoin: :pepper:
Message: Posted by: Ellusionist (Oct 24, 2002 03:53PM)
I carry a deck of cards and if I bring a trick deck, I bring a regular deck that looks exactly the same (color, maker) so I can switch it out if someone asks. The way I switch is that I put the regular deck in my left pocket and the trick deck in the other. If they ask I just pull the regular out and let them see it.
Message: Posted by: Craig Ousterling (Oct 25, 2002 12:40PM)
I carry a 5" pocket magic wand. That seems to be the most important thing to me since I've gotten back into the swing of "magicianism."

Something about a magic wand (even a five inch little one) seems to command power.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Oct 25, 2002 03:48PM)
Let's see what I have on me right now. I am wearing a watch. I have a Bic pen with a black cap in my shirt pocket. I have 6 quarters, 2 nickels, 3 pennies, 3 dimes and I got gypped with a Singapore 20 cent piece (which is the same size as a nickel) all in my right pants pocket.

I always keep one half and one English penny in my wallet's coin pocket. I have a c/s coin in my left pants pocket.

I carry 2 rubberbands around my wallet. I have been told that if you keep rubberbands around your wallet that it is next to impossible for your wallet to be lifted without your knowing it. My wallet has never been stolen so it must be true.

I always have Kollasal Killer set up in my wallet.

One Dollar bill
Ten dollar bill
Twenty dollar bill

Let's brainstorm and figure out what I could do with all this.
Message: Posted by: Timothy (Oct 27, 2002 05:20PM)
A TT, and 2 rubberbands. I bought Ammar's manuscript for Crazy Man's Handcuffs years ago, and have never been sorry. It never fails to blow people away!
Message: Posted by: Jay (Oct 27, 2002 10:20PM)
Plastic packet:
Color Monte
Heads Up

Belt pack:
Regular deck
Ring and string
TT with rainbow streamer
regular rubber bands
Star Gazer bands
Rabbit in Hat silk and rabbit
Small Haunted Key, for fingertip effect

This may seem like I'm loaded down, but bear in mind that this takes up almost no space. I wear a small deck-sized belt pack which holds all of it, except for the one plastic packet that I keep in my shirt pocket. I can get to any of it rather quickly and naturally. I rotate things from time to time, but that's what I have pretty much all the time.

Jay :bg:
Message: Posted by: joseph (Oct 29, 2002 09:17AM)
Let's see, Stargazer is good for impromptu performance, and try Greg Wilson's Bic Pen, which is an excellent 5 phase routine. Mismade Bill always gets a reaction. :rotf:
Message: Posted by: antonuccio (Oct 30, 2002 03:27AM)
Jumping Gems is the prop I always carry with me. I developed a quick routine that never fails to astonish the onlookers. In my wallet I keep the Skinner's 3-Card Monte.
Message: Posted by: wildmind (Oct 30, 2002 02:02PM)
Okay, I'm new to a lot of this, so what's a TT?
Message: Posted by: RC4MAG (Oct 30, 2002 06:19PM)
Lately I have been carrying Andy Levis' Sticky Situation with me all the time. I have to say this is truly an amazing and seemingly impromptu magic happening. Thanks Andy for this brilliant prop and idea.
Message: Posted by: CSStanton (Oct 30, 2002 09:12PM)
Me— my back left pocket has a Jumbo Half, then a coin purse with 6 silver 1940's halfs, 2 Kennedy halfs, ****ing coin, magician's wax, 20 centavos and then, outside the purse, two silver dollars. They're for Sylvester Pitching and Coin-Thru-Hand/Cheek.

Cards, sometimes. Coins are easier to carry. I cry when I don't have my coins.
Message: Posted by: JasonDean (Oct 31, 2002 06:40AM)
I like to carry just a deck of cards, and a sharpie. that's just when I'm out and about.
---Jason Dean---
Message: Posted by: paul_m (Oct 31, 2002 08:38AM)
Wildmind— TT stands for t****-t**... :)

Just to add my "going-out-commando-kit" to the list, I always take a t****-t**, Colour Monte in my wallet, and 2 elastic bands wrapped around Jeff McBride's "Gemmed" on my wrist, along with a regular deck of cards.

Just out of curiosity, I bought my "Gemmed" after the Jeff McBride lecture at the 2001 Blackpool convention. There were no instructions with it, and he only explained one routine with it during his lecture.

Does anyone else use this, and if so, what do you do with it? I know there are other moves and routines with it, and was wondering if maybe it would be worthwhile emailing Jeff to beg for/purchase them.

Message: Posted by: iwebexp (Oct 31, 2002 08:59AM)
I guess I am like most others. With me I carry 2 elastic bands for the 'all great' CMH.

Plus 4 coins, dime and penny (non-gimmicked), a regular deck of cards, and a Brain Wave deck. Also a ****ing quarter, and Scotch and Soda (non-gimmicked).

Then in the regular pack I have a gimmicked packet for a 3-Card Monte.
Message: Posted by: gert sonntag (Oct 31, 2002 10:16AM)
I usually carry CMH, a TT, Doc and an Aga-Levitation!
Message: Posted by: Deuce (Oct 31, 2002 11:35AM)
When I'm out, I almost always carry an Invisible Deck, a standard deck, Hopping Halves, T.T. & silk.

I can do quite a bit with that! :)

Message: Posted by: Marduke Kurios (Oct 31, 2002 04:32PM)
SUCII, business cards, pen, ring, watch, wallet, money, mind.
Sometimes I forget the last one. :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Gary (Nov 1, 2002 11:54AM)
SUC1, B'wave in leather wallet, PK magnet... depends on the day and whom I'm seeing.
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Nov 2, 2002 04:56AM)
Man you guys are prepared. But I wonder if some of you carry a backpack. There are a lot of tricks being carried around here, or maybe for us techno peasant magicians it just sounds like alot.

Having been out of magic for a while this just seems a bit overwhelming— impressive, but still, overwhelming to me.

When people ask me to do something impromptu, I usually do the linking fingers trick. That's the beauty of comedy magic. Cheap props that take up nearly no extra space.
Message: Posted by: stevenamills (Nov 5, 2002 10:51PM)
The only thing I ALWAYS have with me is Kolossal Killer.

Message: Posted by: Leland (Nov 7, 2002 11:19PM)
I carry a ****ing half and matching regular half. Eternal string and quadroflex bill.

I can do quite a bit of magic with just a few props. The coin alone gives me an endless supply of possibilities.

The eternal string really gets them. For quadroflex I borrow a one dollar bill and use John Lovitz's bill switch to perform it.

All props are readily available items that most people can relate to so they don't think that it's all a set up.

Keep it simple, I don't walk out the door expecting to perform a full show, just enough to let them know that I am a magician.

Keep them wanting more!
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Nov 8, 2002 01:18AM)
Just deck of cards and some Euros in my wallet.

I forgot to mention that my normal wallet is BKM wallet so I can do card to wallet anytime.
Message: Posted by: stevehw (Nov 8, 2002 01:58AM)
Five half dollars and a pack of cards.

Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Nov 8, 2002 10:00AM)
A piece of string or shoelace, used for Hunter's Knot. Robert Neal's closeup version.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Nov 8, 2002 10:34AM)
I carry a deck of ungaffed cards and a Hot Rod. That's it. Occasionally B'wave in my regular wallet.
Message: Posted by: danryb (Nov 8, 2002 03:23PM)
[list][*]Rubber bands[*]Star Gazer[*]Jumping Arrow[*]B'wave[*]3 cards for Monte[*]Night Out with the Girls[*]I do a key bending trick[*]Jardine Ring[*]Couple of strings[*]A bunch of business card size optical illusions to pass around.[/list]
These items go everywhere with me.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Nov 8, 2002 10:08PM)
I carry lots of effects and do different things.

I carry:[list][*]Ungimmicked cards[*]Ebony & Ivory[*]I want to add hypno bill[*]Ring leader[*]Hot Chocolate[*]The light and heavy dime (when presented as a "make shift trick" this is one of the strongest pieces of magic in the world).[*]Kollase Killer[*]and sometimes By Choice and By change[/list]
There you go.
Message: Posted by: jonnyt (Nov 10, 2002 11:12AM)
I always have my Rinkey Dinkey with me, also ****ing coin, Andy Leviss's chewing gum trick (Sticky Situation).
Message: Posted by: saglaser (Nov 11, 2002 10:49PM)
My pockets are usually loaded, but the funny thing is that I rarely use any of these items in an impromptu situation more than a couple times a year. Furthermore, I'm more and more likely to do something in mentalism that doesn't require any of them. On the other hand, I'm equipped for about any age and any degree of silliness or seriousness.

That being said, here's an inventory of what's on me right now:

LEFT PANTS POCKET: Hopping Halfs and the ungimmicked half of a pair of color changing knives.

RIGHT PANTS POCKET: The gimmicked color-changing knife.

RIGHT COIN POCKET: Two half dollars and four quarters (mostly for practicing my crappy classic palm while waiting in lines).

LEFT REAR POCKET: My checkbook containing some business cards, one with a "cheat sheet" for doing A Swindle of Sorts.

RIGHT REAR POCKET: My wallet, containing B'Wave.

LEFT VEST POCKET: EM Pocket Charger.

RIGHT VEST POCKET: Hot Rod, Steel Ball & Tube, Haunted Key.

SHIRT POCKET: SUC II, which I use as my daily card case anyway.

INSIDE VEST POCKET: A paper bag and plastic stones for Kurotsuke (I don't always carry that around...I just have been forgetting to take it out of my pocket).
Message: Posted by: rrubin98 (Nov 15, 2002 10:28AM)
I carry my Pimpernel Wallet and either a regular deck or my Bicycle Brainwave deck.

- Richard
Message: Posted by: Socrates (Nov 15, 2002 11:07AM)
Nothing more than my hands, my people skills and my imagination.

With these I can work miracles.

Take it easy.


'Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art' - Leonardo da vinci :die:
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Nov 17, 2002 05:22PM)
Red and Blue Bicycle decks, 2 plastic eyeballs, matches, Cardwarp, Hopping Halves, Copper Silver Brass, two packet tricks and biz cards...

It all fits in my "possibles bag" (Black powder bag) believe it or not...
Message: Posted by: Pavlo (Nov 23, 2002 12:15PM)
A deck of cards, bent penny and coin on forehead. OK, those who know—they know what I mean.
Message: Posted by: Scott Ocheltree (Nov 26, 2002 12:30AM)
I have a variation of the jumping gems called Wizard Wands that I got 20 years ago from a guy in Seattle's Pike Street market who called himself magic mike. It is the best paddle trick I have ever seen—with pretty wooden sticks. If I do one trick, it is this one.

Lately I've been carrying a deck of cards to practice sleights with in my spare time.

If I plan on performing, I bring a small fanny-pack in which I have an 18" silk, an Eisenhower dollar, regular deck, invisible deck, TT with rainbow streamer, rope and sissors, sponge balls, Impossible Penetration finger chopper, and NFW.

I am working on adding: Guy Hollingworth's Once Upon a Time, Dan Harlan's Crazy-Eight, and a napkin to matchbox trick by Rich Morotta.
Message: Posted by: fwee (Nov 26, 2002 12:50AM)
I carry a deck of cards, rubber bands, Color Changing Knives, Card Warp, Color Monte, and half dollars.
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Nov 26, 2002 01:58AM)
Usually whenever I go out, I tend to dress casual— T-shirt and jeans with my leather jacket.

In my leather coat I carry two TT's. One loaded with a silk and the other loaded with a mismade bill. My jeans usually have big pockets on the sides near the knees. I use these for carrying a deck of cards and maybe my linking rings. I never leave my house though without my half dollars and expanded half. Usually four halfs and an English penny.

Those are the basic things I carry with me now. Every few weeks I will take something out and add something new to show spectators. Perhaps my color changing knives, or my Underground TM thread reel by Mark Allen.
Message: Posted by: ksvengali (Dec 1, 2002 07:51AM)
I've been keeping the same stuff with me for years, give or take a few depending on my mood. Always have my Hot Rod. One deck of cards (no gimmick), Twisted Sister (great pocket trick), Ring Flight. I also keep some small wallets of packs of cards (no gimmick, small packs—just 4 aces, 8 cards, 4 red/4 black) for card illusions I've learned along the way. Easier than taking another whole deck with me. I've stopped taking my TT, finding people are getting smart to it. I also do a decent Balducci Levitation (ala David Blaine).
Message: Posted by: danielhunley (Dec 1, 2002 07:10PM)
I usually carry my Raven around in my pocket and a s***s****ed quarter. But other than that nothing... What are TT's? I haven't heard of them. :confused:
Message: Posted by: Pinky (Dec 2, 2002 02:00AM)
On 2002-11-15 12:07, Socrates wrote:
Nothing more than my hands, my people skills and my imagination.

With these I can work miracles.

Take it easy.


'Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art' - Leonardo da vinci :die:

I'm with Socrates on this one. The only things I have on me are the loose change in my pocket, my wallet (ungaffed), usually a pen, and possibly a watch.

I also have an arsenal of effects using almost any common items you'd find in restaurants, bars, offices, or otherwise.

I know how hard it can be to leave that other stuff at home, but if you try it you'll like the feeling of not having to "load" your pockets just before you leave the house.

-Dave Cross
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Dec 2, 2002 12:56PM)
A string for Ring and String. I don't like to walk around with a bunch of stuff in my pockets and I've been doing it for over 10 years. It always gets a big reaction.
Message: Posted by: tiptophat (Dec 2, 2002 01:00PM)
I carry a wristwatch, business cards...oh what is possible with business cards and a Mark Striving caper case.
Message: Posted by: Ellusionist (Dec 2, 2002 10:50PM)
On 2002-12-01 20:10, danielhunley wrote:
I usually carry my Raven around in my pocket and a s***s****ed quarter. But other than that nothing... What are TT's? I haven't heard of them. :confused:

TT = T**** T***
Message: Posted by: The Londoner (Dec 3, 2002 12:15AM)
This is the impromptu section, is it not? Most of what I've read is not impromptu magic.

I usually carry nothing and work with a borrowed deck or borrowed coins. And if I do carry anything it's just a regular deck or regular coins, and I'm proud to say I do not own any gimmicks. I have nothing against some gimmicks but I have my reasons for what I do.
Message: Posted by: bizarrewreck (Dec 3, 2002 10:35PM)
I always have Rinkey Dinkey, a few coins, and a deck or two of cards.
Message: Posted by: medaca (Dec 4, 2002 01:26PM)
I carry:[list][*]TT[*]Boon Writer[*]Astrological sign[*]Rubber bands[*]BKM wallet[/list]
I do not carry cards because they are everywhere.
Message: Posted by: Ronin (Dec 4, 2002 10:54PM)
[list][*]Ring for ring and rope[*]Rubber bands for Crazy Man's Handcuffs and Linking rubberbands[*]1 half dollar[*]1 English penny[*]2 arms (1 right, 1 left) for the Twisting Arm Illusion[*]And in my head: methods for impromptu, borrowed book, book test (which I practice frequently) and Fizzmaster.[/list]
Message: Posted by: Anasazi (Dec 5, 2002 12:55PM)
More often than not all I have is 2 TT's— one loaded with a mismade bill, the other for a cigarette/salt/whatever else I can cram down in there vanish.

Other than that, I just use whatever is handy and in the immediate vicinity (coins, napkins, matches, rubber bands).

Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Dec 5, 2002 05:02PM)
I always have a piece of string.
Message: Posted by: Illusions4Life (Dec 7, 2002 08:12AM)
Always have a ring on a string with me, in my left pants pocket. If the spectator has a ring I leave mine in the pocket, if not I use it.

In my date book (just like American Express, don't leave home without it) I have two decks of cards (ungimmicked), cards for Card Warp, 3-Card Monte, Ammar's Virginia City Shuffle, Amberg's Psychic Vision, and Spooky Glass.

Also if the spectator happens to be carrying around their very own deck of cards (and a lot of them do) I use their deck instead of mine.

Message: Posted by: Zorak (Dec 8, 2002 09:37PM)
I agree with Socrates and Londoner. You are the magic! Take with you confidence, an amiable nature, a sense of humor, and skill.

There is nothing wrong with taking a gimmick or trick. You need to work out the presentation on live humans after you have mastered the effect.

I don't think you need a crutch. Doing magic with borrowed objects is the most powerful close-up you can do. Even if they haven't an object, they have their minds and imagination, use that. :righton:
Message: Posted by: Lior (Dec 9, 2002 04:47AM)
[list][*]Wallet and credit cards.[*]Coins ,bills, IT[*]3.5 club[*]A watch[*]comb[*]Palm Pilot[/list]
Message: Posted by: Alessandro Scotti (Dec 9, 2002 07:28AM)
A 2-euro coin and a pack of cards, which sometimes are stacked to perform a particular effect. At times, Color Monte.
Message: Posted by: petrakos (Dec 9, 2002 12:17PM)
At the very least, I carry a deck of cards, sometimes two (a regular deck and a memorized deck), a Sharpie, Card Warp and Knepper's Kolossal Killer. I can get pretty far with these.
Message: Posted by: Magix (Dec 9, 2002 04:40PM)
TT and 6 inch silk, Coin Unique, coins for Peter Marucci's ungimmicked Scotch and Soda, 1 & 5 Bill Transpo, and an e******* s**** quarter. I guess that's all.
Message: Posted by: Gr8neSS (Dec 10, 2002 11:32PM)
As you can probably tell from my list, my pockets are usually pretty full.[list][*]TT and Eclipse TT[*]3 diamond cut silks[*]card to wallet, wallet[*]2 decks of cards (1 stacked, 1 not)[*]sometimes sponge balls[*]Sharpie but that stays stuck in the wallet until I use it[*]dental floss (in case I have a dental emergency or for gypsie thread)
[*]5 half dollars and s****[/list]
and that's about it, usually...lol.

Message: Posted by: Bobcape (Dec 11, 2002 02:17PM)
[list][*]Kolossal Killer set up a la Larry Becker[*]Virgina City Shuffle[*]Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte[*]2 $1 bills to a $2 bill[*]Pride & Joy card with my biz card on the back[*]50 cent piece, twoonie and centavo for no-gimmick Scotch and Soda (Peter Marucci)[*]rubber bands[/list]
Message: Posted by: longbeach (Dec 13, 2002 09:05AM)
I have KK in my wallet, and a deck of cards with a few dupes and a few Card Warp preps in a VOX BOX case. I will usually carry 3 half dollars (ungimmicked) for coins across, and a dovepan in my left breast pocket (that was a joke).

And a Sharpie.

That's it.
Message: Posted by: Sneakers (Dec 14, 2002 07:09AM)
Me, I seem to *always* have a Hot Rod, Twisted Sisters, and a copper/silver set. Personally, I find that those pack light and give quite a lot of punch at a moment's notice.

Message: Posted by: gman (Dec 14, 2002 10:11AM)
Man I am really going to sound like a novice...

I only have me, and lately a Fortune Telling Fish and Two-Card Monte (not Blaines).
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Dec 14, 2002 10:23AM)
I always carry Dice for DR Sach's dice routine and three cards in a small wallet to do my ambitious monte routine.
Message: Posted by: Florian Rago (Dec 14, 2002 02:43PM)
Here's my list:[list][*]A deck of cards with two doubles, one signed (for my own signed two card flight) and one unsigned.[*]Colour Monte[*]Coin Bite, Ten pence (same as coin bite), and a bent ten pence. These three coins make my own killer ten pence routine.[*]I also carry a pre-paperclipped card (for paperclipped).[*]Hollow (it kills)[*]A small amount of alcohol, but generally there's somewhere I go (set fingers on fire).[*]A TT on me at all times, when I'm NOT doing sleight tricks.[*]Universal Raven up my sleeve for vanishes[*]Normal Raven up the other[*]And some balloons for Airtight[/list]
Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 14, 2002 03:36PM)
My brain and ears. These help me use whatever is in the location and in my pockets.

Lately I have been carrying a small rubber ear or other strange small object and some coins. At the end of a coin routine I change the last coin into the ear or other object.

Message: Posted by: biff_g (Dec 16, 2002 11:13PM)
A lot of people have suggested a TT and I agree that it is a good prop to keep with you, just be careful that it doesn't get accidentally found. It isn't something that is easy to pass off as an everyday object. :smiletear:
Message: Posted by: Tim Zager (Dec 17, 2002 03:26PM)
My version of KK in a business card case, a loop around my wrist, and business cards in my pocket for a quick magic square or numerology reading.

Message: Posted by: Bascomb Grecian (Dec 18, 2002 11:51AM)
On Dec. 9th Magix said, "Peter Marucci's ungimmicked Scotch and Soda" .

I think every magician should learn this!

I second that notion!

Message: Posted by: magical_kid (Dec 22, 2002 10:07AM)
I don't have much magic stuff. I just carry a rubberband for Houdini's Jumping Rubberband, Floating Match, and a few coins.
Message: Posted by: Kuba_PL (Dec 22, 2002 11:06AM)
Four coins, a deck of cards, my ITR, and Floating Match.
Message: Posted by: John Clarkson (Dec 27, 2002 12:05PM)
[list][*]SUC II with my business cards[*]Sharpie (black)[*]Deck of cards[*]Pendulum in a small pouch.[/list]...and a partridge in a pear tree.

Message: Posted by: Khopri (Dec 28, 2002 05:31PM)
Right now I am carrying the "Phil" card trick for practice and I always have a Hot Rod and a silver half in my left pocket. I've gotten so used to palming the half, that it feels natural to just have it in my hand ready to go.
Message: Posted by: CSMTREE (Dec 29, 2002 07:24PM)
Sometimes magicians confuse impromptu with "no tricks", not so. If you're a smart magician, you'll carry items that look ordinary, i.e. Watch and Wear on your wrist, Mullica wallet (or your favorite) in your pocket loaded with a magic ard and gimmicked bills, Perfect Pen and/or Bill in Pen, etc. The idea is to look like you're doing magic with ordinary items. Stuff found in the area should be a warm up. :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Dec 30, 2002 03:54AM)
Money. lol :lol:
Message: Posted by: Wickedx (Dec 30, 2002 12:50PM)
Scott Ocheltree, nice site...

I carry around with me Coin Unique, and soon bitten 10p, some ordinary coins, some times my Raven (if I have time to set it up) and me. If available I do tricks with a borrowed deck, or mentalism, or other borrowed items where something I learned in the past springs to mind. I like doing Melted at restaurants. :wavey:

Message: Posted by: Torkova (Dec 30, 2002 10:05PM)
I usually carry a penny and a couple of dimes for a basic copper & silver. I also carry a SUC II. These and also a silver dollar are my basic tools. If I'm carrying a bag I might have one or two decks of cards also.
Message: Posted by: Great Domino (Dec 31, 2002 02:21AM)
I never leave home without a deck of cards and a mesh cigarette vanisher. Sponge balls and the Mirage Wallet always blow them away.
Message: Posted by: EranRaven (Jan 4, 2003 09:55PM)
I never leave home without my TT, the times I have I have usually regretted it!
Message: Posted by: Jack Bryce (Jan 12, 2003 05:34AM)
On 2002-12-08 22:37, Zorak wrote:
I agree with Socates and Londoner. You are the magic! Take with you confidence, an amiable nature, a sense of humor, and skill.

There is nothing wrong with taking a gimmick or trick. You need to work out the presentation on live humans after you have mastered the effect.

I don't think you need a crutch. Doing magic with borrowed objects is the most powerful close-up you can do. Even if they haven't an object, they have their minds and imagination, use that. :righton:
My sentiments exactly, just as Londoner, Socrates and a few others have said, this is the impromptu section isn't it? Most of what has been put here so far is not impromptu magic!

To do impromptu magic, you shouldn't need to carry more than your sense of humour, your confidence and a few coins in your pocket.

The magic should be done with everyday objects or borrowed items from the spectator. The only exception I would consider might be a rubber band or two as these could be considered everyday objects! :)
Message: Posted by: Fred E. Bert (Jan 15, 2003 06:11PM)
I'm a bit out of practice and wish I could perform more on a moment's notice, but when I go out and know I'll be asked to do magic, I'll pack:

A regular deck of cards
A loop around my wrist (and more loops in an envelope in my pocket)
Voodoo Pen (I lost my Wonder Pen in a bar, but now prefer Voodoo)

As far as people are concerned, all of these are impromptu (there's nothing suspicious about carrying an ordinary deck of cards, loops are invisible, and the pen through anything is just a pen). I don't like carrying "magician's" items like sponge balls, paddles or silks— it's just not what I do.

Last thing— I have heard lots of great stuff about Kolossal Killer and have ordered it and plan to carry it always. Also, if you've never tried loops— GET LOOPS! They're great for ring levitations, haunted pack, PK etc...and they reset instantly. Best $10 investment you'll ever make.
Message: Posted by: amazingboz (Jan 17, 2003 09:16AM)
I never leave home without 2 TTs, Ultra Mental deck and business cards (for any type of force and prediction on the back of my card)—good PR. Also my security sponge ball.
Personal preference. :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: gkfreed (Jan 21, 2003 07:37PM)
Deck of ungaffed cards (with the MacDonald set under the cellophane), TT with mismade bill loaded, rubber bands. If I'm not in the shower, they are with me.
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Jan 24, 2003 03:07PM)
Right Pocket: Regular Bike blue deck in card guard with name on front, 5D on back. Set up for 2-Card Monte, then 2 dupes, and the rest of the deck is in order for Chance Zero(red/black trick).

Left Pocket: Old cards, paperclip and a Sharpie.

Right change pocket (kind they have on jeans): 2 half dollars, steel core quarter, 2 palming s****, 1 s*** s**** nickel, a penny, 1 dollar bill, 100 dollar bill and 2 rubber bands.

Inside jacket pocket: Invisible deck in card guard also blue with name on front and a J-S on back, so I can switch. A red Anything deck and a beat up old card case with Ultimate 3-Card Monte, cigarette through card, my own rising card gaff (blue), my own gaff that allows an indifferent card to be switched to named card.

Left sleeve: Classic Raven.

Right sleeve: nothing yet but going to get either a good utility pull or an ITR.

Pants, shoes???: The Elevator when it arrives.
Message: Posted by: tedski (Jan 29, 2003 05:10PM)
Coins, Hot Rod, bill change, silk, mental trick— PLENTY.
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Jan 30, 2003 06:21AM)
Let's see, right now I have a deck of cards, a Sharpie, FT, two rubber bands and B'wave with me. :)
Message: Posted by: kingsnqueens (Feb 3, 2003 09:53PM)
I'm sorry, I thought this was impromptu magic? Some of you carry more props then I carry to a stand up show. What's impromptu about that?

I always try to bring a good brain that has studied my craft. A lite heart filled with laughs, and astonishment. Oh yeah! Many fingers with a little talent.

If I do a coin or bill trick it's with those items someone hands me. Sometimes I find napkins, salt shakers, a glass. Sometimes a bartender might loan me a deck of cards. Some child a ball. Must I go on?

Gimmicked coins and cards are wonderful if your doing a close up gig. I know if I carried expensive gimmicked coins with me I'd accidently spend them.

To me impromptu is the most intimate magic we can do, and it's the most remembered of all magic. In those conditions if you pull out your own deck of cards, (to them) it's a trick.

When people come to a show they expect you to have your own props, but I bet if you went to Walmart, and asked people coming out of the store if they had a deck of cards with them... Well maybe you should try it to let us know how many do, and how many don't.


When I studied at Chavez College I brought my props to class. When I went to the Magic Castle my props went with me. When I take my sweet wife to dinner if someone wants to see magic they better hand me the prop I'm going to use, or it better belong to the restaurant.

I hope nobody thinks I'm picking on them. I'm trying hopefully to make a point about this art we all love so well.

Hey if by some strange coincidence I have a prop in my pocket I might use it after I've already dazzled them with their stuff. Oh, and I'd never use it twice in my impromptu show.

TTs and other gimmicks should only be used to round out the skill you all ready have. I believe most real magicians feel that way. Except maybe the guys selling them to you.

May all your impromptu tricks become miracles. ......... Manyfingers
Message: Posted by: magician_carter (Feb 6, 2003 05:08AM)
I never leave home without rubber bands, 4 ungimmicked half dollars and 1 English penny.
Message: Posted by: bilz (Feb 6, 2003 05:54AM)
I tend to keep a couple of rubber bands around my wrist. I normally have a deck of cards in my pocket to practice on and I guess pretty much everyone has a few coins in their pocket most of the time— plus rings on fingers and normally a plectrum or two in my wallet which would be put to good use!
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (Feb 7, 2003 01:46PM)
Well, I always have a 1940 English penny and a 1909 Barber half (sometimes there is a 1964 Kennedy half with them) in the change pocket of my pants. Sort of like good luck charms. So I'm always ready to go with a two phase "Spellbound" routine. Besides that, give me something, anything!

Message: Posted by: Cyclone (Feb 7, 2003 02:32PM)
TT and M5.
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Feb 7, 2003 02:58PM)
Well that's certainly impromptu kingsandqueens. But with just a tiny bit of preparation you can perform a MIRACLE for a layperson. Doing a flurry with a quarter or a quick trick with a napkin is good but I have no problem putting something in my pocket to really blow someone away.
Message: Posted by: BLAZE (Feb 7, 2003 08:29PM)
Eight coins the same not gimmicked, a TT unloaded for salt/sugar/liquid, a match box and match packet, 2 paper clips and a couple of rubber bands. If I'm out (and off duty lol) and someone asks to see something then I'll borrow an item off them for an effect. (Unless I'm in a line for the cinema and a kid is near by, then I can't resist the D'lite. My own kids love them as well no matter how many times they see it.)
Message: Posted by: mforteath (Feb 8, 2003 10:17PM)
Maybe a deck of cards, if not on me then in my car, but most people who want to see you do a trick will have cards and using their cards adds to the amazement. I have, on occasion, taken the Brainwave deck in an egg bag, which fits easily in jeans pockets.
Message: Posted by: khuber (Feb 10, 2003 11:58AM)
TT and rubberbands. :donut1:
Message: Posted by: magic hands (Feb 10, 2003 06:03PM)
TT, Blendo, mismade dollar for switch, Hopping Half set, flipper coin, 7 quarters for coins across, flash paper for disappearing coins, Twisted Sisters. :carrot:
Message: Posted by: JoshBlum (Feb 11, 2003 09:59PM)
I always carry a normal deck, sometimes an invisible one, four or five half dollars, a pen through quarter, a couple of dollar sized coins from Vegas, and a really light casino chip from Vegas.

I also wear some rubberbands on my wrist sometimes for Crazy Man's Handcuffs.
:spinningcoin: :spinningcoin: :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Turk (Feb 28, 2003 09:58PM)
A couple of rubberbands
Spare change that includes one half dollar
A piece of 3/8" nylon rope plus finger ring

CardWarp (if I am also carrying a deck of cards)
TT with $20.00 bill
Color Changing Knives

Zig-Zag Lady Stage Illusion strapped to my back (but only if doing wandering street magic)
Message: Posted by: Chris Boyd (Mar 1, 2003 09:06PM)
I always carry a minorly stacked deck, easy to make clean, ring and rope, sponge balls, Slow Burn, various coins, and a TT.
Message: Posted by: frank (Mar 4, 2003 09:36AM)
I was curious, so I looked up the word
"impromptu" at dictionary.com - I know, I'm
a geek. :righton:

Here's what it said:
"1. Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance: 'an impromptu party', for example.

2.Spoken, performed, done, or composed with little or no preparation."

So, it looks like impromptu magic really does have two camps. One camp is the impromptu "performance" that you are prepared for (carry cards, etc., similar to definition #1). The other is performing with "little or no preparation". That is, performing with borrowed props, because you're not prepared or you like to work with borrowed/ordinary props (similar to definition #2).

I guess I do a little of both...

Message: Posted by: Ozer4 (Mar 4, 2003 10:30AM)
I'll have a deck of cards on me, and considering this is impromptu more or less, an Onosaka purse with 3 halfs, flipper, and s****. Those are usually on me all the time.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Mar 8, 2003 11:30AM)
I was thinking the same thing as kingsandqueens. All I carry is a TT. In fact I rarely carry that. Impromptu means performing spur of the moment with what is at hand.

I borrow the strings, rings, rope, cards, rubberbands, paper or napkins, cups, etc... The magic becomes so much more credible when you use borrowed items.

Think about it. Do you HAVE to carry each and every item you are carrying or can you borrow them??? If something is not available then you skip it. There is always plenty available if you know enough impromptu type magic.

If you know your stuff you can perform a strong routine with borrowed items...

Message: Posted by: Stef (Mar 11, 2003 12:07PM)
A few easy objects to carry:[list][*]In my change purse (where I carry most of my usual change): 4 silver dollars and a Chinese coin.
[*]Pen (needed everyday).[*]Playing Cards.[*]And business cards.[/list]Just with those items, I could perform a GOOD 30 minutes and after still be able to hand out my business card for their events.

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 2, 2003 04:56PM)
I ALWAYS carry my wallet, and in my wallet I have business cards, B'wave, and two rubber bands wrapped around the fold in my wallet.

I very often will have a deck of cards with me too, but with my wallet I don’t have to think about remembering anything and have taken up no extra pocket space.

Other things that I often have are fifty cent pieces or some other form of change.
Message: Posted by: Rich Fredeking (Apr 7, 2003 05:54PM)
I always have 1 deck and, in my wallet, I have Slowburn/Hundy 500. (Lets face it...people love money and are attracted to it.)
Message: Posted by: DADE (Apr 9, 2003 06:50AM)
I never leave home without a red Bicycle deck, a TT, and a Sharpie marker. Without these I am naked.

Just my thoughts.

DADE.. :stircoffee:
Message: Posted by: Black Magic (Apr 9, 2003 12:34PM)
I carry the 4 Aces (Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts)
the 4 2's
the 4 3's
the 4 4's
the 4 5's
the 4 6's
the 4 7's
the 4 8's
the 4 9's
the 4 10's
the 4 Jacks
the 4 Queens
and the 4 Kings
Oh yeah, and a box big enough to put them in.
Message: Posted by: Juan D (May 19, 2003 08:30PM)
At a moments notice? Easy! Do a design duplication by means of a center tear.

Plays really well and girls love it.
Message: Posted by: M@gic Man (May 20, 2003 01:54AM)
I carry a deck of cards, a couple of rubberbands and sometimes a TT. But never anything less than that!!! :pepsi:

Why does everyone carry a half dollar? What tricks do you perform with them? (If they are ungimmicked.)
:spinningcoin: :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: BlackSalt (May 31, 2003 08:05AM)
Though I try to borrow their business cards, I always carry mine so that I can do an off-center tear or “The Mast Billet Move” (available from Ted Lesley). I also carry my version of Bob Farmer’s “Head Hunter”.

Best regards,
Message: Posted by: DwightPA (Jun 2, 2003 09:05PM)
In my left pants pocket I always carry Scotch & Soda in a plastic coin squeeze purse with rubber bands wrapped around it. In the right pocket, 4 half-dollars, 2 English pennies, and occasionally a half-dollar s****.

If I'm wearing a shirt with a pocket or a jacket, I'll usually carry 2 black cards and a red queen for Dai Vernon's 3-Card Monte or Skinner's Ultimate Monte.
Message: Posted by: gforster (Jun 3, 2003 07:41AM)
I always have a knife of some sort (be it a Bali, Swiss army, Leatherman, etc.). You would be surprised the magic that can be done with a knife. I usually have rubberbands with me, and as a student, I more often than not have a pen or pencil (sometimes Misled). I have been known, even before my magic days, to carry a few half dollars with me. Last, but definitely not least, I carry a pocket-sized Bible (those in gospel magic I'm sure can think of a use or two for that). ;)
Message: Posted by: dillib (Jun 3, 2003 08:24AM)
Rubber bands, cards for Card Warp in the wallet, some halfs, a TT loaded with silk, an expanded s**** or a Scotch and Soda.
Message: Posted by: brownbeauty (Jun 3, 2003 04:29PM)
I always carry a nail writer and billets for anytime thought readings! I also always have my 5 thimbles for Rosinis (Carney) routine.

Message: Posted by: Brian Lehr (Jun 3, 2003 04:42PM)
My required items consist of:

1. TT
2. Scotch and Soda (in wallet)
3. Kolossal Killer (in wallet)
4. Deck of cards (for Card Warp, etc.)
5. F****** Coin (in wallet)
6. Three small ropes (for Professor's Nightmare)
7. Hot Rod
8. American dollar bill (for Piercing George's Ear)
9. Credit card with a half card attached to the back of it (use your imagination for how you could use this— this is my all-time favorite).

Most of these are in my wallet, and ready to go on a moment's notice.

Message: Posted by: Zednanreh (Jun 3, 2003 07:42PM)
[list][*]On my wrist, at least 10 rubber bands (for my collection of band tricks).[*]In my wallet, folding dollar (but I'm probably going to remove it since it was revealed...$@#%!!%#@!!! I know those shows don't get much ratings, but I don't want to risk it.)[*]In my right pocket, four half dollars (ungimmicked) and a Sharpie.[*]In my left pocket, one red deck (ungimmicked) which I use to practice with (very beat up right now) and a blue deck for performances.[*]I'm looking for a Himber wallet with a packet trick to toss in to the mess.[/list]...and that's just my magic stuff!

- Alex
Message: Posted by: magicduro (Jul 25, 2004 11:41PM)
How can some of you have missed Michael Ammar's 2 Dollar Bill Tear! Learn it!

Also I used a gimicked bill for the 5 and 1 Switch Beswiteched.

Expanded shell! You can perform so many effects with this one item. It's more useful that a thumb tip for one torn and restored bill trick. (Of course, some of you may do 20 tricks with the thumb tip and I applaud you.)

Loops are great; in some conditions. I suggest getting Jeff McBride's Kundalini Rising. You can wow and audience of 200 in a giant room with a borrowed deck! I've seen him do it and I've done it. Always carry it.

The Super Sharpie, nail writer (?) sounds killer. Rubberbands, of course. Vox Box is card rattle box. Great utility item. Plus you are not wasting any extra space.

Jeff McBride said that Eugene Burger carries a whole show in his pockets. That's why I strive for!! Instead of people listing what they carry, I would much rather hear about what they do with it. I know that's on other posts too. But, duh, we call are going to say coins, cards, and rubberbands. Let's get down to the nitty gritty and start to learn and share! If you are interested in really making progress. Drop me a line or PM.

T.A. Waters said there is no need for magicians to all be performing the same effects. He's right. Distinguish yourself and be creative!
Message: Posted by: forrestlim (Jan 8, 2006 12:23AM)
I'd always carry a TT, sponge balls, hot leads, Monte 3.0, and some other gimmick cards into a himber wallet. All can just put into my pockets. It seems like I bring nothing.
Message: Posted by: sk8freak45672 (Jan 8, 2006 10:06AM)
I always carry around a deck of cards a couple of quarters and sometimes some rubberbands on me.
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Jan 8, 2006 04:08PM)
I carry colour changing knifes and a deck of cards.
Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (Jan 8, 2006 11:13PM)
Allways business cards, and the Jack of clubs. you guys know where Jack of clubs is at? Crazy night with the Jack of clubs(Clue).

Message: Posted by: Wanlu (Jan 13, 2006 09:31AM)
Greetings from Manila Philippines...you wont believe how TT's are exposed here in Manila...known to non magicians as the fake or rubber th***. Fortunately, they only know that its a TT when you use it to vanish a red silk :) So I always carry a TT to switch bills...usually turning a 1000 peso bill to a 2o peso bill...

so its a TT and a whole lot of wit ;)

More power to all of you.

Message: Posted by: pkg (Jan 13, 2006 03:47PM)
Subterfuge system and ITR (and my tongue!!! yup)
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Jan 13, 2006 05:18PM)
Right now I am on my way out of the house for a hockey game and I am carrying with me two packs of cards (un gimicked) and a couple silks to change colour
Message: Posted by: magicman226 (Jan 15, 2006 12:22PM)
I carry around cards and a regular Bic pen. The other day while we weren't doing anything in class, someone told me to do a trick. All I had was a pen that was in my hand, so I stuck it up my nose and pulled it out my mouth. The whole group watching freaked out, and for the rest of class were just like how'd you do that? Do that again! I just left them and sat at my desk. It was a pretty cool moment, that's made me start carrying a pen with me just in case someone asks for me to do something quick.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jan 23, 2006 09:38PM)
Sponge bunnies
Magnetic Silver Copper
Color Monte
Pen Thru Anything
Lethal Tender
Thought Transmitter
Cigarette Thru Quarter
Darryl's 3 Card Monte

I can't leave home without them.
Message: Posted by: Munseys_Magic (Jan 25, 2006 08:33PM)
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Jan 26, 2006 08:15PM)
Carry the items that you don't practice every day, so that you'll be tempted to practice them at any time. Keep a deck of cards and some half dollars on your person at all times and practice your sleights during your "normal" non-magic oriented day.

I walk around at my day job with coins pal**d, practice rolls, and different concealments/moves. Pull out the deck of cards during lunch break and work on grips, cuts, shifts, counts, etc. Use specific times to work on routines at home, but use the regular day to practice the basics until they become second nature.

I guarantee you will reap the benefits.

Message: Posted by: fengenroll (Jan 27, 2006 07:10AM)
Skinners Monte,
Cig. Through Quarter,
Healed and Sealed Prep.kit.

Message: Posted by: toomuchmagic (Feb 1, 2006 07:06PM)
On 2006-01-15 13:22, magicman226 wrote:
I carry around cards and a regular Bic pen. The other day while we weren't doing anything in class, someone told me to do a trick. All I had was a pen that was in my hand, so I stuck it up my nose and pulled it out my mouth. The whole group watching freaked out, and for the rest of class were just like how'd you do that? Do that again! I just left them and sat at my desk. It was a pretty cool moment, that's made me start carrying a pen with me just in case someone asks for me to do something quick.

You should totally learn Recapped...
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Feb 2, 2006 03:10PM)
Rubber Bands!
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Feb 2, 2006 04:48PM)
Yes I'm with Ste Rubber Bands are a good thing to take along with you in ur pockets as they take up hardly any room.
Message: Posted by: roham92 (Jul 16, 2006 11:21PM)
It actually depends for me, sometimes I take a deck of cards and sometimes hoyl moly which is one of my favorite cloesup effects , but I'm getting a ring lfight called the subsonic flight in the mail right now so if I like that I'll probaly take that with me and a folding quarter. The reason for the folding quarter is that you can do an impossible quarter through bottle with any borrowed bottle on the spot and its one of the smallest things to carry so why not carry it.
Message: Posted by: Jango (Jul 23, 2006 06:17PM)
Coins, pen, and tigers set up for Here Then There.
Message: Posted by: John T. Sheets (Aug 7, 2006 03:04AM)
Quantum Bender 2.0, a few rubber bands, and Atomic Bills. Sometimes a half dollar for a one coin routine.
Message: Posted by: Magicnevets (Aug 10, 2006 02:31AM)
Hopping halves, IT and W** and a sharpie are always with me. A regular deck and matching Invisible deck are never too far away. I also like to have with me whatever I'm practicing at the time.
Message: Posted by: JeremyM0411 (Aug 16, 2006 10:37PM)
I allways carry a deck of cards, 4-half dollars, and 2 rubber bands for crazy man handcuffs.
Message: Posted by: Phil Thomas (Aug 16, 2006 11:11PM)
Rubberbands for CMH, a pen for Re-capped, and an okito box with four half dollars in it. People can hear me coming from a mile away. I got coins that jingle jangle jingle!! :bg:
Message: Posted by: OffTheGrid (Aug 19, 2006 08:56AM)
Some half dollars and a chinese coin

A small stack of business cards for matrix. (I have no need for business cards - a friend prints these up for me with various patterns and logos on one side. Nice and visual for the matrix.)

Some string

Some billetts for doing Annemann stuff. (occasionally)
Message: Posted by: Abo Raum (Aug 19, 2006 06:14PM)
A deck of cards, a sharpie and 2 rubberbands
Message: Posted by: cardsharpist (Aug 19, 2006 08:13PM)
2 decks of cards, one red and one blue.
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Aug 19, 2006 11:04PM)
TT :)
Message: Posted by: mshurina (Aug 20, 2006 01:51AM)
I will usually carry a TT, Deck of cards, Sharpie, and a spider pen. I will sometimes take more but leave it in my vehicle in case I get a large audience that wants to see more.
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (Aug 22, 2006 07:22PM)

A TT, 6 half dollars, 1 English penny, a wrist full of rubber bands, my business cards and the Magician's Credit Card (because I forgot it was in my wallet). And being a hypnotist, I can ALWAYS do SOMETHING!


Add 4 sponge balls, a small coin purse with a mismade bill and a second TT in it, a walnut, a deck of cards a small pad and a pen.

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: Joshua Barrett (Aug 22, 2006 08:42PM)
Deck of cards, db card, bf card, sharpie mini, 4 coins and a S****, money, a ball of wax, a loop. that's pretty regular for what I carry.
Message: Posted by: MKmagic (Aug 26, 2006 03:14PM)
I always carry the 5 and 1 dollar transposition from one of Ammar's
Message: Posted by: Sven Heubes (Aug 27, 2006 07:37AM)
I don't like to carry around to much stuff, but since I moved more into the mental performance, I always have "Gaucis' Eye To Eye" with me (packs small plays big) as a nice opener to a spontaneous mental-show-off. By the way I never use the medallion but a m******* coin, a swami is also fine (love Lincolns best boon) Mostly I also wear a loop around my wrist. Rest is PK-touch stuff and improvisation. For "normal" magic I like to have a bite-coin, a jumbo-coin and perhaps a ringflite...

Message: Posted by: JeremyM0411 (Aug 30, 2006 11:39PM)
Let me tell all of you that if you prefom the bite coin effect you need to check out Precision Magics bite coin plus!! The cut is invisible this is a awsome gaff coin. Go check it out at http://www.precisionmagic.com
Message: Posted by: Sven Heubes (Sep 1, 2006 06:17PM)
Thanx Jeremy, but I'm from Germany and we have EURO's over here. So I'm very pleased, that at the end there's TANGO-MAGIC from Argentina. They make beautiful coins. Especially the EURO coins are pretty difficult to manufacture, because they're made of 2 different metals...

Greetz, Sven
Message: Posted by: mesmer (Sep 26, 2006 08:17AM)
I carry The Preadator Wallet filled with 3 effect....my takes Psycho Killer, Free Will and my own effect OBITUARY and also I carry my Stealth Assasin Wallet aside from the peek, its filled with 4 effect....my takes Luke jermay projected personality, Heirloom, my takes on Shortlist and Kenton Knepper the Secrets...I also carry with me My Electric Touch....and 3 little Rubber Baloon that wraped in aluminium Foiled for one time used only made by Durex Magic Company
Message: Posted by: kadz (Sep 26, 2006 11:54AM)
Why do you carry a deck of cards with you?
Why do you carry rubberbands in your wallet for??
Why do you have a sharpie with u??
Why do you have sponge balls in your pocket???

I think the only impromptu effects that you can do are with
1. Bills
2. Coins
3. Pens
4. Cigarettes
5. Lighters
7. Mobile phones
8. Ring
9. Your wallet (regardless if it's a gimmicked thought transmitter or whatever)
10.Business cards

It's more appropriate in a way, or more justified carrying those things with you as they are things you carry with you everyday (unless you don't smoke). Why would someone display 2 red balls made of sponge and say "Now, for my next trick..."

Or if you're on a table, or a restaurant, then displaying the things from that place, such as napkins, straws, cups..etc will be justified.

PS : I know 'justified' is not the right word, but I can't think of any. And there are many school of thoughts regarding "Impromptu", but my post is based on impromptu where you perform with seemingly everyday object, instead of bringing a deck of cards to the cinema where it doesn't make sense and perform an "impromptu" card effect.
Message: Posted by: CasualSoul (Sep 26, 2006 11:51PM)
Kadz, I totally, wholeheartedly agree! You forgot wrist watch and necklace though.

The only thing I appear to carry that is remotely suspicious is a Sharpie. I broke down and started using a Sharpie as it is the only way to sign a coin, it looks better than pen for signed bill effects, and I can swap it out for The Xpert or the Sharpie through bill and no one's the wiser.
Message: Posted by: kadz (Sep 30, 2006 03:02AM)
Oops, thanks CasualSoul. Okay, so far I can only think of these 12 objects that are with most of us everywhere we go (with the help of CAsualSoul). Under each object, let's think of what effects we can perform, shall we? I'm listing all that I can think of, but I am not an encyclopedia, so if any of you think there is something to add, please do!

1. Bills
- Bill switch, Andrew Mayne's Ghostbill, Suspended bill between 2 cups (if at restaurant)

2. Coins
- Let's not get into coins, there are too many coin effects out there

3. Pens
- Recap, pen thru coin

4. Cigarettes
- Vanishing cigarette, Cigarette manipulations

5. Lighters
- using the paddle move (Jean Bertrunc's No Smoking)

7. Mobile phones
- a sms prediction, Andrew Mayne's GhostVision

8. Ring
- Ring thru rubberband (Pinnacle, ROC..etc), Ring to keychain poch (Ring Flite..etc), Ring to necklace (Northbound)

9. Your wallet (regardless if it's a gimmicked thought transmitter or whatever)
- Mind reading (thought transmitter), Flaming wallet, Card to wallet (if you do cards that time)

10.Business cards
- Wayne Houchin's Stigmata, or all those card effects (most business card effects are similar to card effects, only difference is the usage of business cards instead of Bicycle playing cards, don't you think?)

11.Wrist watch
- Time Machine, Coin under wrist watch, Watch stealing

- Ring to necklace (Northbound)

At the dinner table
1. Napkin
- Torn & restored napkin, vanishing napkin, Starcle (Dan Harlan)

2. Salt, sugar
- Vanishing & reappearing salt/sugar, Prediction effect using sugar packets (Tom Mullica)

3. Straws
- Torn & Restored Straw wrapper, penetrating straws (like Crazy Man's Handcuffs), melting straw (one of the effects in Penguin Magic)

4. Spoons/Forks
- Spoon bending, twisting the head of the spoon (David Williamson)

5. Cups/glasses
- Cups & balls (using sugar cubes/packets as the balls), classic glass thru table (covered by napkin)
Message: Posted by: Bill Hoffman (Oct 6, 2006 12:26AM)
Rubber bands, cards , tt and small silk
Message: Posted by: tpax (Oct 26, 2006 07:59PM)
5 to 1 transpo, 2 dollar window, TT and small silk, "Greed" and a .50 piece, and a small pair of folding scissors to cut a hole in my business card big enough to put my head thru.
Message: Posted by: Bendy (Oct 27, 2006 04:46PM)
Absolutely never, EVER leave home without at least one TT. It usually has either a silk tucked into it or a folded ten or a folded mis-made bill so that I can borrow a one and do a bill switch...seemingly on the spur of the moment.

I've also almost always got some kind of paddle trick on me and Sankey's Holy Moly. Most places I go, I carry a little nylon pouch that snaps onto my belt. In it is a plethora of items and props...rubber bands, TT, Hot Rod, Cigarette thru Coin, Hopping Halfs, CoinUnique, Michael Mode's NUN None!...all kinds of goodies. But the first "rule of thumb" is: NEVER leave home without a TT! I don't go out to the mailbox without one! ...I do, however, shower without one and mow the lawn without one. Other than that...I've always got one!
Message: Posted by: vance2276 (Oct 28, 2006 04:31PM)

But the first "rule of thumb" is: NEVER leave home without a TT! I don't go out to the mailbox without one! ...I do, however, shower without one and mow the lawn without one. Other than that...I've always got one!

Thanks for the mental image. That will take some therapy to erase.

Anyway, great suggestions here. If you have your wallet, a couple of coins in your pocket, and a deck of cards, you can do an hour show if you needed to.
Message: Posted by: sman (Oct 28, 2006 05:25PM)
I carry:

Scotch & Soda
Silks Red&Green
Deck Cards
2 Card Monte
Sponge Balls
Virginia City Shuffel
2 1's to a 2 - dollar bills

Message: Posted by: mentalskeptic (Jan 2, 2007 08:20PM)
A TT. a NW. sometimes, if I am feeling adventurous, a post-it pad.

But I have been more impressed by the rare performer who whollops with merely the fitly placed words out his mouth than by all our interesting gizmos and hard-earned slight of hand.