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Topic: Xtreme Beginnerz DVDs
Message: Posted by: Francis Cambridge (Jul 20, 2005 01:53AM)
I remember somewhere that there was a review of Xtreme Beginnerz but I forgot where. Can someone help me?

Message: Posted by: Imagication (Jul 20, 2005 02:15AM)
Try the 'Special Interests' section, Francis, under the 'Pasteboard Frolics'. So, into XCMs? I'm somewhat into it myself.

Anyway, good luck finding my friend.
Message: Posted by: SirPoBoy (Jul 20, 2005 02:21AM)
If you did not get to read the XB Review by Houdinez, here it is:


Message: Posted by: Francis Cambridge (Jul 20, 2005 02:24AM)
Yes Jess, I'm interested a little bit into XCM. Fascinating art. Thank you all for the information.

Message: Posted by: SirPoBoy (Jul 20, 2005 03:04AM)
Check out the content list for XB here:


That is cool Camby. XCM is insane.

Message: Posted by: AVirgaA (Jul 23, 2005 03:21AM)
XB has to be off the chain! lololol

Andrew Virga
Message: Posted by: Laurent69 (Aug 20, 2005 11:01AM)
Can someone please tell me how to post a "NEW POST" as I have a review about the Xtrme Beginnerz dvd...Thanks
Message: Posted by: Alan M (Aug 20, 2005 06:12PM)
Laurent 69:
To post a new topic: After you select a category from the main menu, such as "Dvd, Video, Audio tapes & Compact discs", you will see a button "Post New Topic" at the upper left of your screen under the topic heading. Click it and post away. Hope that helps,
Message: Posted by: enigmaticmagic (Aug 20, 2005 09:37PM)
I got extreme begginers a while ago. its awsome. I loved it and I don't even do xcm. jerry is hilarious in one part. were he lets out his rage about lepauld and his "d***ed lepaul spread" wich does nothing but ruin perfectly good decks of cards. before he offers his new spread wich is really cool. I'm going to use it for magic purposes and selecting cards from now on.
Message: Posted by: Laurent69 (Aug 21, 2005 11:40PM)
Message: Posted by: carddealer69 (Sep 17, 2005 03:22PM)
XB is the best DVD I purchased this year. I got it from here http://www.ellusionist.com/order/Devo/Devo-Xtreme-Beginner-DVD.htm
I hope they put out another set.
Message: Posted by: SamChak (Oct 15, 2005 05:04AM)
The materials in the Xtreme Beginnerz look great.
Message: Posted by: phillykish (Oct 17, 2005 02:46PM)
I just got my dvds in the mail today. I'm psyched to learn the materials. From what I've read, it's top-of-the-line stuff! Of course, being that I'm at the office, I guess I should finish my work and then start viewing/learning the material on the dvd. Or screw my office work..........

Message: Posted by: Phil C (Oct 19, 2005 02:25PM)

I also got the DVDs.
There are extremely good for the value.
Lots of very good material for people new to XCM.
You get to learn the basics and some more advanced moves too!