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Topic: He lives at the end of my block!
Message: Posted by: Joey Stalin (Jul 20, 2005 06:39PM)
Well I have been doing magic for a year and I never knew about this. Not until a few days ago did I learn that Martin A. Nash lives at the end of my street lol. When I told my father about this he said he knew. I was angry, but my father knows a lot of people heh. I have been interested in card handling for over a year, and turns out probably the best live down the street. I can only laugh. But I would be too polite to pester him at his home. I hear from my aunt that she sees him at Smitty's for breakfast now and then. ha.
Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 20, 2005 06:51PM)
Whereabouts in canada do you live?
Message: Posted by: Joey Stalin (Jul 21, 2005 12:24AM)
British Columbia
Message: Posted by: KyletheGreat (Jul 21, 2005 08:50AM)
The Charming Cheat...AKA Martin Nash. That is really interesting. He is a wonderful card handler and has spent years mastering second deals, and locating cards by feel alone. You have a great opportunity on your hands just to meet the guy!
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Jul 21, 2005 01:26PM)
Joey -

I saw Martin this past Saturday, when he hosted the Battle of the Wizards in your town. He did an excellent job, and they raised some money for a great charity.

The other time I ran into him was a few years ago, when we were doing a show at Wembley Mall at Christmas time.

I remember watching him on Dale Harney's Magic Palace, when I was growing up.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: MagicMan1957 (Jul 21, 2005 01:32PM)

If you do run into him somewhere in town I advise you NOT to play poker with him!

Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Jul 21, 2005 04:04PM)
Joey, how cool is that...the guy at the end of my street is a janitor...not as exciting. Now go over, knock on his door and politely tell him you are a big fan and if it would be ok from time to time to drop by...even if it's only to mow his lawn!