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Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Jul 21, 2005 08:24PM)
There is substance, spirits and energy flowing all around us at every moment in our life. But what if you could control that power of unknown forces?



[b]Entity[/b] is a state of the art device that allows you to control and move objects seemingly with only the power of your mind. But not only that, you do actually have complete power over the objects having them under your control at all times. There are no loops or threads, in fact you never have to be anywhere near the object - yet you can make it move. You can do this surrounded and without the aid of any assistants. You can create a multitude of effects with this ingenious apparatus.

Move objects while being in another room. Move objects outside while you remain inside. Move objects on a stage while you sit in the audience. Invite a group of spectators to hold hands while they sit around a table. Have an object borrowed and examined, have the spectator use a magnet to search the test area for other magnets or threads. They will find nothing. As you and your guests concentrate on the object while you stand far, far away the object begins to move randomly over the surface of the table. Your guests won’t believe their eyes, and you just might not either!

Entity will enable you to move these objects on most flat smooth surfaces such as tables, bars, counter tops, book shelves, etc., and you can move just about any small to medium object that you could imagine, such as a wine glass, a book, a deck of cards, a pencil, cigarettes, a lit candle, etc., the list is virtually endless. You can even have a spectator place the object down on the table, you then make it move, and they can pick it back up again for examination.

Entity is a great way to show poltergeist activity, or simply a convincing way for you to demonstrate your telekinetic powers, and perfect for all types of magic.

Remember you have complete control over the moving objects and you control the speed, distance and where the objects move. You can have your spectators search the test area for threads, magnets, wires, etc., and they won’t find a thing. You are clean before and after the effect. Only 5 seconds to set up and ready to go at all times. Great for stage, parlor, table-hopping, the office, even at home or at a friends house when you really want to scare someone.

Peter Loughran’s [b]Entity[/b] - [b]$399.99 USD[/b]

[b]Shipping Included Worldwide![/b]


You can contact [b]Peter[/b] directly at: peter@masterofillusions.ca

[b]Master of Illusions Entertainment[/b]
916 Attersley Drive
Oshawa, Ontario. L1K 1V6
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