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Topic: Laugh Track
Message: Posted by: curtgunz (Jul 22, 2005 09:42PM)
I've been looking into "laugh tracks" for a project I'm
working on.

Does anyone know a source for laugh tracks with a "classic"
TV sound? I am looking for the ones that are kind-a over the
top laughing like the ones used on "The Lucy Show" and "The
Red Skelton Show" (not so much the sound of a live studio

I think most of the sound in that era was either "Glen Glenn
Sound" or "Todd AO Sound"

I am trying to find a CD but a MP3 OR wav download would
work too.

By the way, there is a good article about this subject at:


Thanks in advance.

--Curt Gunz
Message: Posted by: Chris Stolz (Jul 28, 2005 10:17PM)
Try http://www.findsounds.com
Message: Posted by: knmagic (Aug 19, 2005 01:01AM)
Thanks Chris for the site. It's great.