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Topic: David Blaine
Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 26, 2005 07:28PM)
Okay... who here likes David Blaine? Everyone seems to dislike him for whatever reasons.. I like him a lot.. He is very very funny.... uses simple methods and hits hard... almost like all of his tricks can be done with little or no preperation.
Also his shows are older...
anyone else like him or have something to say?
Message: Posted by: TheRock (Jul 26, 2005 07:39PM)
I actualy like him. But then I also like Criss Angel as well.

I have found that you DON'T have to dislike one in order to like the other. You CAN actualy like both of them!
Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 26, 2005 08:15PM)
Oh yha I love them both... but a l;ot of people seem to hate D.B.
Message: Posted by: TheRock (Jul 26, 2005 10:12PM)
Oh by the way, they are replaying the 1st episode of Criss Angel's, MindFreak, on A&E tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm EST.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Jul 27, 2005 01:30AM)
Blaine is cool..
Message: Posted by: Jaymz023 (Jul 27, 2005 11:32AM)
I like Blaine. I live Criss Angel. I like all magicians-whether they do stage or street-Im a fan of the art.
Message: Posted by: SOHA (Jul 27, 2005 12:38PM)
I like David Blaine alot. I think he is very talented and innovative, and has understood how to bring magic to tv. The most I like about him is that he's a laymen's magician, not a magicians's magician. Which means that everything he does is for the general public, as well as Criss Angel, (In my opinion that's how it should be). Unfortunally many magicians don't like them for the same reason. I find that there's a lot of jelousy in the magic world, which include magicians that have lost the point of magic. Magic is to amaze the spectator not to show other magicians that you have great skill in doing false transfers or whatever.

Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 27, 2005 12:57PM)
I couldn't have said it any better myself..... bravo *clap* *clap* *calp* :D :D
Message: Posted by: Corey Harris (Jul 27, 2005 02:48PM)
I personally don't like Blaine. I like Criss Angel though. I just cant stand Blaines presentation on his effects and he comes across overly dramatic. that's just my opinion. I am not jealous of the man though. I think it is a good thing that he has brought magic back to television.
Message: Posted by: giochi (Jul 27, 2005 05:36PM)
More dramatic than painted face goth boy?
Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 27, 2005 08:34PM)
Message: Posted by: Alewishus (Jul 27, 2005 10:08PM)
Blaine was okay till he started doing stunts, and rambling on about his insipid ideas for these stunts, rather than magic. I mean he sounds like a stoner, and that whatever comes out of that mouth of his is somehow interesting or profound.
Wish he'd get back to doing magic.

Message: Posted by: funny_gecko (Jul 28, 2005 05:50PM)
Yha I woukld lik to see criss angel do more magic too.
Message: Posted by: boboshempy (Jul 28, 2005 07:40PM)
Magic Shmagic, When is American Idol on?
Message: Posted by: Alewishus (Jul 28, 2005 10:32PM)
Nevermind, where I'm at now it's Canadian Idol, ick!

Message: Posted by: croman (Jul 29, 2005 10:59PM)
I like David Blaine, because he made something out of nothing. that's the only thing why I like him. He is better than Criss Angel.
Message: Posted by: superdave101 (Jul 30, 2005 05:06PM)
Anybody can buy at the local magic shop all the Blaine tricks.
Raising Card Deck, Folding Coin, Raven, Invisible deck, Two Card Monte Effect,Etc.
I think these tricks are ok to do them in a magic show, but if you want some respect in the magic community, come out with something more original or at least high skilled professional routines.
Message: Posted by: howdoidisconnect (Aug 2, 2005 03:33AM)
Although the last post is correct, the tricks are nothing without presentation. that's something that blaine is very good at along with Chriss Angel.
I would guess as well, that blaine proberly doesn't need the respect from the commmunity, as they are not the ones paying him. He is performing magic for the public and TV, and I am sure his routines will devlop as time goes by. The latest david blaine show I saw, had new illusions in it , I havn't seen him perform before.
Message: Posted by: boboshempy (Aug 2, 2005 10:01PM)
The reason I watch is to see something original. As we all know magic is 99.9% presentation, not magic. These "actors" are entertaining and this is their shtick.
Message: Posted by: the levitator (Aug 2, 2005 10:26PM)
Unfortunately, boboshempy, not everyone in magic knows that, or they wouldn't be trying to dissect every single magician who gets on TV and "figure them out". It's refreshing to see some people here giving credit to those who are helping the popularity of what we do instead of tearing our fellow magicians apart. There are several running threads in this forum chock full of negative statements about both Angel and Blaine. I'm all for CONSTRUCTIVE critisism, but most of what I read anymore are just cheapshots and uneducated guesses to methodology.

I don't think I could pull off either Blaine or Angel's character. They are both unique in their own way. I'm in my 5th year of paying my bills with magic and I'm still trying to find my character.

I like David Blaine, not so much for his style and approach to magic, but because he has indirectly helped me to be able to make money doing something I love. I think the only reason the "magic community" is so hard on him is because he had the balls to perform the stuff we all know on a television special and he was the one to think of it. No matter how justified the "constructive" criticism is portrayed, it still smells of sour grapes to me.
Message: Posted by: cornfarrell (Aug 3, 2005 09:03AM)
I think Blaine is great. He has brought magic to a lot of people who I think would otherwise be indifferent.
Message: Posted by: Mike Brezler (Aug 3, 2005 11:08PM)
I like David Blaine and I enjoyed his street magic. At the time he was on TV I was not involved in magic and I thought it looked great.

I really don't care for big illusions, like Blaine being frozen in ice. Not that's there is anything wrong with illusions.
Message: Posted by: TheRock (Aug 4, 2005 12:24AM)
On 2005-07-26 21:15, funny_gecko wrote:
Oh yha I love them both... but a l;ot of people seem to hate D.B.

I don't hate David Blaine or Criss Angel. They both have set out to bring magic back to the forefront of entertainment, or should I say, they both have set out to bring magic to a new generation. Yes, that is what they are setting out to do, bring magic to a new generation, and I beleive they are doing it!

If it weren't for Criss Angel and David Blaine, I wouldn't be here! I saw a Blaine special on tv one night and I thought, [b]"Cool, a magic show on tv again. I haven't seen one of those in years"[/b]. It made me want to see another one. Then I caught Criss Angel's MindFreak, and I thought (and now know), [b]"This is what I want to do, MAGIC!"[/b].

I beleive in the years to come, Blaine and Angel, will bring new audiences (whether it be stage or tv) and new performers to magic, and that is a really good thing. in fact, they are doing it now!

I respect both of these men for what they have done and will do for magic, its audiences, and for its performers.

You DON'T have to hate one in order to like the other (I beleive I stated that in an earlier reply to this post). To be totaly blunt, you can LIKE BOTH. But rather you like one and dislike the other, you still must respect both. If not, you are doing a discern for fans, magicians, and magic its self as an art.
Message: Posted by: Pele (Aug 4, 2005 02:43PM)
I like Blaine's persona. I think that it is easy for laymen to relate to and therefore it opens the realm of magic to those who I think wouldn't realize it exists outide of merlin in movies. I like simple presentations. Too much other crap going on and it is not about the magic anymore and I get annoyed.

I agree about the differentiation between stunts and magic, but I admit that is purely selfish. I do stunts and I am tired of people accusing me of "faking it" because they saw Blaine or Angel, or any other known magician, do something similar or fake a stunt.

I think both are bloody brilliant business men, and I respect them a lot for that.