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Topic: Movie Snipet Royalties?
Message: Posted by: lowphat (Jul 29, 2005 07:36PM)
Here is a question about royalties -- not to use music for a performance, but an audio clip from a movie. It would be for two or three clips, no longer than 4 seconds each, mixed into music that I've created myself. Do I need roayalties to use the audio clips, and if so where do I get them?
Message: Posted by: eztravlr (Jul 30, 2005 12:07PM)
On 2005-07-29 20:36, lowphat wrote:
Do I need roayalties to use the audio clips, and if so where do I get them?

Just a quick correction, you don't "get" royalties, you pay them out. To simplify things, you only get them if you own the rights to the particular piece that's being used by someone else.

But to answer your question, unless you're headlining at major venues... I wouldn't worry about it.
Message: Posted by: oagwood (Aug 1, 2005 02:59PM)
The legal stand point is yes you need permission. it's the whole copyright thing that the film and record industries freak out about.

as an attorney I would not recommend that you use pirated material at all regardless of the venue or lack there of. it's illegal and makes you a bad person.

ok I said it, done my duty as a man o the court.

Message: Posted by: lowphat (Aug 1, 2005 03:02PM)

I'm always one to do things on the up an up. If I use something that requires me to pay royalties I can assure you that I will pay them. There are however certain songs and sounds that don't require royalties as long as it is not recorded and there are no tickets being sold. I agree, if you're supposed to pay you better pay.
Message: Posted by: oagwood (Aug 1, 2005 04:59PM)

I see where you are coming from, but incorporating a clip from a movie into a song would require permission, they are generally not in the public domain.

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Message: Posted by: lowphat (Aug 1, 2005 11:17PM)
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Message: Posted by: oagwood (Aug 2, 2005 02:27PM)
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Message: Posted by: lowphat (Aug 2, 2005 03:36PM)
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Message: Posted by: oagwood (Aug 2, 2005 05:25PM)
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