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Topic: SYM
Message: Posted by: TRUMPETMAN (Jul 30, 2005 08:57AM)
Are their some parents out there who have their children enrolled in the Society for Young Magicians ? My son is on his way to 8 years-old, so he is too young for the IBM or SAM. The closest chapter rep is about 100 miles from us, according to their website, so I thought this list might be a good place to find out who might be involved in this organization.

Mark Pettey--trying to guide a young magi
Message: Posted by: TRUMPETMAN (Jul 31, 2005 10:24PM)
OK, lets try this again ! Since no parents are responding, are their any young magicians out there who are in the Society for Young Magicians ? I am seriously thinking of letting my seven year old join. He is very intersetred in the idea, and the groups website has made me curious....

Mark Pettey
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Jul 31, 2005 11:43PM)
I would suggest contacting the SAM via their website and ask. They keep track of such things and may have some suggestions regarding local assemblies that could be contacted to find a mentor for your son. I don't think you need to join a local SYM chapter to subscribe to the magazine and/or interact on line.

Private lessons may be arranged through a locally owned magic shop in your area. Caution - often magic store classes accomplish sales more than information.

There is even a badge in scouting for magic with it's own cub scout approved book of tricks. IBM also has its own verson of SYM - check that out as well. If your boy really loves magic - he will find a way.

Frank Tougas

Yes I am a parent.
Message: Posted by: TRUMPETMAN (Aug 1, 2005 07:17AM)

Thanks for your reply ! We will be meeting some SAM memebrs tomorrow night at the FT. Myers Magician's Association meeting. As far as contacting a local magic shop, the only one in our area is more of a joke and gag shop. The fellow behind the counter has been very helpful, and he also has a young son who is learning from him. The shop, however, is one of those that I have to be careful with. They have an area that is filled with inappropriate items for children. I have to watch my kid like a hawk when we go there, so I don't have to answer questions that a seven year old shouldn't be asking in the first place !The closest magic shops of any worth are about 100 miles from us.

On a brighter note, I have made friends with a local magician here in Naples who seems to be interested in helping us. He table hops at a nice restaurent (we are going there tonight), and has already invited us over to this home to talk about some books and videos. His name is Keith Raygor (see his website by googling "Keith the Magician").

I was heartened to hear that the cub scouts still do the magic badge ! I really appreciate all your advice ....

Mark Pettey
Naples, FL