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Topic: Maher Course from Maher or Vent 101
Message: Posted by: Bohh (Jul 31, 2005 11:00PM)
Hey all,

I was wondering what video that comes with the Maher course you would recommend. If you get the maher course from Lee Cornell, you get his video and a bunch of extras, but don't get the video that comes when you order from maher.

Is one of the videos better than the other?


Message: Posted by: Joseph_Then (Aug 1, 2005 10:01AM)
Maher course comes with a video that features Mark Wade and it's quite good too. :)
Message: Posted by: Bohh (Aug 1, 2005 09:42PM)
Thanks for the reply. That's the name of the one that comes with the Maher course? Ok. Does anyone know which would be better for a newbie like me, between the one by Mr. Wade and the one by Mr. Cornell?


Message: Posted by: Joseph_Then (Aug 2, 2005 06:51AM)
If they didn't change their course content it should be still Mark Wade. I think having this course is more than enough.